Us against them

Mia use to be the Innocent, sweet, caring girl. She ran away from her terrible past and changed. She was the towns bad girl. She'd steal and was addicted to drugs. She'd live carefree and live each day like it was her last. She would have one night stands and make sure she doesn't catch feelings. She wouldn't listen to anybody and do what she wanted.

Harry was the player. Would go from one girl to another. He wouldn't let himself get feelings for them. He would be at party's almost every night. He wouldn't care what people say about him or listen to what they say to him.

What happens when they meet at the same party? there friends tell them to stay away from each other. Will they listen? Or go against there rules?


2. chapter two


I took a long ass shower and blow dried my hair. "Mia what dress looks better?" Em was standing at my door with two short dresses in her hands. One was bright pink with a black leather belt and the other was just plain black. "Ooo can I wear the pink one?" I asked as I took it from her. She's like a sister to me. We share the same cloths, shoes, and flat. "I guess I'll wear the black one then" she mumbled as she left.

I slipped it on and it fit perfectly. It showed my curved and it made my boobs pop out. I grabbed some black heels and some make-up. The usually, foundation, a bright pink lip sticks, smoke eye, mascara and I dabbed on a bit of blush.

"Ready?" I asked Em

"Ready." She said back as we walked out.


We drove to the address Lola texted us and Luke's house was huge. There were people everywhere with plastic red cups, grinding on each other. The music was roaring loud and i squealed. It was amazing. "Are you just going to sit there or..." I heard a male voice near my window. I turned to face the stranger and it was tyler. "Hey!" I said feeling awkward. He leaned closer to me "you never gave me your number babe." He whispered. I opened my door fast and slammed it against him. "Ops. Sorry." I said not really meaning it. He fell to the floor and I just laughed. "Are you just going to sit there or-" I mimicked his voice but got cut off "Mia!" Em warned. "Coming." I said as I locked my car and walked away. I turned my head and smirked back at tyler.

Once we entered the air was foggy with smoke "THIS IS MY TYPE OF PARTY!!!!" I yelled over the music. I grabbed ema's hand and dragged her to the kitchen. "Ewww look who arrived. I heard she slept with all the guys at this party." I heard a disgusting girly voice that I've come to know as Megan. She hates my guts and I hate hers. "Aww your spreading rumors about me? At least you found a hobby spreading something other than your legs!" I spat at her over the large music. She just rolled her eyes and walked away. "Pull that shit down! Ain't nobody wanna see that stanky pussy!" I yelled at her as her 'dress' was going up her ass.

Me and em rummaged through the kitchen until we found a large bottle of vodka "BINGOOO!" I yelled as I held it up.

I sat on the counter as I drank the liquid and the familiar burning sensation was felt in my throat. "Let's go dance!" Ema shouted as she made her way towards all the grinding bodies. I drank down my drink and ran towards ema laughing my ass of at nothing. I guess you could say I was a bit tipsy. I felt a pair of hands on my waist and a body behind me "You like my party." Someone whispered in my ear. "So yourrr the guys everyone's talking about." I say at I turn around. He was tall. And cute. He had blond hair that was up in a quiff that looks like it took him hours to get like that. He had blue eyes that you could get yourself lost in-

Stop thinking to much and just get someeeeee

I mentally laugh at myself for thinking that. "What's your name beautiful?" His voice interrupts my thoughts. "Mia?" I say more like a question. "Wanna dance?"

"YAS!!!!" I yell as I grab his hand and drag him to the center and start grinding on him.


"Lola? I haven't seen you in forevaa!!!" I hugged her and she almost dropped her red cup. "Ooo gimmy!" I yelled as I snatched her cup and chugged it down. She just laughed. "I see you've met luke." She winked at me. I giggled as I put my hands all over Luke's chest. "This is Michael and calum" she said to the two guys behind her. I grabbed micheal's cup "thanks sexy" I winked at him then drank his cup. " Niall" Lola pointed to a blonde dude that wasn't that close to us but he was in sight. I hiccuped as a respond. "Ashton" she pointed to another guy that had brown hair. "Zayn and perrie" she pointed to a guy who was grinding on a girl. "Louis and Liam" she pointed to three guys who were having a conversation. I caught eye contact with a messy head of curls. The guy Lola didn't say him name. "W-who's he?" I gestured towards him. He didn't break eye contact and neither did I. He had dark green eyes that lurer you in. "Oh... Erm, he's nothing but trouble. A player. Stay away from him, yeah?"

"Sure... For now..." I mumbled the last part.


I was talking to Liam and Lou about the last party and the last girl I fucked yesterday when I felt a pair of eyes glued to me. I looked up and saw this very attracted girl staring at me. She was short with wavy hair that reached past her shoulders. She had a pink dress that looked good on her but would look better on my floor. I didn't break my gaze. "Who's that?" I asked Louis. "Eh she has the worst reputation. I heard she moved her 'cause her parents got killed by her ex or some shit like that. She's a druggy, drinks too much. Just keep away from her. She's nothing but trouble."

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