Draconis Occidentalis

Draconis Occidentalis

A glorified title really. It's what scientists say when they don't want to actually say the real word.

Because it's too impossible.


4. Wolf Moon: Part 2

Chapter 2: Wolf Moon- Part 2

Lydia, Allison and Maddie sat down on the bleachers. Maddie had been thinking about ditching and going home but when she realized that Scott was going to be there, she decided to stay. If Scott really was bitten she would know by the way he plays, though she was mostly certain, given his performance in English that morning. He and Allison shared a look before Coach called his name and he was forced to turn around. 



"You're on goal." Coach threw him a stick and a helmet.

"I've never played." Scott said, frowning.

"I know- Scoring some shots will give the boys a confidence boost. It's a first day back thing. Get em' energized, fired up!"

"What about me?" Scott said. 

"Try not to take any in the face." And with that, Coach walked off, yelling some not very inspirational words, ignoring the upset look Scott was giving him. He stalked off to the goal. Maddie's eyebrows shot up. Scott must have been really bad freshmen year for Coach to treat him like that.

"Who is that?" Allison asked. Lydia cocked her head.

"Him? I'm not sure who he is." She said. Maddie rolled her eyes.

"His name is Scott." Allison gave her a grateful smile.

"Why?" Lydia asked.

"He's in my English class." Allison replied. Maddie chuckled.

"And, Ally here has had a huge crush on him ever since she walked into first period." Allison gasps and leans over Lydia to smack her in the stomach. The coach blows the whistle and they all turn to see Scott spazzing out in the goal. Maddie winced at the noise as well. Someone ran up and threw the ball and it hit Scott in the head causing him to fall backwards. They all laughed- including Coach- and he groaned. Of course, Maddie just glared.

"Hey, way to catch with your face, McCall!" Jackson yelled. He looked over at us and Maddie gave a disapproving look. He shrugged and turned back around. She rolled her eyes. She loved Jackson... Really. He was her best friend along with Lydia but even she had to admit... He could be a bit of an ass sometimes.... Actually, all the time. Scott got back up and got ready to catch. Lifting his stick, someone thrusted the ball into the air, but this time he caught it with ease. The team was completely silent. Coach gaped. Stiles jumped up and whooped. Scott looked just as shocked as everyone else. Ball after ball, Scott just kept catching. And with every catch, the shock on Coach's face became more profound and Stiles' whoops got louder. 

"He seems like he's pretty good." Allison said. Maddie nodded muttering 'yeah'.

"Yeah, very good." Lydia said with a shocked look. Scott jumped up in happiness. But that happiness was short lived. It was Jackson's turn. Maddie had watched many of his practices over the last few weeks, even participated in some. She'd only met one person who had ever caught one of his throws. And it was her. Jackson hadn't been very happy about it but he also respected her because of it. She watched as Jackson ran with all of his might and jumped into the air, throwing the ball with every last ounce of strength he had. And Scott caught it. Stiles flew off the bench, stick falling from his arms as they flew up, and yelled.

"That is my friend!" He screamed. Even Lydia cheered and... that doesn't happen. Scott spun around throwing the ball into the referee's net, easily. After that, Maddie decided to go home and assess what just happened. She quickly said goodbye to Allison and Lydia and rode home on her motorcycle. She walked in and Jenny was sitting at the table, eating a plate of Chinese food. A frown formed on her face.

"Aren't you supposed to be at the office?"She asked, walking to the table and sitting across from her. Jenny nodded.

"Yeah, but I got the night off. I wanted to be home after you first day of school. Though I would like to ask... where the HELL have you been! School gets out at 3. It's 4:30." Maddie laughed at her attempt to be a demanding parent.

"We stayed after school to watch Jackson at Lacrosse practice." 

"I thought that wasn't your scene... No matter who your friends are." Maddie nodded.

"Yeah, but I decided that I should. If not for Lydia... For a new friend that had been dragged there by the She-Devil herself. Plus you think Lydia would have let me leave?"She said smirking. Jenny laughed.

