Us against them

Mia use to be the Innocent, sweet, caring girl. She ran away from her terrible past and changed. She was the towns bad girl. She'd steal and was addicted to drugs. She'd live carefree and live each day like it was her last. She would have one night stands and make sure she doesn't catch feelings. She wouldn't listen to anybody and do what she wanted.

Harry was the player. Would go from one girl to another. He wouldn't let himself get feelings for them. He would be at party's almost every night. He wouldn't care what people say about him or listen to what they say to him.

What happens when they meet at the same party? there friends tell them to stay away from each other. Will they listen? Or go against there rules?


1. chapter one


I woke up with a killer headache. I guess I drank too much yesterday. "Ugh" I groaned as I looked at my unfamiliar surroundings and my eyes landed on a blond messy headed boy. I couldn't see his face 'cause his back was faced to me. "Hey." I whispered as I poked his bare skin. He just shrugged me off. "Pshhh." I said a little louder and I poked him again but harder.

He groaned and turned around to face me. I mentally giggled as I thought 'you did good'.

He lazily opened his eyes. I was drooling. He had such beautiful eyes that I swore I've seen before. they were blue-green and had this spark in them- I got interrupted by his raspy voice "Take a picture, it last longer." He muttered and chuckled. "What's your name?" I spoke not even fully thinking of what I said. "Tyler... And yours?" Tyler? Sounds familiar. "Do I know you?" I asked not answering his last question.

Suddenly it hit me. "Ohhhh your that guy I fucked at the night club. I remember those eyes of yours." He just chuckled at nodded. "Mia? Was your name?" He asked as he got up off the bed and slide on his boxers. I quickly glanced at myself and saw that I was naked too.

"Yeah... What happened last night?"

"You were screaming my name all night babe." He said winking and walked out. "ima make break fast if you want some!" He yelled From outside of the closed door.

I slid on my mini black dress from last night and grabbed my high heels.

I walked into his kitchen and god did he look hot making breakfast. "Look... I gotta go" I said as I started heading towards the door. "You don't wanna stay?" He asked. "Nah. I'll call you." I said opening the door and walking out.

Ops I guess I forgot to get his number. (Notice the sarcasm)


I walked into my flat "THANKS FOR LETTING ME GO TO A STRANGERS HOUSE!" I yelled at my best friend who was probably still asleep. "He's not a stranger. You've fucked him before. What was his name again? Tayler? Tyler? You said he was the best so far. " She said popping out of nowhere and walking towards the kitchen. Her dark red hair was falling loosely behind her back. "Ema how many drinks did I take last night?" I asked as I started to make a cup of tea. "The usually... 20 or around there." She said casually. "Mhm" I hummed to her. "Wanna have a girls night?" She asked as I sipped on my tea. "Sure why not." I smirked.


"Is it okay if max comes over?" I asked ema as we walked out of the mall. "Ugh" she rolled her eyes "today was suppose to be girls night and you-" I cut her off "I know. I know. But I ran out of coce and he's just going to bring me some then he'll leave. Okay?". She just nodded as we hopped into my black charger.

"So" she started "there's a really cool part at Luke's house and-" I cut her off "but today's girls night" I mimicked her voice. She glared at me and I laughed at her. "What luke 'cause I know a lot of people named luke?" I asked as I parked my car. "Hemmings I think. Lola said he throws the best party's.". Lola was another good friend of ema and I. "Hmm... So where going to a strangers party?". She nodded in response. "Cool" I mumbled.


HEYO! I hope you like te first chap. And guess who she's meeting at the party (besides luke freakin' Hemmings!)??? Oh and non of the guys are famous:( but eh. Mkay

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