Put On A Show || H.S.

Juliette Birkin, a normal college student, randomly bumped into a employee from Modest!, but little did she know that they would want her to hook up with the worlds hottest guy, Harry Styles, just for the fame and attention. They end up doing things, but not just for the camera. What if they hook up for real? Would Juliette get fired? Does Harry convince her to drop out of college to run away from Modest! with him?


So, I'm back with a epic tale! Hope you enjoy.


4. "What did I do to you?"

Me and Harry continue to just hang out. He's learned a lot about me, and I've definitely learned a lot about him.

We have to meet up with Kaylee today. It sucks, because she might question how me and Harry make things look realistic.

"You know, I actually have acted before, maybe you can say I taught you how to do it and that's how it looks so real." Harry suggests as I shrug.

"We make it seem a little too real, you know? We need to pull out some pieces." I say and he nods before hugging my warm body.

"You're amazingly gorgeous." Harry mumbles out of nowhere. I just smile to myself. Many girls would die just to be in my position.

You and I, we don't wanna be like them..

Harry stares at me as I blush. He smirks, "Nice singing."

Did I just sing that out loud?! I cover my big mouth. He laughs and pulls my hand away from my face, staring into my eyes the whole time. I could just pass out here.

"Nothing can come between you and I," Harry sings quietly as he points to me and them himself.

"Not even the gods above." I sing as he joins in for "can separate the two of us."

My heart felt as if it exploded. I've never been so in love before.

We pulled up to his house, which is pretty small, I expected it to be huge since he's a huge celebrity.

"Well," Harry says, taking my hand, "be prepared. These boys will fall for you in a heartbeat so be careful and-"

"Harry! Ok, geez. Overprotective much?" I ask laughing.

Harry sighs, opening the car door and semi-slamming it. Okay.. Did I do anything? Whatever, I guess I follow. I hop out, slamming the door gently and run up to his side.

"Did I.. Upset you?" I ask flushed. He sighs, looking me deep in the eyes. He looks at the ground.

"No, I just don't want the boys doing anything with you." He mumbles. I nod slowly, catching on.

"I don't need anyone else, Harry. You know that, of all people." I say strict. He clicks his tongue and nods. He grabs his keys and opens the front door.

We walk in and all the boys are focused on the t.v. in front if them.

"Dammit! Ugh, Zayn-" One of them said, and I looked up to see Liam staring in my direction.

"Um.. Harry. There's a girl behind you."

"Thanks, captain obvious. It's my girlfriend." Harry smiles. Oh, I almost forgot about the plan, Kaylee, all of that. It felt as if none of that existed and I just randomly bumped into Harry.

"Ah, nice catch." Liam nearly whispers before returning his focus the the game.

"You fucker!" Niall curses towards Louis and Louis laughs.

"Eh, not my fault you suck at FIFA." Louis shrugs and Niall pouts before finally noticing me.

"So.. That's your girlfriend, huh." Niall stares at me and I get flustered.

"Yeah, remember, my girlfriend." Harry grabs my waist and pulls me close to him. It's cute how over protective he is.

"Okay, god. You always grab the right ones though." Niall mumbles.

"I'm not that perfect," I finally speak.

"She talks?" Zayn gasps and we all laugh.

"Take a seat right here. There's room for one more player if you'd like." Zayn speaks in my direction.

"I'm not that great at games. The best I could do is play Call Of Duty. Any is fine." The boys stare blankly at me. I cover my mouth.

"You.. Play video games?" Harry blinks at me. Ah, yes, my geeky side usually knows a way to come out.

"Um.. No?" I lied. Niall laughs, knowing I'm obviously lying,

I quietly accept the spot next to Zayn. If I remember correctly, one of these guys are gonna be my best friend. Louis has no interest in me what's so ever, but the rest can't keep their eyes off me.

Zayn hands me a controller and me, Zayn and Niall play Call Of Duty while Harry, Louis and Liam play FIFA on another t.v.

An hour probably passed by, and I'm actually doing great.

"Gah! I lost to a girl. I'm ashamed." Niall cries and we all laugh at his childish behavior.

I shrug, "Eh, I guess playing all these games over the years payed off in the long run."

Zayn nods. "Yeah, really. Niall has never lost to anyone. So this is shocking."

"That means you're special. Harry got quite the catch." Niall points and Harry turns his head at the mention of his name.

"I know, she's simply gorgeous, isn't she?" Harry awes at me and I blush.

"Quite frankly, she's alright." Louis mutters.

"Look, did I do something to you? Did I steal your lover?" I bark at Louis. He glares at me.

"Oh yes! Heavens me, my lovely boyfriend is such an ass kisser!" Louis sasses me. I can't beat the sass.

"What did I do to you?" I quiet down.

"Don't think you're sooo clever. Yeah, I talk to Kaylee. You're only doing this for money." Louis now hovers over me.

"Listen, Tommo, you don't know shit of what I've been through. Do you think I actually wanted money for this? I would do this for free in a heartbeat. You don't know the way I feel about Harry either. So fuck off, and be a god damn man." I hiss at him, the other boys extremely quiet.

"I'll just go." I say, my voice cracking.

"Juliette, wai-" I hear Harry's voice say, but I run out the door, pacing on the sidewalk.

"Harry deserves better, you ugly bitch." I yell at myself.

"This is why you never keep a man." I cry. I have anger issues, so usually all the guys leave me.

"Juliette!" I hear Harry yell and I fall to the ground.

"Juliette.." Harry softly speaks before I close my eyes.

Harry's P.O.V

"Juliette.." I say breathlessly. I heard her call herself a ugly bitch. She's far from it. I carry her all the way back to the house. She's knocked out.

I walk in, ignoring all the other boys questions and comments and walk up to my bedroom. I set her down on the bed. She need comfortable clothes.

"Looks like you've gotta change her Haz.." I say to myself, blushing a bit.

I take off her clothes and put her in one of my shirts. It's long enough to cover her mid-thighs. I tuck her in and turn off all the lights.

"Goodnight, beautiful. You didn't deserve the things that happened today." I say to her, even though she can't understand a word I'm saying.

I close the door and see an upset Louis.

"Get out my way Lou, I need to tell the others she's ok," I walk past him. He sighs.

I don't know why he did it. He's usually so happy. I mean, I know why, but I don't.

I guess I have to take risks for Juliette. But it's all worth it.

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