Draconis Occidentalis

Draconis Occidentalis

A glorified title really. It's what scientists say when they don't want to actually say the real word.

Because it's too impossible.


2. Prologue: Part 2

Prologue: Part 2

Six Years Ago

Madison's mom had just finished singing the birthday song and she was laughing her head off. She had told them not to do anything for her but the second she walked through the door after school her family burst into song, harmonizing like a choir. But what else were they for? Her sister, Jennifer, cut into the cake, letting Madison take out the ten candles to lick the icing off the bottoms. The rest of the night was spent with cake, games and movies. She had had an amazing tenth birthday. That night, she went to lay down, falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. All the action had tired her out and as hyper as she was she couldn't keep herself from falling asleep.

She was awakened by a scream, shrill and terrifying. Her sister threw open her door and ran to her, taking her hand and pulling her out of bed. "Whats going on!?" Maddie whispered, her voice wavering in fear. Jenny leaned down and looked into her eyes. She seemed unfazed by the banging coming from downstairs.

"Don't worry. We're going to be okay. Take a deep breath. I want you to hide in your closet."She said. She let go of Maddie's hand and ran out of the room. There was another scream, this one much more masculine. Making the decision to go with her gut, like she always does, Maddie ran out of the room. There was only darkness and silence. She ran down the steps. 

"Jenny!.. Mom! Dad!" She yelled, her voice ringing through the house. But there was no answer. And then she saw movement. Not much, but there was something in the dark. It turned to her, its green eyes gleaming... cutting through the darkness. She opened her mouth in a silent scream. It obviously wasn't like any creature she'd ever seen in her life. It's humanoid body was only half covered in scales. It had long claws and what looked like large, sharpened canine teeth, almost like a vampire or... A werewolf. Its reptilian tail whipped around and it was floating in midair. Maddie fell to the ground and scrambled away from it. But she wasn't fast enough. It jumped, swiping at her. Its claws dug into her stomach. She closed her eyes, knowing what was coming next. Pain... and then Death. But it never came. She opened her eyes and what she saw surprised her. It's eyes had flickered, becoming a warm brown for half a second before they flickered back to the terrifying, emerald eyes. It backed away before flying out of her window, disappearing into the night. When she realized it wasn't coming back she scrambled to turn on the light, ignoring the searing pain in her stomach. What she saw when she turned on the light made her want to hurl. The bodies of her parents were lying on the floor. Blood was smeared everywhere. She grabbed the phone and called 911. She was trembling as she answered all the necessary questions. 

A thought hit her and a new kind of terror struck. Her sister. She hung up the phone against the wishes of the officer she had been speaking to and bolted up the stairs. Her sisters body was lying on the floor, scratches covering her limp body. Maddie screamed and curled up into a ball, crying until the ambulance finally showed up.


It had been six years since the attack. Maddie lost both her parents that night. Her sister had miraculously survived. She was 19 at the time, so she took complete custody of her. She had just turned 25. They had finally decided that they need to move away from home. Out of Ireland. So they were leaving. To Beacon Hills, California. But none of this is as important as what Maddy had learned that night. When she looked back, she realized what she had seen in that man's eyes... The reason that she couldn't blame him for her parents death.

His eyes were filled with terror. Sorrow.

And she found out why. It had been his first transformation, and when he scratched her, he made her like him. Over the years, she had met many like her. Whether they had the same abilities or different. And they helped her accept herself. 

They helped her accept the fact that she was Draconis Occidentalis.


She was Dragon.

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