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252. The Story of the Marionette

The Story of The Marionette

By Daniel Torres

Fred was talking to the audience and he introduced them to Freddy Fazbear and his friends.The little boy named Jonathan hated being here, but he was forced to because it was his little sister's birthday.Then,he heard the voice of a familiar animatronic bear."Hey Everybody! My name is Freddy and we want to say happy birthday to Angelica! Now I'm gonna pass the microphone to my good pal,Bonnie!"

"How is everybody today! My name is Bonnie and we are gonna have so much fun today at this birthday party!" Bonnie said excitedly into the microphone."Hey boys! Don't forget about me!" This voice belonged to the one and only,Chica the Chicken."Don't worry Chica! We haven't forgotten about you!"

"Well Howdy Everybody! I'm splendid to be here today! I want to wish Angelica a happy birthday!" Chica chirped excitedly."But wait," Chica paused for a moment."Does anybody know who we're missing?"

Freddy chuckles loudly."Oh silly us! We forgot about poor old Foxy! Get out here Mr.Pirate!"

Jonathan rolls his eyes.He always hated coming here.The taste of the pizza was terrible,the animatronics were creepy,and nothing seemed fun like in the good old days.

He sighs and turns to his mother."Mom! Do we really have to be here! I hate being at this stupid pizzeria!" Jonathan watches Foxy enter the stage and rolls his eyes again."Jonathan,we have to be here! It's your sister's 5th birthday! Besides,you love it here.Remember?" His mother's eyes never turn to look at his since her eyes were kept on Angelica.She watched her every move."Mom,that was years ago! Plus,this place is torn down a lot!"

"Well,why don't you go and find something else to do to keep yourself entertained!" Jonathan sighs and stands up from his seat. He walks around the pizzeria for awhile until he finds a fifth animatronic in the corner.This animatronic looks exactly like Freddy except the fact that he was golden.

The animatronic seemed to be looking straight into Jonathan's eyes.Jonathan thought it was quite creepy so he walked up to the golden animatronic."Who are you and why the heck do you keep staring at me so creepy?" He asks rudely. "No reason.But hey,what's your name little boy?"

"My name's Jonathan.What's it to ya?" Jonathan gives the animatronic an icy stare."Well Jonathan,my name is Golden Freddy.I'm like Freddy Fazbear except better." Golden Freddy chuckles. "Well then,Golden Freddy.What do you want?" Golden Freddy leans in closer.

"Do you want to know a secret,kid?" He whispers.Jonathan looks at the animatronic confusingly."Um,yeah! Sure?" Jonathan answers."In the back,there's an arcade!"

"An arcade?Really!" Jonathan yells."Shh! It's a secret dear Jonathan! No one should no about it.Just you and me! Come,boy! Let me take you to the arcade." Golden Freddy smirks as he turns around and starts waking to the back of the pizzeria.

Jonathan walks behind the gold animatronic.Suddenly,a cold hand is place on his mouth and then he is being dragged into another room.Then Jonathan realized.This was all just a trap.

A few hours later🌚

Jonathan's eyes open slowly.He was looking straight towards a bright light,but he couldn't turn away.He tried covering his face with his hands but he couldn't even lift them up.Jonathan couldn't move anything.He tried harder and harder but nothing seemed to work.He got frustrated that he started sobbing

Jonathan heard a laugh."Ha ha! Silly puppet cannot move!" Jonathan stared sobbing harder."What do you mean puppet! I'm a boy!" "Oh shut up! You're a marionette for crying out loud! Mari for short.You can't move because someone else has to control you!"

Jonathan was still confused."Why would you turn me into a puppet!And what's your name!" He asks."I like to see children suffer.And my name is Jeremy."

Jeremy leaves the room."Hey! Jeremy where are you going!" Jonathan asks."I'm leaving.Don't worry dear puppet.I'll be back in a few hours!"

A year later.

The year is 1987.The newest security guard,Mike,is currently in his office.It was 3 am but with 20%.Bonnie wouldn't stop popping up at his door.Then,something strange happens.He sees a strange puppet.He's never seen it before.

"Erm,the phone guy never mentioned something about...a puppet."

The puppet gets closer.Mike is confused and doesn't know what to do.He was afraid of running out of power if he closed the door on the puppet.He decided to ignore the puppet.

It was a bad decision.Next thing he knows is a puppet in his room and a surprise attack from all the animatronic.

Before being stuffed into a suit,all Mike hears and sees is the puppet and "It's Me."😈

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