Draconis Occidentalis

Draconis Occidentalis

A glorified title really. It's what scientists say when they don't want to actually say the real word.

Because it's too impossible.


7. Second Chance at First Line: Part 2

Chapter 7: Second Chance at First Line- Part 2

The three of them watched solemnly as officers escorted Derek out of his house and into a police car. Stiles being an idiot, decided to climb into the back of the car and started talking to Derek. Scott's eyes widened and he looked away while Maddie stared in awe at how brave yet stupid he was being. She raced over to the car to join him, climbing into the drivers passenger seat next to Stiles. He looked at her. 

"What are you doing?" He asked, and astonished look on his face.

"Helping." She said, simply. He rolled his eyes and looked at Derek.

"Okay, Just so you know, I'm not afraid of you." He said. Derek stared at him with cold eyes that almost made Maddie shiver. "Okay, Maybe I am." Stiles admitted. Maddie gave a small chuckle. "Doesn't matter. I just wanna know something. The girl you killed..." Maddie's eyes nearly popped out of her head as he started to talk about the thing that could've gotten them killed. "She was a werewolf."

"Stiles!" She exclaimed but he ignored her.

"She was a different kind wasn't she? I mean, she could turn herself into an actual wolf. And I know Scott can't do that. Is that why you killed her?" Maddie let out a growl, but decided to give up on trying to stop him. Finally Derek spoke and her head snapped to him. 

"Why are you so focused on me when it's your friend who's the problem. When he shifts on the field what do you think they're gonna do... huh? Just keep cheering him on? I can't stop him from playing, but you can. Both of you." He moved closer to them and if it weren't for glass between them, she probably would've backed away. "And trust me... You want to." Suddenly the door open and someone grabbed Maddie's arm as well as Stiles.

"Hey--Ow!" Stiles exclaimed as they were pulled out of the car.

"There. Stand." The sheriff said after he had pulled them about three feet away from the car.

"Hey dad..." Stiles said and Maddie looked at him with wide eyes.

"Who is this?" The sheriff said and Maddie finally put it together. Stiles Stilinski... Sheriff Stilinski. She was surprised she hadn't figured it out sooner. "You know what, I don't care. What the hell do you two think your doing?" He asked.

"I'm-We're just trying to help." Maddie decided to keep her mouth shut.

"Uh huh. Okay, well how 'bout you help me understand exactly how you came across this?"

"We were looking for Scott's inhaler."

"Which he dropped when?"

"The other night." His dad looked to Maddie and she shrugged.

"I wasn't there." She said, because even though she was there, technically she wasn't with the boys. He looked back to his son.

"The other night when you were out here looking for the first half of the body?"

"Yes." Stiles said as if it were obvious. 

"The night that you told me you were alone and Scott was at home?" Maddie let out a sigh and looked to the ground, shaking her head. Who taught this kid how to lie?

"Yes-No! Oh crap." He said, realizing his mistake.

"So you lied to me?" 

"That depends on how you define lying." Maddie rolled her eyes. Stiles was just making the situation worse.

"I define it as not telling the truth, how do you define it?"

"Mm, reclining your body in a horizontal position." Stiles said, his voice raising a few octaves at the end. 

"Get the hell out of here." 

"Absolutely." Stiles left leaving Maddie staring at his dad. She bit her lip and ran off towards Scott, where Stiles was headed.

The three of them didn't talk until they had made it to Stiles jeep and even then they were too busy waiting for Scott to look up some info about burying werewolves with Wolfsbane. 

"I can't find anything about Wolfsbane being used for burial." He said abruptly, frustrated.

"Just keep looking... Maddie are you sure you've never heard of something like this?" Maddie growled.

"No! Why do you always assume that I have the answers. I am not Yoda! Your Yoda, I am not!!" Rolling her, eyes not realizing until after that she had put a Star Wars reference in there.

"Who's Yoda?" Scott asked. She and Stiles looked at him with astonishment. She looked over to the driver.

"Has he never-"

"No. No he hasn't." Maddie shakes her head in disappointment.

"I know how you feel." Stiles said, smiling back at her and for a second everything was normal and they were like old friends. 

