Summer Love<3 (one direction not famous)

Summer 2014-Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam, best friends since 2nd grade, take a holiday in Ibiza, exactly where Autumn and her friends Maddy and Lacey are on holiday. Will Autumn find her knight in shining armour when things get tough? One direction not famous. No hate pleeaase? Favourite and comment<3 i'll update regularly, depending on much attention the story gets<3


1. Ibiza, here we come

[Autumn's P.O.V]

Finally, i'm ready. My suitcases are all packed, I've got my passport, my money.. and I have plenty of time to meet Maddy and Lacey before going to the airport. I can't wait! A girls holiday is what I really need right now, after my break-up with Kyle.. This holiday should help me forget about him. And who knows, maybe i'll find my prince charming whilst there? I don't know.. Right now all I need to do is forget about Kyle. I better get going, can't miss this flight.


[Niall's P.O.V]

"Boys! We need to hurry up or we'll miss the flight!"

"Nearly finished!" We all shouted in unison.

I honestly can't wait for this holiday, it's gonna be a laugh. We're all like brothers, so we get along fine anyway. We've all been best mates since second grade, when I moved to England. The school I moved to was setting up a school trip. They put me, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam all in the same group, along with some girls. But lets be honest, in second grade, girls are just giant, walking germs to boys. But anyway, the boys were planning revenge on a teacher, with a prank. Since I was new, I thought, you know, why not try fit in? So I went along with the plan. It was such a laugh, we hung out with eachother all throughout school. We were the lads. Nothing has changed ever since then. We've grown but our maturity hasn't.

After reminiscing, I finished packing my suitcase. When I stood out in the hall, all the guys were standing there with smug grins on their faces.

"What?" I asked them

"Ohh, nothing" Louis replied with his cheeky grin


"Well who do you think? Ahem, HARRY"

"Hey, Louis! He didn't need to know WHO it was.."

"Oh god.. lets just get in the car. I wanna get some food for the plane ride"

"Niall James Horan.. I'm sure if you could, you'd MARRY food." Zayn chuckled.


[Autumn's P.O.V]


"Hey, I think I know that guy over there! The one with the brown curly hair? Green eyes? With four other lads" Maddy cut me off with her all 'important' announcement

"Isn't that Harry Styles? The cheeky one from Preemsdale secondary school? Your young love;)" answered Lacey

"How come I didn't know about this?" I questioned.

"It was before you moved to our school. You really did miss one special romance" Lacey said, winking at me to play along

"Um, excuse me! I considered it very romantic! It was in Nursery. HE LET ME USE HIS OWN CRAYONS!" Maddy practically shouted it so that the whole plane could hear.

"Well get ready to relight that flame of your romance. He's looking this way, Maddy."

Him and his mates all turned around.

And I've never seen anyone so beautiful in my life.


Hey guys!

So this is the first chapter of my first ever fan fic.

Sorry if its lame or too long! It will get better I promise!

So who do you think Autumn is talking about?

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Love you all;3

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