Us against them

Mia use to be the Innocent, sweet, caring girl. She ran away from her terrible past and changed. She was the towns bad girl. She'd steal and was addicted to drugs. She'd live carefree and live each day like it was her last. She would have one night stands and make sure she doesn't catch feelings. She wouldn't listen to anybody and do what she wanted.

Harry was the player. Would go from one girl to another. He wouldn't let himself get feelings for them. He would be at party's almost every night. He wouldn't care what people say about him or listen to what they say to him.

What happens when they meet at the same party? there friends tell them to stay away from each other. Will they listen? Or go against there rules?


4. chapter four


We were all eating at Luke's house and it was awkward as hell. I kept glancing at Mia. After our little fight thing luke called us both down. Meg glanced at me then she saw what I was staring at so she kept sending Mia glares. And Mia would just ignore her glares and my stare.

"Can you please tell me why, meg keeps glaring at Mia, and Harry keeps looking at Mia?" Luke asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Uh..." I started off not really caring.

"Sorry, I didn't realize you were giving me a dirty look. I just thought you were that ugly all the time." Mia said as she shrugged her shoulders at meg. I couldn't help but laugh. Meg sent me a glare sending me back to being serious.

"Why the fuck do you two hate each other so much?" Ashton asked pointing to meg and Mia

Meg shrugged her shoulders and Mia just sent her a death glare "would you care to explain." She spat at meg. "Gladly but I think it would be more... Interesting if you told it" meg respond.



I walked down the dirty side walking sticking my hand in my pocket to fetch out my phone. I dialed Lex phone. "Hey babe." He answered. "Hi! Um I just got out of work can you come pick me up?" Lex was the best guy ive met. He's very kind and a gentleman. We've been going out for two months. I met him at a bar and I decided to actually give it a chance with him. And I'm glade I did. "Sorry sweetheart, can't. I'm at work right now so... I'll make it up to you yeah?" He spoke. "Sure" I mumbled as I hanged up. "Love ya!" He chirped. "I know!" I said as I hung up.

I kept walking and decided to just go to his flat. It was the closet place I was by. He gave me a key to his flat when he said he trusted me. Eh. I walked into the elevator and hit the 10th floor button. The doors were about to close when a foot got in the way. Well fuck me (notice the sarcasm) I suck at being in small places with strangers. It gets awkward If I try to make it less awkward I just make it worse.

Calm down bish! It's okay!

I mentally face palm myself for that thought.

"Hi!" I heard a chirpy voice snap me out of my thoughts.

"Hello." I quietly muttered back. As the elevator started moving. "Don't remember me? It's okay most people don't..." She mumbled the last part.

"Huh? Uh... Me?" I asked pointing to myself just to make sure she was taking to me.

No shit Sherlock. Now stop making yourself a fool.

She just giggled and nodded. "Ema? I think is your name?" I guessed. "Yep" the elevator doors opened "here's my number. You can... Call me up if you wanna hang out." She said as she walked away. I think she works at Starbucks with me but I'm not sure. I just tucked the piece of paper she gave me and walked towards lex's door. I unlocked it and walked in. "Oh my gosh meg..." I heard some moaning. "Please no..." I whispered as I walked towards the moaning and yelling "MEGAN... FUCK!" I heard as I opened the door to lex's room. I gasped. I saw my boyfriends body ontop of a sluts body. "Mia? I can explain pleas-" I cut him off " NO! I actually started to feel something for you... But now your just a jerk who... Who cheated" I spat at him. "You want him? You can have him." I spat at the girl he just fucked. And walked out.

"Never again..." I muttered as I slammed his door closed and walked out.

After that I kept walking. To where? Dun know. I walked up to a hobo "here you go! Feel free to Rome around. Floor 10 room 868" I gave him the key and pointed to that jerks flat. He took it and I simply walked away.


They all looked at me in shock. Well except Harry, ema and that slut. Harry looked like he didn't give two shits and ema already heard the store. Megan. She was the one to ruin my first serious, and last, relationship. Two weeks after that incident I decided to call ema up and we became good friends after that. We got a flat together and here we are now. "I-I'm going to go..." I mumbled as I went back to the room I was sleeping in and gathered my stuff.

"You know..." I heard behind me. I jumped and turned around to be faced with tyler "I would NEVER ever do that to you so what-" I cut him off "FUCK. OFF." I spat as I pushed him away and walked out.

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