Fractions // styles

I couldn't let Harry find out. He'd kill me. I had to run away, far away. I left my family and my best friend Harry behind. He was my 1/2.


2. 01. P a s t



Fr a c t i o n s // s t y l e s

 01. P a s t



- Caradine -



I sometimes wonder what the meaning of life is. We live. Breathe. That's all we do.


We waste out precious moments by doing stupid stuff. Partying, drinking, smoking, and who knows what else.


I've wasted 7 years. 


7 valuable years. I could get an education in that time.


Life is sacred. We need to live it right. Not do the same routines everyday, but live. Actually live life. 


I had those seven years taken away from me.


All because of a stupid little game.


The fractions game. 





"I dare you to fraction Stephanie." Alexia laughed. "Fraction?" I question as I walk up to my group of friends playing Fractions.


"It's a game." Adrian answers. "How do you play?" I ask as I take a seat on the carpeted floor. The cushioned fabric sinking in as I sit.


"It's actually a secret. You have to chop off one of the person's finger tip in a dark closet." Adrian laughs as he explains. 


"That's disgusting, why would you want to play that?" The sight or even sound of hearing someone have their finger cut off frightens me. I would never be able to live with a missing finger.


"Well, that's only if you lose." I guess he left that part out. 


"Lose to what?" I needed a major update to my friend's life. Becoming a high schooler next month was scary. I didn't want to feel left out. I needed to know what this game 'Fractions' is.


"You have to drink 10 tequila shots without lime or stopping." Zayn pops into our conversation. I was never really fond of Zayn. He bothered me, he scared me.


"I don't think she could do that guys." Harry budded in. I've always liked Harry. The way his voice was soothing when he talked to me. He could comfort me anytime of the day. It was unfortunate  that he was taken, but it didn't bother me much.


"I could do it." I muster up the most confident voice I could. It scared me that my 16 year old friends could think of such a disgusting game to play. 


"No, Caradine, you can't." Harry shakes his head. "Let her." Louis laughed. I couldn't tell if it was sarcasm or humorous. I could never stand Louis. Ever. He annoyed me. Although him and Harry were best friends, Harry knew to never speak to Louis as long as I was around.


"But it's Alexia's turn, she lost." Steph points over to the girl who looks as if she was on heroine. I don't know why I chose to be with these type of people. None of this was me. But like I said before, this is what people live for. 


"She can go." Alexia shooed her hand towards me. Well isn't she friendly?


"If you stop for more than 5 seconds, you have to chop a finger off." Steph says as she pours the alcohol. 


I was going to tell her no, but Zayn had already given me the first one. I was busy thinking about how Louis left his seat. I didn't let the thought overcome me and I took the first shot.







Stop. "It burns." I tried to speak as I grabbed hold of my neck. The burning feeling I got was horrible. It felt like anti-bacterial going down my throat. I hated the feeling.


"You're done! It's over! Ha! You have to cut a finger off!" Stephanie laughs. As soon as she said those words, I felt my stomach drop to the floor.


I couldn't cut a finger off. I could barely kill a fly when my mom told me to. 


"I - uh." I slowly stood up as all the eyes in the room tracked me.


"Louis is waiting for you." Zayn smirked widely.


"L- Lou- Louis?" I hated how I sounded so weak and easy. 


"Yep." Alexia emphasized the three letter word. "I couldn't possibly." I could feel my bones shaking, and I don't think that's humanly possible.


I didn't want to protest anymore, causing me to look like a weak fragile being.


I slowly walked up the stairs and felt my legs turn weak, the closer I got to the top. 


I saw the hallway window open and I instantly freaked. I instantly thought someone had broken in.


"Louis!" I call out. I rushed up to the window and saw Louis' body on the ground below the house. His body was motionless and I screamed. 


"What happened?!" Stephanie rushed up her stairs and looked at me as if I was some type of monster.


"Did you just push him down?" Stephanie ran to see out of the window to see Louis/


"No." I put my hands up in defense. "I said to cut his finger off, not push him down my damn window!" She pulled at her hair.


I heard Harry's voice from downstairs. I knew Stephanie would tell Harry I pushed Louis, so I had to leave quickly. I couldn't go back down the stairs, or else Harry would hate me.


The window was my only option, I had to jump, even if it meant landing on Louis' body.


I had no room for tears at the moment, the only thing I could feel was fright. That's all I've ever felt, fright.

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