"I guess not. She can be a bit scary." Maddie nodded.

"That is a bit of a understatement. If she met Lucifer, he would shy away and jump right back into his cage in hell." Jenny gave her a confused glance.

"It's a Supernatural reference." Maddie explained and Jenny rolled her eyes.

"I don't understand why you watch that show. It's so not entertaining." Maddie jumped up from her seat, slamming her hands on the table in outrage.

"You take that back!!" She exclaimed. Jenny laughed.

"You only like that show because you think Jenson Ackles is the most beautiful person on Earth." Maddie blushed.

"That's not true... I can relate." Jenny squinted at Maddie.

"The main characters kill people like you... How can you relate?" She said. Maddie frowned.

"They only hunt the people who hurt others... You know what, I don't have to explain this to you. I've got some work to do." And with that she got up from her seat and turned to walk up the stairs. 

"Aren't you going to eat?"

"I think I'm going to go grab a quick bite out in the woods. I think I'm in the mood for some rabbit." Maddie said, smirking, knowing that Jenny would be grossed out. She shivered.

"I still can't get used to the fact that you actually kill animals... to eat... raw." She whispered." Maddie shrugged.

"You eat dead animals. You just don't kill them yourself. Plus hunting helps me think. And...I've got a a lot to think about." Jenny gave a curious look. "There's a new wolf in school. His name's Scott" 

"I thought you didn't like to get involved in this kind of stuff."

"I wouldn't but he doesn't seem to know what's happening, which means his Alpha didn't tell him what he had done, which means that he either abandoned Scott or he has some big idea or plan that probably won't turn out well for any of us. If no one teaches Scott to control, he'll go on a killing spree. I don't think anyone wants that. Plus, I only talked to him and his friend for a second, but they seem like good enough guys." Jenny nodded in understanding.

"Well, if you need me to cover up a murder for you, I think I could pull some strings." She said with a straight face.

"That's true friendship." Maddie said with a fake grateful smile. Seconds later they burst into laughter and Maddie ran up the steps to change into something that she could run around in. She threw on a mesh Nike shirt, a pair of jean jeggings, knee high converse and her biker gloves. She ran back down and found her sister washing dishes. She internally groaned.

"It was my turn to do those, wasn't it?" She asked, guiltily. Jenny turned to her and shrugged.

"It's fine. I figured with all you've got on your plate you could take a break from you normal household chores." Maddie grinned and gave Jenny a hug.

"You're awesome." She said and she ran toward the door.

"This doesn't mean that you're not doing it tomorrow and Friday to make up for it." Maddie grinned to herself and stepped outside. Deciding she needed the exercise, she left her bike and ran the distance. She reached the woods and strode in sniffing the air for fresh meat. She was less than surprised when she smelled a familiar scent. Scott and Stiles. She jumped up flying from tree to tree until she found the two of them walking. She quietly followed, listening to their conversation.

"I hear stuff I shouldn't be able to hear... Smell things." Scott said.

"Smell things? Like what?" Stiles asked.

"Like the mint mojito gum in your pocket." He said, turning to him.

"I don't even have any mint mojito..." Stiles pulled half a piece of gum out of his pocket. Maddie smiles, slightly. He looked at Scott with a weird expression that has no name. Confusion? Amazement? Maddie couldn't be sure. Scott threw his hands up and started walking again.

"So all this started with a bite?" Stiles asked.

"What if it's like an infection, like my body's flooding with adrenaline before I go into shock or something?" Maddie snorts and Scott stops moving. She throws her hand to her mouth. "Did you hear that?" Scott asked. Stiles shook his head and they started walking again. Maddie let out a breath she had been holding.

"You know what? I actually think I've heard of this. It's a specific kind of infection." Scott stopped moving turning to face him.

"Are you serious?" He asked. Stiles nodded.

"Yeah. Yeah, I think it's called... Lycanthropy." Scott gave him a look of pure terror.

