Draconis Occidentalis

Draconis Occidentalis

A glorified title really. It's what scientists say when they don't want to actually say the real word.

Because it's too impossible.


8. Pack Mentality: Part 2

Pack Mentality-Part 2


‘You don’t use your locker right?’ Maddie read the text on her phone and laughed. Stiles looked at her confused but she just shook her head to indicate that it wasn’t important.


‘No...why?’ She replied with a smile.


‘No reason… Do you mind if I use it?’ Her laughter got louder at that.

‘Yeah, I guess. The combination is 38-16-22’ Not expecting a ‘thank you’ from Jackson, she slipped her phone into her back pocket and continued on her way to class, her hand snug in Stiles’. They walked into the chemistry room and just seeing Mr. Harris brought a scowl on to her face. In the time that she had had him for a teacher, the two of them had not gotten along very well. They take seats next to each other, letting go of each other’s hands, and wait for the bell to ring. Scott walks in just in the knick of time.


“Cutting it close aren’t you Mr. McCall?” Mr. Harris asks. He didn’t turn around but Maddie can just hear the sneer in his voice. Scott didn’t respond, he just sat down quietly. The class was going fine without any kinks until halfway through Scott swiftly turned around to look at the two of them.


“Maybe it was my blood on the door…” He said. Maddie rolled her, knowing that he wasn’t going to shut up about this.


“Could have been animal blood?” Stiles suggested. Maddie nodded. “Maybe a rabbit or something.”


“And did what?” Scott asked. ‘What do you think Scott’ Maddie thought, but she didn’t say it aloud because she didn’t want to be rude.


“Ate it.” Scott’s eyes went wide and Maddie giggled at him. He glared at her and she covered her mouth to stop the laughter.  He turned to Stiles.




“No, you stopped to bake in a little werewolf oven.” Maddie couldn’t stop the laughter that slipped from her mouth so she buried her face into Stiles’s shoulder to try and stifle her laughs… for the second time in five minutes. “I don’t know? You’re the one who can’t remember anything.”


“Mr. Stilinski! Ms. MacAteer!” Maddie pulled her head up from Stiles’s shoulder when she heard her surname announced. “If that’s your idea of a hushed whisper, you might want to pull the headphones out every once in a while.” Maddie rolled her eyes. “I think you three can benefit from a little distance, yes?” Maddie eyes widened as she realized what he meant. She wouldn’t be able to sit next to Stiles!... And Scott…


“NO!” She and Stiles exclaimed. She grabbed his hand subconsciously and he squeezed it. She didn’t know why she was making such a big deal out of it. It was just class, but she still didn’t like the idea of not being able to sit next to Stiles. He directed Scott and her to different seats across the room from each other and she rolled her eyes, getting up from her seat.  


“Let me know if the separation anxiety gets to be too much.” Stiles gave a sarcastic laugh. As soon she sat down Harris decided to speak again. “Oh, and Ms. MacAteer…” She looked up to him with an annoyed and expectant gaze. “No hats in school.” She glared at him, taking the snapback off of her head and slamming it down on the desk. When he turned around she gave him the middle and stuck out her tongue. She heard two people laughing and found both Stiles and Jackson chuckling at her crude antics. All of a sudden a girl jumps out of her seat.


“Hey! I think they found something!” Immediately everyone runs to the window. Maddie looked at Stiles and Scott when she saw them pull a seemingly unconscious man out of the woods.


“That’s not a rabbit.” Scott said. All Maddie could muster up was a nod.


All of a sudden the man sits straight up, screaming. Everyone in the class jumps up, including Maddie. She flew into Stiles but he grabbed her arms to keep her from falling. Her heart was beating from the shock of the man scaring them all. He let go of her and the two of them look at Scott who was backing away.


“Okay. This is good. This is good. He got up. He’s not dead. Dead guys can’t do that.” He said trying to voice some reason to Scott, but Maddie could tell but the look on his face that it wasn’t helping. All she could do is nod. She hadn’t exactly gained her voice back from the scare but she attempted to anyway.


“Scott, Stiles is right! People who have passed on to the netherworld can’t usually jump up… At least, I damn hope not…” She tried to take the comedy route in this situation, but she desperately failed.


“Guys… I did that.”



Maddie trailed behind Lydia with Allison as they walked into the cafeteria. They didn’t know what was up, but she was being more serious than usual. She quickly got her lunch before walking in a completely different direction than normal. Maddie and Allison share a confused look before they continue to follow her. But, far too late did she realize where they were heading.


“We’ll figure it out.” She heard Stiles say as she rushed to take the seat next to him. Lydia and Allison sat on either side of Scott.


“Figure what out?” Lydia asked. Stiles leaned into Maddie. He put his hand in front of his face in a not so subtle attempt at hiding what he was saying.


