The Outbreak

Ally Hernandez is 14 years old when she lands an acting part on her favorite show, The Walking Dead. She gets the part of 'Carl Grimes' love interest, little did she know her and Chandler Riggs would be fighting real walkers together.


1. Prelouge

~~Hi guys this is my new book....
 I'll give you a cast list lol
 Chandler Riggs -As himself
 Tiffany Dion- As Ally Hernandez
 And the rest of the walking dead crew as themselves

Okay Prelouge time ~~~~~

Ally Hernandez never met her father, she was an only child and her mother was as poor as it gets. Ally's favorite tv show is looking for new cast members so Ally saves every penny she can to take her and her mom to Alanta, Georgia to the interview.
 Well to make a long story short Ally gets cast as Carl Grimes love interest on the show. Since Ally lives in California the producers of The Walking Dead move her and her Mom to Georgia.
 Ally goes to set one day to see what her and her new friend Chandler is a scene.

Ally and a few other people get out of the studio, but not very easily.

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