"What's that? Is that bad?" He exclaimed. Maddie threw her hand into her mouth to keep from laughing at Scott's priceless expression.

"Oh, yeah. It's the worst. But only once a month." 

"Once a month?" Scott asked. Maddie slammed her head on a branch. How was Scott not getting this yet?

"Mmhmm. On the night of the full moon." He said. He paused for a minute before giving a weak excuse for a howl. Maddie rolled her eyes. Scott slapped him on the arm and started walking again. Stiles laughed.

"Hey, you're the one who heard a wolf howling." He said.

"There could be something seriously wrong with me!" Scott yelled at him.

"I KNOW! YOU'RE A WEREWOLF!" Stiles yelled and then growled. Scott rolled his eyes. If only he knew how right he was. "Okay, obviously I'm kidding. But if you see me in shop class trying to met all the silver I can find, it's 'cause Friday's a full moon." Scott stopped abruptly.

"No- I-I could have sworn this was it." He said, frowning. "I saw the body, the deer came running, and I dropped my inhaler." Deer?... Inhaler? Well, It's not going to take long for them to realize that Scott doesn't have asthma anymore.

"Maybe the killer moved the body." Stiles suggested.

"If he did, I hope he left my inhaler. Those things are like 80 bucks." Why would he take his inhaler? Does that even make sense? Maddie heard faint rustling and her head snapped up leading her eyes to land on a young guy, obviously older than her. Stiles also saw him and tapped Scott on the back causing him to stand up and turn around.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in a not-so-friendly tone. "Huh? This is private property."

"Uh, sorry man, we didn't know." The more Maddie observed him the more she sure she was that he was a wolf. The way he moved... How quiet he was, it suggested that he knew that Scott would've heard him.

"Yeah, we were just looking for something, but... uh forget it." Scott said. The guy threw Scott's inhaler to him and walked away. Abandoning the boys she followed the guy to a old, wooden house that looked like it would break down at the slightest wind. She jumped down from the tree, landing quietly.

"Hey!" She yelled. He spun around, rolling his eyes.

"Great. Another one." He said. She scoffed. 

"I just want to ask you a question." She said.

"No." He said and turned around, starting to walk away. She inwardly groaned.

"Did you bite him?" She asked. That got him to turn back around and look at her.

"Excuse me?" He asked.

"Scott. Someone bit him. Was it you? Because if so... Then I want to know why you left him on his own, three days before the full moon."

"I didn't bite him. And anyway, what do you know about werewolves." He asked. She chuckled and flashed her eyes green. He takes a step towards her.

"What are you?" She shrugged.

"I have many a name. Draconis.... Dragons. Most like to call me a weredragon, though."  He takes another step, except this time it was away from her.

"I thought those were just myths... legends?" She smirks and turns in front of him. The scales came to the surface covering half of her body. Her nails grew into claws and her bat like wings unfolded. Her eyes turn into the bright green that had once terrified her and she crossed her arms.

"Well, here I am, in the flesh... Not a myth, though, I am a bit of a legend. Now, do you know who bit Scott?" She asked. He shook his head.

"No idea. But whoever he is, he's strong. And big. And he's an Alpha." He said. She frowned.

"Great. Now, not only do I have to help him get through this without killing someone, I have to protect him as well." She muttered to herself. She turned back to him. "Thanks for the info. I'm sure we'll be seeing much more of each other. My name's Madison."

"Derek." He said. And with that she flew off the ground and straight through her window, shifting back, landing on her bed, just wanting to get a good night's sleep. That last thing she though before she drifted of was that she didn't get to eat.


The hard whack on the head was enough to make Maddie fly out of bed and land straight in fighting stance. When her eyes landed on her sister, who was holding a pillow, she relaxed letting out a sigh. And then she burst.

"What the hell, Jenny!" She yelled. Jenny shrugged, letting out a breath that made it look like she had just run 100 miles non-stop.