And then Stiles had to ruin it.

"Maybe it's like a ritual or something. Like, they bury you as a wolf. Or maybe its a special skill, you know. Like something you have to learn."

"I'll put it on my to-do list." Scott said sarcastically and made Maddie a little proud to see that Scott could be witty if he tried. "Right under figuring out how the hell I'm playing this game tonight."

"Maybe it's different for girl werewolves." 

"It's not." Maddie put in. "My friend Frea was a wolf. She was like Scott..."

"Well, maybe she was special."

"Okay! Stop it!" Scott yells and both of us look at him.

"Stop what?" We both say at the same time.

"Stop saying 'werewolves'! Stop enjoying this so much!" He yells.

"Are you okay?" Stiles asked as Maddie stared at him, a little afraid. Not of him, but for him.

"No! NO, I'm not. I'm so far from being okay!" Scott said with a pained expression, his breathing becoming labored.

"You know, you're gonna have to accept this Scott sooner or later."

"Stiles, I don't think that's what's wrong."

"I can't-"

"Well you're gonna have to!" 

"Stiles!" Maddie yelled.

"NO! I can't breathe." Scott growled and hit the roof of the car. Stiles started to lose control of the car.

"Stiles! Pull over!" Maddie screamed. He looked at her with wide eyes. 

"Why? What's happening?" Scott ripped open a bag and Maddie could have hit Stiles if she didn't think it would kill them all.

"You kept it?" Scott snarled, as he gazed upon the small purple flower.

"What was I supposed to do with it!?" Stiles yelled at him. Scott screamed.

"Stop the car!" Scott yelled, voice distorted. His eyes turned from brown to yellow. The tires screeched as the car came to a halt. Stiles jumped out of the car with the bag and started to run with it. Maddie stayed in the car long enough to see Scott take off. She tried to run after him, but he was to far gone by the time she had made t out of the car. Stiles came back having disposed of the bag and looked at Maddie with a pained expression when he saw that there was no longer a curly haired boy in the passenger seat. They hopped back in, Maddie taking Scott's place in the passenger seat. Without a word, Stiles pulled out his phone and dialed three digits. He immediately was answered and he put the phone on speaker.

"Stiles, you know that you can't call the dispatch line when I'm on duty." The woman said, obviously recognizing his number.

"I just need to know if you've gotten any odd calls."

"Odd how?"

"Uh, like an odd person or... a dog like individual roaming the streets."

"I'm hanging up on you know."

"No! Wai-Wai-Wai-Wai-Wait!" Maddie hears the dial tone and groans and Stiles throws his phone down. 

"A dog like individual?" She asked him, eyebrows raised. He glared at her.

"Shut up." 


Stiles and Maddie had been driving around for hours. She had tried distracting him by bring up random subjects to talk about and it seemed to work. They spoke as if they were old friends and the more they talked, the more she realized how much they had in common. They got along pretty well and she started to think that the two of them could actually be friends. Finally she started to run out of topics and decided to stop Stiles's rant about how amazing AC/DC is,

"I don't think we're going to find him." Stiles stopped talking and looked at her. 


"Look, you've got a Lacrosse game to get to in less than an hour. In fact, so do I. And chances are, Scott is going to be there. So how about you drop me off at home and then head to the school to get ready?" She said delicately, knowing how much Scott means to to Stiles. He looked at her for a while before sighing.

"Your right. I'll take you home." Maddie smiled and the two of them drove off to her house in a comfortable silence. He stopped in front of her house and she got out, closing the door behind her. She looked through the window and smiled at Stiles.

"I'll see you at the game tonight." He smiled widely.

"Yeah you will." And then he drove off. She walked into her house and her sister looked at her with a very suspicious face. 


"You were out all night... And you came back with a boy." Maddie rolled her eyes.

"That's Stiles. The best friend of Scott McCall. The werewolf." 

"Why do I feel like I've heard that name before?" Jenny asked.

"You might have heard the sheriff talk about him. He's his son."

"That doesn't explain why you were out all night..."

