I'm wanted by Two (BxB)

16 year old Kyle is a gay high school student. With only 2 close friends, Sophie and Bryan , Kyle has to deal with Nathan and his friends bulling him. Nathan Is a popular kid that everyone knows and loves, that's including Kyle. That's right, even Kyle has a crush in him.
One day, Kyle couldn't take anymore of the stress and ran away from home to his secret place in the woods and finds a new friend there.
Later in this story, his new friend wants more from him, but someone else wanted the same from Kyle. Slowly, Kyle falls in love with both.

(Sorry, I'm not good with descriptions)

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4. Chapter 4

We stood there in shock as silence took over the room.

“It’s not what you think, Kyle!” my brother said to me. Nathan looked at my brother and looked back at me. How could my own brother do this to me?

“Then why is he here? You know what I have been through!” I yelled trying to hold back my anger.

“I know! I know! Let me explain,” he reached his hand towards me, but I ran past him and ran out the door. I ran until i got down the street so i could catch my breath. I looked over and there was a playground. I walked to the swing set and sat there.

My brother. My only brother. The brother that I have cared for and I helped him with so much. Maybe… just, maybe.. I overacted? I mean… I do hate Nathan, but my brother knew about this for some time now. Did I over-react? Over and over again, my brain would go through this until my head pounding from stress.

I heard footsteps in front of me. I looked up and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was standing there, just looking at me. My heart began to pound harder as it walked near me. I stood there in fear as It started smelling my hands. It then rested its head on my lap. Is this a dog that looked like a wolf? I slowly raised my hand and starting stroking its head. It didn’t do anything.

“Are you lonely too? I asked. It just looked up at me.

“Kyle! step away from that thing!” someone yelled. I and the dog both looked yo and noticed Mr. Howell.

“That's a wolf!  try to stay still!” he said as he held up a Pistol. My eyes widened and slowly got up from the swing. The wolf turned around and started to growl as if he was protecting me from him. Mr. Howell aimed the gun to the irritated wolf.

"Don't shoot him!" I held my hands up defending the creature.

"You don't understand, Kyle. That thing can and will kill you! Come to me, quickly!" He held out his hand. I looked at the wolf and I looked back at my teacher. I began to inch my way past the wolf, but the wolf snapped at me when I moved. Mr. Howell tempted to shoot at it, but the bullet barely touched its paw. It yelped in pain and it ran away. I started to breath heavily as the horrific moment suppressed into my mind. My feet got weak and began to wobble. He put the gun in its holder and walked towards me. My legs gave in and I fell to the ground. He lightly ran to my comfort.

"Kyle! Are you hurt?" He asked. I shook my head. He put my arm around his neck and his other arm under both of my knee caps. He then lifted me up, and walked to his car like a princess.

He drove me to his house and once again, carried me inside. I kinda feel strange being in a teacher's house. He laid me on his couch and he sat in a chair next to it.

"Are you thirsty or Hungry?" He asked. I shook my head no. I don't know why, but I felt like a stranger to Mr.Howell.

"Okay, then tell me this,” he paused for a couple seconds, “why were you there at this time? and why did you not run or call for help when you saw the wolf?” I looked at his face. I have never seen his so serious before. Even in class, he always has some sort of smile painted across his face.

“I just. My brother and I got into a bad argument and I just wanted to cool off before my parents got home,” I said to him. He nodded while thinking about something.

“Alright, now about the wof?” he questioned.

“By the time I realized that it was there, I couldn’t do anything. It started acting kind to me, so I also thought it was a dog… a big.. dog,” my voice trailed off. He got up from the chair and sat near my feet.

“How did you know where I was?” I asked him.

“I was going to go the store to buy some supplies. I was driving by the playground and I noticed the wolf. I didn’t know it was you that would run into that kind of situation.” he said.

After our little conversation ended, we sat in silence for a little while until he had to use the restroom. Being bored and curious, I started looking around the room. I didn't see anything "out of order" as some people say. It looks like an ordinary single man lives here. I looked over to a desk that had some Pictures. I got up and walked to the desk so i can look at them better. One had Mr.Howell and a group of the football team. Nathan was also in the picture. The other one had two men, one was Mr. Howell and someone else, that strangely kinda looked like me had his arm around Mr. Howell.  Had his arm around Mr. Howell. College friends maybe?

“He was an old friend of mine.”

I jumped and looked back to see Mr. Howell standing behind me, looking at the picture. I sighed in relief.

“Sadly, we don’t talk anymore,” he said softly.

“What happened? If you don’t mind me asking,” I said. He held the picture and looked at me.

“Well, I will save you a long story and say this. We just had different things in mind. I wanted to… lead others, but so did he,” he smiled.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Why can’t you both be leaders?” I questioned with my eyes naturally squinting in confusion.

“That is story for another day,” he put the picture back on the desk, “It is now nine o’clock. Are you ready to go home?” I looked down at my shoes and back up at him.

“Yeah, I'm better now.”

On the way back to my place, Mr. Howell was pretty quiet.

“Have you seen Nathan lately? he asked. I first tensed up at the sudden question.

“Not recently,” I said.

“I’m gonna be completely honest here. I’m not really a fan of Nathan myself. He is always hiding something,” he said in a low voice.

To be continued...


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