Definition Of Love

Nobody knows what the definition of love is. I've tried finding it every day in my life. But I've never been lucky enough to find out. But what I think it is, is when you look at the girl and just feel a knot inside because she isn't yours. When you can't think of anything else than her. When you blush every time she is talking to you. When you just want her to be yours. Nobody else's just yours. When you write songs for her. When she is the only one you see. When you want to give her the world.


16. "S-she i-is pregnant?"

"Pizza?" I asked. We were talking about what we wanted for dinner. She nodded looking tired. "I'll order some then... What do you want on it?" I smiled finding my phone. "Nothing" yawning she laid down on the couch again. "Okay princess... I'll be right outside if you need anything" I pecked her forehead. "Smoking?" she looked up at me. I slightly nodded. I knew she didn't like it. She sighed, "okay.. I still don't like it... But I love you anyway.." "Love you too" I smiled, "I'll be right back.." Just as I opened the door I saw Bruce walking with Alexandra. I slowly closed the door. "Aye Justin" he called, "what's up man?" "Hey bro" smiling I went down there. He smirked, "so what have you been doing?" "Nothing" I said, then I realized my hair probably looked like a mess since we had been sleeping on the couch, "my hair is messed up right?" He chuckled, "pretty much.." "We fell asleep on the couch.. She has a cold bro" I smiled. "Uh yeah by the way I'm Justin.." "I know and I'm Alexandra.." she smiled. "So what are you guys up to" Bruce asked. "Pizza.. I was actually going to order it.. Do you have a cigarette?" He gave me one. "Thanks.." "Well we'd better get going we have a movie to catch" Bruce smiled, "see you tomorrow bro.." "See ya" smiling I light up my cigarette and ordered some pizzas. When I was done smoking I went back inside, "pizzas are ordered.." "Great... I can't smell anything... You better thank my cold if I didn't have that I would've ordered you to take a bath" she smiled. "I can't wait to kiss you" I pecked her forehead gently, before stroking her cheek. "You can kiss me but you'll just get a cold..." I took some hair behind her ear smiling, "I know princess... Maybe in a day or two I'll have to kiss you.." "I'm starving" she suddenly exclaimed. I chuckled, "you'll get something to eat soon beautiful..." Then the doorbell rang, "I'll get it.." "Bruce what the hell are you doing here?" "Hey man... It's an emergency... Can we talk for sec..." he sounded desperate. I nodded, "sure.. Just hold on a sec..." "Princess?" I called. "Yeah?" I heard Sophie's voice. "It's Bruce I'll just go outside and talk to him... We'll be just a sec" I explained. "Okay" she called. Then we went outside, "so what's up man?" "Princess?" he teased. "Yeah.. But she's my princess" I looked down smiling. "Aww" he patted my back, "anyway it's Alexandra... She had some news for me at the movies..." I didn't say anything, only waiting for him to talk. "Bro those god damn condoms ain't as safe as they make it sound like.." he exclaimed rubbing his face with his hands. My eyes shut wide open, "s-she's is pregnant? Did you like just leave her at the movies or what?" Sighing he nodded, "I don't know what to do man... I mean I like her a lot.. But I just feel like that ain't enough to have a baby with her.. And plus we're only in high school.. It's ridiculous.. And I left her at the movies... The movie barely started when she decided to give me the crazy news.. I probably looked like a dead body.. Then I said that I'll see her later and walked off.." "No offense but it'll ruin your life.. It'll ruin your late teenage years... But um... I just want you to know I'll help you no matter what" I said smiling a sad smile, "and you'd better get back to her... Believe me.. And tell her how you feel.. Maybe she'll be forgiving or she'll freak out.." "Thanks man" we man-hugged, "you too.." "Well I'd better get back to my sick girlfriend, who I can't kiss and it's driving me crazy" I sighed, "and when she's wearing that clothes at night.." "Be strong... Besides it won't matter if you were sick a couple of days... It's nothing important we're learning right now.." he shrugged. "You're probably right though.." I looked at him, then stood up, "good luck man.." "I'm gonna need that" chuckling he got up, "anyway see ya tomorrow..." "Yeah.. If you decide to keep it you can talk to my mom.. She was 18 when she had me.." I smiled a little smile. "I'll call you bro" he called as he went out on the street. "Okay.. See ya" I went inside again. I sat down beside Sophie sighing. "Everything okay Jus?" she said. I looked at her, "you know Alexandra right?" "I don't think so... She's Bruce's girlfriend right?" I nodded, "yeah.. You know, she's pregnant.." Her eyes shut right open, "you're kidding right? But she's like what? 18?!" "I'm kinda in shock right now," I stared at the floor. I felt a hand on my shoulder and a kiss on my neck, "it's gonna be alright Jus... Don't you worry... If they have just a small amount of brain they won't keep it.." "That's exactly why I'm worried," I exclaimed, "just imagine being in their position.." "Yeah.. We're lucky that I'm not the one being pregnant," I could feel her beautiful smile. "Yep.. I don't know what I would do though." "Me neither," she kissed my cheek. I wanted to kiss her so badly. Just caress her. "You have no idea of hard this is for me," I said under my breath. Then without thinking I turned to face her pressing my lips against hers. Soon I laid her down on the couch getting on top of her. "But I'm s-" "I know... Just let me make you feel good okay? Without making love to you.." I began kissing down her neck, as I slowly unbuttoned her pajamas kinda sweatshirt with buttons, making her bra appear along with her flawless, fair skin. I began planting small wet kisses down her chest to her stomach. She moaned quietly. "Like it baby?" I smirked looking up at her. She nodded. "Good because this is only the beginning." I continued kissing her chest and stomach. I let my hands move to her back undoing her bra, then taking off her shirt and then her bra. I admired my girlfriends beautiful chest. I hadn't seen it like that before. "Then you have to take your shirt off as well," she said and began taking off my shirt. When it was off I started kissing her breasts, making her moan louder than before. Then the doorbell rang. I ignored it and continued what I was doing. I went back to her neck and left a hickey. "You're mine," I whispered close to her skin. Then the doorbell rang again. "I'll be right back baby girl," I pecked her lips, got off her and went to answer the door. It was our pizzas. I gave the pizza guy money and shut the door again. I placed it on the kitchen counter and went back to Sophie. Just as I was about to get on top of her, the doorbell rang again. Sighing I answered it and saw Bruce stand there, tears in his eyes. "Sorry if I interrupted something," sniffling he smirked. I sighed, "you did.. But why are you all teary?" "I'm gonna be a daddy!" he exclaimed. I thought of what to say, but I didn't say anything. I couldn't. "Um... C-congrats," I stammered. "Thanks man.. I just wanted to let you know.. Now enjoy each other.." he smiled. I couldn't help but smile, "thanks.. Well I'll support you.. And anytime.." "Bye... I'd better get back to Alexandra.." Then he was gone. I couldn't think about it at that moment. All I wanted to do was to make Sophie feel good. "I'm back," I smiled as I sat down beside her. She smiled, "you'd better do that again sometime.." "What about now princess? I wasn't even close to being done," I smirked. "Show me what you got," she said. I pulled her into a passionated kiss as I laid her down. I undid all of her stuff again, but this time I let my hand go down in her pants and panties. She moaned as I slowly began rubbing her while kissing and sucking on her breasts. "Justin," she let out a really sexy moan. I let two of my fingers enter her, making her moan uncontrollable, "oh my god Justin... Don't stop.." I let my other hand remove her pants and panties and took my head down, licking her while I let my fingers go in and out. She almost screamed in pleasure as I kept going.

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