Hannah (5sos Fanfic)

Calum loses his best friend Hannah at an age of 9, but what will happen when he sees someone who looks like Hannah, 10 years after the accident? (The boys aren't famous)


3. party

At the party, everything was blurry, maybe because I may, or may not be drinking something. Okay, I drank, sue me!

I was sweating because if the many people in one house, that we're a little compact. So I went outside.

I just stood there with my red glass made out of paper, with beer in it. Then a girl came up to me, kind of slutty actually.

"Hey" she winked at me,

"Hi" I just said kind of an awkward 'hi'

"So do you wanna see the master bedroom aka. the magic maker" she playfully touched my shirt

"Uhm, no thank you" I took her wrist and led it off of my shirt

"Huh, you're not drunk enough!" She then left, what did she mean with 'you're not drunk enough'? I mean no one would hit thàt!

"Hi buddy, glad you could come" Michael took his arm around my neck, breathing in my face with a beer scent coming out of his mouth.

"Come, we need to find a bed for you"

"No, I wanna partyyyy, whooooo" he complained as a 6yr old kid

"No, now come on!" I dragged him upstairs to find his room where I then layed him down and then left the room.

Now I just wanna go home, as I left, someone walked past me while giving my shoulder a nudge.

"Hey watch where you're goi-" I was caught off guard when I looked at her, she looked so much like Hannah, I know she died when she was 9 but she looked so much like her, "what's your name?" I asked, she then looked like she figured something out and then ran away, she had big medium wavy hair and a feather in her hair, probably bc of the party and then a really brown hippie maxi dress on. She was very bohemian.

At some point I really thought it was Hannah, but it couldn't be, could it?

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