"I've been in here for twenty minutes trying to wake you up. It was like you were in some sort of coma. I suggest you get out of here, before you're late." She said and stalked out of the room. Maddie's eyes landed on her clock an her eyes nearly sprung out of her head. It was 7:40. Class starts at 8:10. She spun around and dug in her drawers throwing on the first things she could find without paying attention whatsoever. She slipped in some shoes and her gloves and burst out of her room and into the kitchen. She grabbed an apple before muttering a quick goodbye to Jenny. She ran outside and rode her bike to school. She parked it as quickly as she could without killing herself and then raced to her locker. But she was too late. Lydia had already made it. She was standing there, arms crossed, expression set into a deep frown. Maddie rubbed the back of her neck and stuck her hands into her back pockets.

"Heeeey... Lydia." She muttered.

"Where have you been!" Lydia burst. "And what are you wearing?" She asked. She looked down at her outfit and realized what she was talking about. She had thrown on a Nike Lacrosse shirt, a pair of blue jeggings and mint colored Vans. She winced. Even she had to admit, this clashed... A lot.

"Sorry. I was in a rush. Why didn't you just talk to Allison?" She asked. Lydia shrugged.

"She's been hanging with that Scott kid all morning." Maddie's head snapped up.

"From Lacrosse yesterday?" He asked. Lydia nodded. Maddie jumped up. "Hey, I gotta go talk to Allison. I see you at lunch." She ran down the hall and into the classroom. She saw Allison sitting in the same seat from yesterday. She plopped into her seat. "Heeeey... Allison." She said, repeating the greeting she had given Lydia. Allison looked up from the book she was reading. "I heard you've been talking with Scott." She said in curiosity. Allison smiled.

"Yeah... I met him last night. I accidentally hit a dog and I brought it to the animal clinic. Apparently, he works there. Isn't that sweet?"

"Yeah... And ironic." She muttered under her breath. "Has he asked you out yet?" Allison smiled slightly and Maddie gasped. "He did!" She exclaimed. "Where are you going?" Allison opened her mouth to answer but stopped when two familiar voices reached them. Stiles and Scott took seats between the two of them.

"And here are the Wonder Twins now." Maddie said. The boys give her a confused look.

"What?" Scott asked. She turned to him.

"I see you took my advise, Scott. Good choice." She said. She had decided that it was better that Scott go to the party on the full moon that way she could keep an eye on him. Allison gasped.

"I knew it was you who told him that Family night was a lie!" Allison exclaimed.

"You have no proof. None, whatsoever." Maddie said. She turned to the boys. "Are you two always this quiet? 'Cause if so... We're gonna have a problem."

"Wh-What kind of problem?" Stiles asked in a slightly terrified tone. Maddie rolled her eyes.

"The type of problem where I try to get you to talk." She said. "Come on. Go ahead. Be yourselves. I can take it. I mean, considering I'm a teensy bit mentally insane." She said. The boys eyes widened and Allison slapped her arm.

"Would you stop?" She asked, turning to the boys. "She's kidding."

"She's right. I lied." Maddie gasped. "Oh god guys... I'm going to Hell." She looked up at the ceiling. "Goodbye, God." She looked down. "Hello Lucifer." She said in a deep growl. The bell rang and she turned around in her seat as the teacher walked in but the second his back was facing her she turned back around.

"And here he is in his natural habitat." She said. The others laughed.

"Does this make us his demon slaves?" Stiles asked. She tilted her head in wonder.

"I... Think... So." She said. They let out another round of hushed laughter but it obviously wasn't quiet enough.

"Is there something the four of you would like to share with the class?" The teacher asked. They turned to face him.

"We were just talking about how your Lucifer, this School is Hell as we are your demon slaves." Maddie said in dead seriousness. People snickered in the background and the teacher glared at her.

"Since it's only the second day of your first year here, I'm just going to give you a warning. Don't talk back. In fact... Don't talk at all." He said and he turned around continuing the lesson. She rolled her eyes before opening up her notebook and taking notes.

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