“What’s going on? You never sit with us… Lydia never sits with us.” He whispered, frantically. She shrugged. Others from their group stated to join them and soon the table was filled with students.


“I have no freaking clue. She just started walking over to you guys. I would’ve warned you, but I sort of figured it out too late…” She shrugged. Stiles looked to his side giving Danny a nervous smile but it was returned. Quite the opposite, actually. He gave him a cold stare before looking to Maddie. She grinned and waved and Danny returned the gesture. Stiles looked at them in astonishment before rolling his eyes.


“Get up.” She looked over to Jackson who had just made it to the table. He was hovering over the poor guy whose name she couldn’t remember at the moment. Jack?... Josh? She couldn’t remember but she new it started with a J.


“How come you never ask Danny to get up?” He asked angrily.


“Because I don’t stare at his girlfriend’s coin slot.” Maddie choked on the water she had been drinking as the boy got up and Jackson took his place. After she had cleared her throat she turned to Danny. Putting her hand behind Stiles’ back she prompted him for a high five which he gladly returned.


“Nice one!” She exclaimed. He chuckled.


“I try.” She smiles before tuning into the conversation at the table. They were talking about the ‘incident’. “So, I hear they’re saying it’s some sort of animal attack. Maybe a cougar?”


“Not unless cougars wear combat boots and leather jackets.” She mumbled under her breath as Danny said something else. Scott chuckled and she realized that he probably heard him.


“I heard it was a mountain lion.” Jackson said.


Maddie slammed her head on the desk before lifting it back up and saying “C’mon, Jax really?” at the same time that Lydia decided to say, “A cougar is a mountain lion.” Everyone looked at her in surprise except for Maddie and… Stiles? She decided to ignore it as soon as Lydia covered up her slip up by adding, “Isn’t it?” Maddie rolled her eyes. She loved Lydia like a sister but it annoyed her that she wouldn’t admit how smart she was.


“Who cares? The guys probably some homeless tweaker who was about to die anyway.” Maddie eyes widened and she opened her mouth to tell Jackson off.


“Dude! What the fu-” Stiles interrupts her, luckily, because she and Jackson surely would have gotten into it if she had finished what she was about to say.


“Actually, I just found out who it is. Check it out.” He said before bringing his phone out for everyone to see. Garrison Myers. That was the name of the victim.


“I-I-I-I know this guy!” Scott stuttered. Maddie groaned.


“You know him!?” She asked. She yelped when Stiles’ foot collided with her shin.


“Yeah, when I used to take the bus back when I lived with my dad. He was the driver!” Stiles leaned back with a surprised look on his face. Maddie threw her head back and groaned.




“Can we talk about something slightly more fun please? Like… Oh! Where are we going tomorrow night?” Maddie groaned again as she was interrupted mid-swear for the second time. But everyone stopped to look at her when a familiar song rang around the table.












Finally, she fished her phone out of her backpack with a sheepish grin. So yeah… maybe she has a sweet spot for the British-Irish boyband. They had only just gotten famous but she couldn’t help but fall for the blue eyes of Louis Tomlinson. She’s a teenage girl for god’s sake… She jumps out of her seat, slipping her phone to her ear. “I don’t know who this is because I didn’t check the caller ID, but this better be good because if you have my phone number you know what kinds of things I can do to you.” She growled into the phone. Her cheeks were still pink from the embarrassment of that had occurred a moment ago. She was kind of a closet directioner…




“Oh, retract the claws and fangs, sis. It’s just me.” Maddie’s anger subsided quickly and she grinned.


“Oh, then what’s up?”


“I just… I know this isn’t gonna work, but I wanted to at least try to be a good legal guardian.” Maddie’s eyes raised in anticipation to the coming ‘parenting’ her sister was going to throw at her.


“I don’t want you or any of your werewolf friends getting involved in the attack, alright?” She said sternly, but Maddie could hear the smirk in her voice.


“Does that include-”


“Yes, that includes Stiles. Actually, that especially includes Stiles. I don’t need the sheriff getting mad at me because my reckless little sister got his son in trouble.” Maddie chuckled along with Jenny.


“But, what if I’m not exactly telling him to go and investigate? What if I just suggest it? Then I’m not completely at fault… Right?” She asked with a smirk.


“Seriously? Come on! There will be no interference by any unauthorized high schoolers alright?” Maddie nodded before she realized her sister can’t see her. She giggled at her own stupidity before answering.


“Yeah, yeah. Fine… I’ll have fun breaking this rule too. Bye Jen.” She quickly ended the call whith a sly smile. The bell rang and she rushed to the table. The only people left were Stiles and Scott. Stiles looked disappointed and Scott had a forlorn look on his face. She frowned confused.


“Wh-What happened?” Stiles turned to her. Only then could she see the truly upset look on his face.

“Scott’s going bowling.”

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