Definition Of Love

Nobody knows what the definition of love is. I've tried finding it every day in my life. But I've never been lucky enough to find out. But what I think it is, is when you look at the girl and just feel a knot inside because she isn't yours. When you can't think of anything else than her. When you blush every time she is talking to you. When you just want her to be yours. Nobody else's just yours. When you write songs for her. When she is the only one you see. When you want to give her the world.


8. "When I'm with her there's no place I'd rather be"

"Do that" she giggled, causing her white teeth to be seen. God I loved her. "But first promise me, you check up on it and tell me if you aren't, okay? Because it'll be awkward if I crash into your living room explaining why you should stay and then you're gonna stay anyway..." Laughing she looked into my eyes, "I promise.." "Good... So when am I going to meet your parents?" I chuckled. She shrugged, "maybe today if you stay at my place... But you cannot sleep there because they do not like that... You can do that when you get married.." "Bullshit" I exclaimed, "do they really say that?" She nodded smiling, "they do..." I got caught up in her beautiful ocean blue eyes, behind the glasses that fitted her perfectly, "anyway.. I would love to meet your parents.." "Okay then.. I'm looking forward to meeting your mother" she poked my nose. I smiled, she was so beautiful and she was almost mine. I just had to ask her. "Then I'll see you later beautiful" I pecked her cheek.

I didn't care if anyone saw. She was my love. I loved her with all my heart. Actually she was the love of my life and I didn't care what people had to say. "See you" she smiled and I walked away smiling. "What's up bro... You happy?" Brad teased as I sat down smiling. "I am... Actually" I looked at him and the others. "Man you just pecked that geeks cheek" Toby exclaimed, "why?" I scratched my neck clearing my throat, "you see... There's something I gotta tell you.. Um-" "He likes that girl pretty much" Bruce cut me off. I groaned, "bro!" "But it's true... You saw how he was smiling when he came out here.." he explained. Dammit Bruce. It was gonna be all over the school. Not that I cared. But they would probably warp Bruce's words and make it sound like I said that hooked up with her and I was done with her. "Oh... For how long have this been going on?" Liam asked. "If I have to honest I've liked her since the first time I saw her..." Liam and Toby smiled, "well congrats you got your girl.." "Thanks" I looked up at them, "now can I get a cigarette? I don't have any left.." Toby gave me one and gave me fire. The familiar feeling spread in my body and I sighed, "damn I haven't smoked in forever.." "You're okay now then?" Bruce asked me. I nodded, "I'm more than okay.."

Then I saw Sophie sit by that tree again, "I'll be right back.." I stubbed out my cigarette and went over to Sophie. She looked up at me smiling, "I'm never going to get used to that smell.." I chuckled and sat down beside her, "don't worry you will..." "Why are they looking at us?" she asked uncomfortable. "I told them about you... They know... Except that I love you.. Only Bruce knows that" I explained putting my arm around her shoulder, "come here... I'm not a pussy anymore..." "Glad to know" she rested her head on my chest. "I can't wait to meet your parents... And pick you up every morning...." I pecked her hair gentle. I really did love her. She was wonderful. "Uhh the bad boy and the ugly geek is kissing" I heard someone exclaim. I looked up and saw someone pointing. "Got a problem?!" They shook their head, then walked off. Chuckling I looked down at Sophie, "don't you ever listen to them okay? You're so beautiful and wonderful... The princess of my dreams..." She blushed, "stop it..." "I'm just telling the truth beautiful.." "Thank you anyway Justin... You are my Prince Charming" she blushed looking into my eyes.

Without thinking I placed my lips on hers, gently. It was greedy yet gentle, romantic and full of love. She just had to be my girl. "Would you really pick me up every morning? Because you don't have to.." she smiled when we pulled away. "I'd do everything for you" I whispered before pecking her lips. She blushed, looking down, "why are you sweet to me?" I lifted her chin up with my finger, "because I love you.." "Love you too" she blushed even more. Chuckling I stroked her cheek, then I heard someone shout, "bro we're going inside for lunch wanna come?"

"Wanna go for lunch? You have to get to know them anyway" I smiled at her, "don't be scared.." She looked shyly at me as I got up. "We'll be just a minute" I shouted, then reaching out for Sophie. She got up and grabbed her hand. "Why are you holding my hand?" she asked, "it's not like we are together.." "Sorry.. I just-" "I didn't mean it like that... I would love for your hand to be in mine Justin.." I sighed in relief and went to grab lunch with her hand in mine. The best feeling ever. People were talking about us. But I didn't care.

"Hey bro" Bruce said as Sophie and I sat down with our lunch. "Hey bro..." I smiled, "um this is Sophie.. And Sophie this is Bruce, Liam and Toby.." "Hey I'm Bruce.." "I'm Toby and that's Liam.." I looked at Sophie for any kind of expression. "Nice to meet you" she smiled shyly. I looked at her smiling, "well do you have any dates for prom?" Bruce nodded, "yeah... I asked Alexandra.." "So you chose her anyway..." "I did" he smirked, "Toby doesn't have one yet.." "Come on Toby even that nerd's got one" teasing I looked at him. He chuckled, "you're kidding right? He can't have one when I don't have.. And believe I have-" "Have not been trying" Liam laughed. Sophie giggled. While the other boys were arguing I put my arm around Sophie and pecked her cheek, before whispering, "I hope you're still going with me.." "I am.. Don't worry Justin" she whispered back. "Good because I literally would kidnap you if you weren't.." She laughed (by the way most adorable laugh ever), "I hope not.." Chuckling I pecked her lips, "you're cute.."

"Well lovebirds see ya outside" Bruce winked as the three of them got up and went outside. "Do you wanna come outside with us or are you gonna sit by your tree?" "I'll sit by my tree... I don't like the smoke and my mother and farther would kill me if I smelled like that" she smiled. "Okay beautiful" I stood up and grabbed her hand, then went outside. "Bye" I smiled at her. "Bye.." she went to her tree and sat down. "She is sweet" they all nodded. "I know right.. I don't what it is but I just like her so freaking much" I explained as I sat down taking a cigarette from Bruce and some fire. "I know what it is... It's love bro" Liam winked dragging on his cigarette. "Okay fine I love her" I smiled, "she's just perfect... She's everything I'm not.. At some points... She's smart.. She's shy... She's real... She's the person she wants to be... And she's crazily beautiful.." "Holy shit man you've fallen hard" Toby exclaimed patting my back. I shrugged, "I guess so.. And I'm meeting her parents later..." Bruce chuckled, "good luck... Take a shower... Get some clothes that doesn't smell like smoke and take these.. It's nicotine gum.. It'll help you get through the day.." I grabbed it, putting it in my pocket, "I'll use that.. She has some very perfectionistic parents I think... And really strict.. I just have to impress them... No big deal.." I looked at Sophie.

I just had to be with her all the time. "I'll see you later.." I stood up and stubbed out my cigarette. "You just can't be away from her" they chuckled. I slightly blushed, "when I'm not with her I feel like something is missing and when I'm with her there's no place I'd rather be.."

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