Summer Love<3 (one direction not famous)

Summer 2014-Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam, best friends since 2nd grade, take a holiday in Ibiza, exactly where Autumn and her friends Maddy and Lacey are on holiday. Will Autumn find her knight in shining armour when things get tough? One direction not famous. No hate pleeaase? Favourite and comment<3 i'll update regularly, depending on much attention the story gets<3


2. Him<3

[Autumn's P.O.V]

I recognized that bleach blond hair anywhere.

"Autumn?" He called across the plane.

He's so perfect. I just wanted to run up to him and hug him, but obviously I couldn't.

Me and Niall have known each other since birth. Our families were great friends, so me and Niall hung out all the time. He was my best friend. But then my mum got a modelling job in America, so we moved away from Ireland. That was the last time I saw Niall. When I was six years old.

But then, when we got to America, I moved to Preemsdale secondary school. This is when I met Maddy and Lacey, they've been my best friends since my first day of Preemsdale. I missed Niall like crazy, but I'd made new friends.

A few years later, it was announced that a new boy would be moving to our school. He was from Ireland, and the teachers told us to make him feel very welcome. It never even came to my mind that I'd be reunited with Niall.

Me and him got along great again. But he always hung around with this boy I absolutely hated, Hunter. So, me and Niall kind of drifted, and in high school he moved back to Ireland with his dad and brother, because his mum and dad got divorced.

Now, hes here again. On the plane to the same country as I'm going to, Ibiza.

My thoughts then got interrupted by Maddy poking me in the side.

"Autumn! He's coming over! Talk to him!"

"Hey, Autumn, how've you been?" He gave me the warmest hug ever. I missed his hugs so much.

"Er, I've been.. Great! What about you? How's Bobby? And Maura? Oh and Greg!"

"Ah, they're all fine! I can't believe you're here! What hotel are you staying at in Ibiza?"

His accent, was as strong and sexy as ever. I've never been so.. attracted to him.


"The Hygra!" Lacey answered for me.

"So are we! Look, I better get sat down, the stewardess keeps giving us evils, haha, umm, I'll meet you at the airport? We can drive to the hotel together! We have a lot to catch up on."

"Sounds great Nialler! I'll see you later" I hugged him again, but this time for longer, I could feel his warm breath on my neck.. All I can think right now is 'I hope he's single..'


[Niall's P.O.V]

I can't believe what just happened.. Autumn! She's here! As soon as I saw her I ran over and gave her the biggest hug.. I've missed her so much. She looks beautiful.. More beautiful than she did the last time I saw her.. I didn't even think it was possible that she could get any more beautiful.

"Oooh, Nialler, ey?" Harry cooed

"Hey, I've known her since birth, of course we have nicknames for eachother" I said, too defensively..

"You like her."

"No i don't"

"Yes you do, Niall! We can tell! The way you hugged her, you even smelt her hair.."

"Well.. ok. I'll tell you the truth. I've liked her since we were kids, but I didn't wanna tell her in case she hated me for it. Then she moved away, and I thought, this is it, there's no point in telling her now, I'll never see her again. But then in secondary school, when I moved to America, she always avoided me.. I think it was because of Hunter. And now that she's here.. I just.. I don't know." I let out a big sigh. I looked over at her. She's so perfect, I just feel the urge to run over and kiss her right now..

Stewardess-"The plane has now landed in Ibiza, Spain. If you would like to remain seated for the time being, we will call your row up one at a time."

Here I come, Ibiza.


Hi again guyssss

second chapter.. I might delete this book and start a new one i dont know?

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