Definition Of Love

Nobody knows what the definition of love is. I've tried finding it every day in my life. But I've never been lucky enough to find out. But what I think it is, is when you look at the girl and just feel a knot inside because she isn't yours. When you can't think of anything else than her. When you blush every time she is talking to you. When you just want her to be yours. Nobody else's just yours. When you write songs for her. When she is the only one you see. When you want to give her the world.


11. "So do you wanna....."

"Hold up a sec" I grabbed Sophie's hand making her stop, "I wanna ask you something.." "Are you coming?" her mom shouted. "Just a second mother.." Sophie shouted back, "what do you want to ask me about Justin?" "Look I've known you for half a year or something and I can't stand the thought of that you ain't mine yet... So do you wanna be my girlfriend?" She was smiling a big blushing smile while nodding, "I would love to Justin.. I was actually kind of waiting for you to ask me..." "Well I've been wanting to ask you for a long time actually... But then I kinda broke your heart and I thought that I had lost you-" She cut me off by kissing me. Our lips moved perfectly, as I took my hand to her neck holding it.

I didn't know why it was just something I did. It was a matter of habit, actually.

When we pulled away I looked at her, seeing her happier than ever before, "I love seeing you this happy.. And I love knowing that it's me who made you this happy.." "Or I hope that it is.." "You're the only reason why I've been happy in these months I've been here... You were the one to help me at my first day... You were my first and only friend there and you still are... And my best friend... And my boyfriend..." she smiled. I rested my forehead against hers, smiling, "it's music to my ears hearing you say my boyfriend...." giggling she pecked my lips, "well then I assume you can sleep over.." "I would love that but it's okay if not" I stroked her cheek.

"Come on you two" her mom shouted. "Coming" Sophie shouted back. We pulled away and I grabbed her hand, "come on girlfriend..." Blushing she followed me, "I could get used to that.." "Me too beautiful" I quickly looked at her smiling, "love you.. You are my princess now... Nobody else's... Mine.." "Love you too Jus... And then you are my prince... Only mine.." I nodded, "I can be that.. It's not that hard to be a prince you know.. Maybe when you're the princess.." She laughed her heart melting laugh, "we'll see..." I loved her. Like so much it hurt. I wanted to give her everything. I knew I couldn't, and besides, she already had more things than I did.

"What about we go to your house?" she suddenly asked, "I could get some clothes and stuff for tomorrow..." "I would love too princess" I chuckled. When I got to know her she was kinda confident and spontaneous. I loved those two things. "I'll just ask my mother.. Hold on a second" she let go of my hand and went to her mom, while her dad made his way towards me. "Hi sir.." "Please call me Robert.." he smiled nicely, "I see you make my daughter happy..." "I try my best sir- Robert.." He nodded, "and it's apparently working... But promise me to keep an eye out for my little girl!" "I will sir- sorry Robert" I smiled at him. I didn't want to hurt her again. Ever. It was the worst feeling. "It's okay Justin... You are a good guy" he patted my shoulder.

When I saw Sophie walk towards us, I couldn't stop smiling because of how beautiful she looked. I realized her dad was looking at me while I was looking at her and smiled at me. "Hey beautiful" I pecked her cheek causing her to smile. "She said I could stay over at your house... But if she hears anything from your mom about us moaning I will never sleep with you again" Sophie whispered in my ear. Chuckling I grabbed her cold hand, "we won't.."

"It was a pleasure to meet you ma'am" I shook her hand smiling. "Please call me Catherine" she smiled back. "Okay well it was nice to meet you Catherine.." "You too Justin.." "It was a pleasure to meet you sir.. I mean Robert" I shook her dad's hand smiling. I was really tired and I just wanted to get home and into my bed. "You too Justin... Take care" he smiled back and closed the door behind us. "Well then you're gonna meet my mom" chuckling I looked at her.

"Do you have a driving license?" she asked. "Nope... I've never had the money.." "Well me neither so we can just walk and talk.." she smiled and pecked my cheek. "But I'll take that bag of yours... It looks pretty heavy.." "It's fine Justin... I'm not paralyzed I can carry it myself" she stated looking at me. I grabbed it anyway I started walking, "you forgot you don't have a choice princess.." "Well if I'm your princess then I order you to give me that bag" giggling she ran after me. I shook my head, "sorry but I can't obey... I'm your prince remember... So we have the same status..." She groaned, "seriously?.." "Seriously... But if you wanna carry it you can... I bet you can't make it ten blocks from here" I dared. She was a competitive person. And I knew it.

"Really?" she raised an eyebrow. I stretched out my arm holding the bag, "yes really..." She grabbed the bag, "I bet you can't run all the way there without getting out of breath!" "You know just as much as I do that I can do that!" I said kinda annoyed. "Show me..." she said smiling, "I'll meet you there..." I thought for a moment, "run with me... That bag ain't that heavy right?" "Bring it on Bieber" she smiled sarcastically. "1..2..3.. Go" I started running and so did Sophie.