"Stiles, Scott and I found out that Derek Hale- another wolf- buried the body of a girl in his yard. So we went to go check it out and now he's being arrested, I'm surprised you weren't there...."

"I was, but I wanted to see if you'd lie to me." Jenny said. Maddie gasped.

"I'm offended that you'd think I'd do such a thing!" The two of them laughed an Maddie left to head up to her room. She had to change and get ready for the game. Usually she wouldn't but just this once she decide to show a little school spirit by wearing the school colors.

She threw on a black and red, zebra print pair of jeggings and a white t-shirt. She threw on a pair of slip-ons and a black Doctor Who themed sweatshirt that said Bad Wolf. She ran down the steps and found her sister waiting at the door ready to go.

"Finally! I was starting to wonder whether I should go by myself." Maddie rolled her eyes and the two of them left to get to the game.


She made it to the game and as soon as she spotted Allison and Lydia she and Jenny made there way over. "Jenny, you know Lydia. Allison this is my sister Jenny. Jenny this is Allison." The two smile and greet each other. Maddie take a seat next to Lydia but stood up when she saw Jackson on the bench talking to coach. 

"I'll be right back." She said and she ran down to him.

"What the hell do you think your doing Jax!" His head snaps to her and he rolls his eyes.

"Well, hello to you to Madds."

"First off, hi. Second, don't call me that. Third, what do you think your doing playing in the game!?" 

"Look, the team needs me. I'm the captain and I'm probably the only one keeping this team afloat." Maddie chuckled at how stupid he was being. 

"Your more of an idiot then Stilinski." He glared at her. "Jax, you dislocated your arm. You're going to need a little more than a day to let it heal. And the team has Scott, okay. I know how much this may dent your ego, but for once maybe your not the best player on this team. And I'm only saying this because I care about you Jackson." She gives Jackson a pleading look and he looks at her sorrowfully. She nods.

"Of course. This is Jackson Whittemore I'm talking to. And he doesn't care about anyone except himself. He doesn't care that in hurting himself he may hurt his friends more." Maddie gets up, taking the gloves that had been on her lap and throwing them at his chest and stomping away. 

"Maddie!..." Jackson yells but she ignores him making her way to her seat. Noticing her bad mood nobody says anything and the start to pay attention the the starting game. Jackson runs onto the field and she takes her attention off of him and onto Stiles. He was staring at the players, his leg shaking frantically as he bites onto his glove. Lydia holds up a sign that says 'We Luv U Jackson!" as he makes the first goal. She makes Allison help her but when she turns to Maddie she receives such an intense death glare the she immediately turns around without a second thought. Scott catches sight of it and the look on his face is not a good one. Maddie hops from her seat and runs down to sit with Stiles on the bench, ignoring Coaches protests. After a while he gives up. 

"This is not going to be good is it?"

"Nope." Stiles said. She saw Scott start to stare at Jackson and a couple of other players and she listened in on their conversation.

"Only to me." Jackson said. Maddie's anger surged, her nostrils flaring.

"But what if he's open?" A voice she recognized as Danny said.

"Who's the Captain, you or me?"

"Jackson, c'mon..."

"Dude I just wanna win." Someone she didn't know said.

"We will win."


"What did I say? Huh? What...did...I...say?"

"Don't pass to McCall." They all broke apart and she snarled. A small burst of fire passed through her lips, smoke protruding from her nose. Stiles jumped away from her.

"Did- Did you just- Did you just breathe fire? You can breathe fire?!" He yelled. She hit him in the stomach, causing him to grunt and he sat down next to her holding his gut.

"Yeah, how about you yell it a little louder. I think China missed some of that." She said sarcastically. 


"And yes I breathe fire. I am a dragon after all. But that's not what's important right now. Jackson just told the entire team not to pass to Scott." Stiles groaned.

"How do you put up with him?"

"I have no idea."

