Hannah (5sos Fanfic)

Calum loses his best friend Hannah at an age of 9, but what will happen when he sees someone who looks like Hannah, 10 years after the accident? (The boys aren't famous)


2. Michael

"We're here" my mom said "again."

I looked at the house, I haven't been here for ten years! It felt so weird, being her again.

"Do you still remember it?" my mom looked at me taking a pap box with fragile things, I nodded smiling a little still remembering the horrible thing that happened on the street.

"Are you ready kiddo?" my stepdad shook my shoulder, smiling weakly, I just nodded looking down on my feet.

Oh yeah, while we were in USA my mom found a man, they fell deeply in love, and now they're engaged.

I found my room really fast, running up the stairs with the box in both if my hands under my chin.

I looked around, so empty, my furniture was here, but the walls looked so empty. Just white. the people that were after us had painted the stars over on one of my walls, you could still see some if them if you looked closely. I sat down on my bed, that just been brought up here. and unpacked my stuff, small stuff. I stopped at what I was doing when I found my box hidden in the built in closet. I opened it and I was brought back to memory lane right away.


"Okay, hold still kids!" My mom yelled from behind the grey metallic camera she was holding, "it looks good!" she said standing up still with the camera. She was taking a picture of me and Hannah holding a science fair project we had made in 2nd grade.

Flashback ended

I was still looking at the picture put in a frame mad from macaroni and pink glimmer. I looked at the back of the frame and it said "happy 8th birthday Calum, Love Hannah" I was tearin up, I totally forgot about that.

Tomorrow was friday, school day. I was nervous but I knew some people.

"Hey man!" Michael said hugging me, manly. Michael was my bestfriend and we have had connection since I moved you USA.

*skipping school*

"I'm throwing a party tomorrow, you should come, you know where i live!" he said walking away. I think I'm going, meeting people, I'm not gonna be a loner forever, right?

"Mom can I go to this party tomorrow?" I asked as I looked down on my burger from mcdonalds

"Of course you can Calum!" she said smiling "where is it?" she took a bit of her pommes frites "at michael's" I said

"Michael!? you're old friend" I nodded "well that's good to hear sweetie" she smiled widely

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