Ten blocks later we stopped completely out of breath and kinda sweaty. We had been running really fast just because of the two competitive persons we were. "I won" she said still out of breath. I chuckled as good as I could, "no way... I won.." "You are all wrong Bieber" she smiled provocatively. I raised an eyebrow, "no I'm not.." "You know what this is stupid... We have to go to school tomorrow Sophie.." "Yeah you're right..." she smiled, "you live right there right?" Nodding I made my way towards the building. But as on our way over there we kinda started running. Why? I didn't know. I guess we were kinda stubborn right there.

"What have you kids been doing?" my mom exclaimed when we rushed through the door. We ran all the way up there. A competition. Of cause. "Um... She dared me to run all the way home... And then I dared her... And we ended it but then we kinda made it a competition to get up here..." My mom laughed, "you have always been so stubborn Justin.." "Mom" I groaned, "she started.." "Now way he did" Sophie exclaimed. "I won" I turned to her. "You did not..." My mom cleared her throat, "so any news about you guys?" I looked at my mom, wondering if anything happened. Sophie looked confused at her. "No wait a sec" I exclaimed. "It's right on the tip of my tongue" she said.

"She's my girlfriend now... You're my girlfriend.." I exclaimed after thinking for a minute. "He's my boyfriend now.." Sophie smiled. "I can't believe you both forgot it" my mom giggled, "but congrats..." I smiled at Sophie, "thanks.. I guess we're both a little bit stubborn.." "For sure" Sophie giggled, "and thank you mrs. Bieber.." "Just call me Pattie... You don't how much Justin has talked about you?" my mom winked. Groaning I blushed a little bit, "mom!" "First time I've seen you blush" Sophie exclaimed smiling. "Well I've seen you blush a hundred of times" I teased, making her blush. "Stop it" she hid her face in her hands. That British accent. Wow. What it did to me.

I grabbed her waist pulling her into me, while smiling, "you know I love you princess.." "I do... And you know I love you" I could sense her smile. "I do beautiful" I pecked her forehead before pulling away. "Okay so now everything is fine?" my mom asked. I looked smiling at Sophie, "it's always been fine... We were just competing a little bit.. Which was the work out of the day.." My mom giggled, "well it's nice to meet you Sophie..." "You too Pattie" she smiled back. They seemed to like each other already. That's good. "Why don't you get some sleep? School tomorrow" my mom said/commanded.

"Do you wanna borrow one of my t-shirts instead of that? You can't wear that in front of me" I chuckled. She wore a tight tank top. Really tight. And some god damn lace hipsters. Giggling she grabbed it, "what's wrong Jus? I like it... I don't know about you?" "I don't like it princess" I threw away my t-shirt and grabbed her waist pulling her so close to me that I could feel her breath on my skin, "I love it.." I crashed my lips onto hers and as we made out it became more passionated each second. I threw Sophie on the bed hovering over her. We weren't gonna sleep together again. I just wanted to caress. I guess. "I'm sorry I just thought that you were going to bed" I heard my mom's voice behind me. I quickly got off Sophie and sat up, "yeah we were.. I'm just gonna brush my teeth.." Sophie cleared her throat, "yes so am I.."

"Oh my god that was so embarrassing" she exclaimed as she laid down beside me. I was already half asleep. "Mmm" I mumbled, my eyes closed. "You asleep Jus?" I slowly opened my eyes looking at her, "do I look asleep?" Giggling she covered her body (which was perfect btw), with the blanket. I pulled her close to me pecking on the top of her head. "I love you beautiful sleep tight.." "Love you too Jus.. And you too" I could sense her smile. Then she slowly turned her head and I pressed my lips against hers. And before I knew it I was on top of her caressing her and she was caressing me. Oh god I thought I could do this without wanting her. "How about this?" she smirked, "you lock the door... And we try our best not to moan.." "Don't tell me twice" I rushed to lock the door and then went back to her. I hovered over her, grinding and kissing. "Quickly?" I asked. She nodded. I took of my boxers and her lace hipsters, leaving our shirts on. Then I grabbed a condom and took it on. Then I went inside of her.

"Good morning Justin" I felt a kiss on my cheek. Smiling I opened my eyes, "morning beautiful.." I could get used to wake up to that beautiful face. "What time is it?" "It's 7 o'clock" she smiled. My eyes shut wide open, "7 o'clock?! I never get up this early? And for how long have you been awake?" Giggling she stroked my cheek, "since 6 o'clock sweetie.." "Well um.. I'll just get ready then" I yawned as I got up. That was so early. How did she manage that? "I normally get up at 7.30... It's nothing personal... I just hate mornings" I pecked her forehead, making her smile. Which just made me smile. "You look gorgeous.." "Thank you.. Now go... I'll just talk to your mother" she stood and went to the little kitchen/living room we had.

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