The referee walked up to Scott to ask if he was okay, because he was hunched over and breathing heavily. And Stiles and I both knew what was under that helmet... A wolfed out Scott McCall. Once the referee determined that he was okay, the game started once again and Scott and a player from the other team went head to head for the ball. The ball flew into the air and Scott jumped up off the ground high enough to jump off of the players heads and catch the ball in the air. He landed swiftly and started to run. He ducked and jumped over and under players as he made his way toward the goal. Finally he shot the ball and made it into the net. Stiles and Maddie flew off the bench yelling like maniacs at the success of their friend. Maddie took pleasure in the put off look on Jackson'sa face, smirking when she had calmed down.

"To McCall! Pass to McCall!" Coach yelled. Again, Scott and the player went head to head for the ball. The player from the other team got it and passed it to one of his teammates. But once he caught eye of Scott and saw his glowing eyes and sharp canines, he deliberately passed the ball to him. Coach came and sat next to Stiles.

"Did the opposing team just deliberately pass us the ball?" He asked.

Stiles took his glove out of his mouth long enough to say, "Yes, I believe so, Coach," before it made its way back.

"Huh, interesting." Scott ran past the players and threw the ball into the goal, except this time the goalie caught it... sort of. The ball flew right through the goalie's net and into goal. We all cheered once again. It was tie game so all we needed was one point and we would win. This time Jackson went up against the other team for the ball so I wasn't really all that interested in that part. The other team had the ball for a second before the player dropped it and Scott picked up the ball. But unlike the other times, Scott seemed a little disoriented. He was completely wolfing out. Stiles and Maddie stood up.

"Oh no, Scott. No, no." Stiles said.

"Scott c'mon. Calm down. You can do this." Maddie said under her breath. She subconsciously grabbed Stiles hand. He looked at her for a second before turning his attention back to Scott. With 5 seconds on the clock Scott was still just standing there. Finally he made the shot and everyone jumped up cheering. Maddie flew off of the bench, letting go of Stiles hand only to fling them around his neck as she hugged him. His arms made their way around her waist and then the hug ended about as fast as it started. But their happiness what short lived when Scott ran off. She was about to run after him when Stiles grabbed her hand and started to run to the locker rooms. 

"Stiles, what's wrong?" She asked. He looked at her.

"My dad just got a call."

"About what?" She asked, stopping. Since their hands were intertwined, Stiles was forced to stop as well.

"Look, I'll tell you when we find Scott." He said an then the two of them took off again.


They finally made it to the locker room but when they saw what was happening they stopped. Allison and Scott were standing there... Kissing. Stiles rolled his eyes but Maddie smiled, thinking it was cute. They waited until the two of them were done to look back. Allison walked passed them with a smile on her face. "Stiles, Maddie." She said. 

"Hey, yeah..." Stiles said awkwardly.

"Heey, Ally..." Maddie said, scratching the back of her neck. Scott made his way over to the two of them and the dreamy looked on his face sent her into s fit of giggles. Every time he spoke, the laughing just got worse.

"I kissed her." 

"I saw." Stiles said.

"She kissed me."

"Saw that two.... That's pretty good huh." Stiles said, slightly sad. By then, Maddie had calmed down and she looked at Stiles, curiously wondering if he ever wondered what it was like to kiss someone. Scott sighed.

"I-I-I don't know how but I controlled it. I pulled it back. Maybe I can do this. Maybe it's not that bad." Stiles gave a half-hearted smile.

"Yeah... We'll talk later then." Maddie knew that something was wrong. She also knew that Stiles didn't want to tell Scott such bad news right now seeing as he was so happy. He started to walk away, pulling her along with him, but Scott pulled him back. 

"What?" Scott asked, sensing that something was wrong. Stiles sighed. Maddie squeezed his hand.

"The- uh- medical examiner looked at the other half of the body we found."


"Well, I'll keep it simple. Medical examiner determines killer of girl to be animal, not human. Derek's human, not animal. Derek not killer... Derek let out of jail." Maddie sighed running her hand over her face.

"Are you kidding me!" Scott exclaimed.

"No, and here's a bigger kick in the ass. My dad I.D'd the dead girl. Both halves. Her name was Laura Hale." Both Scott and Maddie looked at each other. She squeezed Stiles's hand harder, not for his comfort but for hers.

"Hale?" She and Scott asked at the same time.

"Derek's sister."

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