A Magical Exchange

Generation- Harry, Hermione, Ron, etc. are in their 3rd year
☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎☁︎A girl named Maddi and her best friend, Brianna, are both 13 and go to Trenton Junior High in New Jersey, when their grade gets accepted into an exchange program.... At Hogwarts, will everything between them change?


13. The Boy's Homework (13)


Ron's POV


Hermione walks up into our dormitory with Maddi trailing behind her. Both of them were laughing hysterically laughing.

"What's so funny girls?" Seamus asks from his bed across the room from mine.

"Draco-" Maddi starts to reply but Harry cuts her off by saying, "It's Malfoy."

Maddi just glares at him and Hermione laughs and says, "I wouldn't make her mad Harry, Malfoy is in for some trouble already."

"Well, as I was saying, I overheard Draco's friends talking shit about me so I went over and got sassy and was like "Excuse me, do you have a problem?Oh wait, yeah you do, your face." and then Draco was like "Your face is like 10x worse" and then I went into Slytherin dormitories because one of the muggles who got sorted into there told me the password after some, you could call it "persuasion", gave it to me, and I took Draco's potions and D.A.D.A books and glued the pages together and glued them to the underside of Goyles bed, I also replaced Draco's hair gel with red and yellow hair dye, and I left a note on his pillow saying "You know how when you asked me to the dance I said maybe, I change my answer, it's a no :) -M.P." Maddi says with a smirk.

"You troublemaker!" Seamus jokes.

"I know, I'm a rebel!" Maddi says while sticking her tongue out.

"Okay Maddi, how about you get started on our homeworks?" Harry begs, I don't know why, but he is quite bad at muggle studies even though he thought he was one for 11 years.

"Whatever, throw it over," She chuckles, Harry, Seamus, and I chuck our homework at her, causing her to yell, "I DIDNT MEAN LITERALLY!"

She reads the first question on our homework and shakes her head, "How do you guys not know this stuff?!"

After 10 minutes of Maddi complaining about how stupid we are seems to stop, Seamus and I have a new challenge to face, we have to survive Hermione telling Harry off for bugging her about his Potions homework

"It's not getting done quick enough!" Harry exclaims.

"Right now, you're lucky it's getting done at all!" Hermione snaps.

"Whatever," Harry sighs, "MADDI!"

"Yeah?" She asks without looking up from her lap.

"Almost done?"

"Oh, I've been done for 15 minutes, I'm trying to figure out why my phone is going wacky but my laptop isn't."

"What!" Hermione exclaims, running over to Maddi, "Muggle devices never work in Hogwarts!"

"Oh," Maddi says, she just sits there for a minute hitting buttons on what she calls a "laptop" when a smirk comes onto her face, " Wanna play a game?"

Hermione gives one look at the laptop and squeals "We can't go on THAT! The people on there will scare them to death, especially without knowing how to work it!"

"Oh Hermione, Tumblr is like a ocean, blue, unpredictable, the deeper you go the scarier it gets, there are tons of ships, but chances are if you have an expert to navigate this ocean you won't get lost." Maddi explains.

"But we don't have an expert!" Hermione points out.

"Oh, yes we do," Maddi smiles suspiciously, "Me."

"Wait, do you mind telling us what's going on?" Harry asks.

"There is this web site full of weird people that say strange things and everyone who is on it is split into 4 groups that are Science, Books, Music, Hipster. And the people on the book side hate hipsters and other stuff and we are playing a game that involves it." Maddi says as if it's the simplest thing ever.

"Oi, I've heard of tumblr, when I went to muggle school before Hogwarts my friend had an account." Seamus says.

Hermione looks at me and Harry desperately, "Please don't play it!"

Maddi just laughs like she knows that Hermione isn't doing anything to persuade us and simply says, "It'll make you a bit better at muggle studies!" And that gets me and Harry's attention.

"We're in." Harry says.

"C'mon 'Mione, nothing to be too badly scared of." Maddi tempts.

"FINE!" Hermione gives up, "But I'm going to regret this."

"Okay, so how do you play this game?" Seamus asks.

"Oh it's simple, it's called Dare or Dare, I will start and I will name two muggle items as options for you to choose from, whatever you choose, you have to search it on my laptop and then describe what you see, then you give the next person the option of something and the option that you didn't choose and they do the same thing, it keeps going until someone is too grossed out to describe it, then they are out, last one in is the winner of......hmmm let me think..... Twenty galleons, given by the first one out."

I nod and say, "Let's go!"


Hermione was right, I regret playing this. The only one playing this game with out a problem is Maddi and Seamus, who don't seem to be bothered by describing what comes up when you search "#Muke" or "#LarryStyleson". Harry was the first one out, he picked "Snapchat" over "Starbucks" and almost threw up. No one else even knows what he saw. Then Hermione got out,she picked "Waffles" over "Starbucks". Then Maddi went and picked Starbucks over Chipotle. She stayed in. Then Seamus picked Chipotle over Dog. He also stayed in. Then I went and got out. Maddi and Seamus went head-to-head for about an hour until Maddi won.

"PAY UP HARRY!" She screamed and jumped up and down on his bed.

He laughed while handing over the money. Maddi looks at her laptop and realizes that all the Gryffindor boys will be back within about five minutes and decides that it's time to call it a night. She starts to grab her laptop and walk out the room behind Hermione.

Harry says groggily, "Now I'm tired and completely creeped out from that game so I'm going to sleep."




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