Put On A Show || H.S.

Juliette Birkin, a normal college student, randomly bumped into a employee from Modest!, but little did she know that they would want her to hook up with the worlds hottest guy, Harry Styles, just for the fame and attention. They end up doing things, but not just for the camera. What if they hook up for real? Would Juliette get fired? Does Harry convince her to drop out of college to run away from Modest! with him?


So, I'm back with a epic tale! Hope you enjoy.


1. "The Plan"

"Pl-please, Harry, I don't want to."

"You'll do what I say, when I say it. You've been real naughty, kissing Niall." He growls, pulling my mouth near his growing erection.

"Niall came on to me!" I cry as he slaps my ass. I yelp as he rubs the spot.

"What did I say? You don't speak until I say so, love." Harry whispers in my ear, licking my lobe.


"JULIETTE!" I jumped, looking at my surroundings. I groan and rub my eyes, I fell asleep in class, again.

"Care to explain why you fell asleep in my class, for the third time?" Ms Wellingburg asks impatiently as I stare blankly at her.

"Wha.? Oh," I say stupidly and I hear a roar of laughter. I was too tired to care.

"Well, I was up all night reading a story- anyway, it won't happen again." I mumble, rambling on about stuff.

"See me after class." She hisses at me. I groan and lay my head on my desk.

I need to stop reading dirty One Direction stories at night, especially Harry ones.

Well, I guess I should pay attention for this last half of the class..


"You're failing!" Ms. Wellingburg shouts before clearing her throat and calming herself down.

"I told you, I was reading something-"

"What is it? What is soo important to read that you'll stay up all night just to read it and fail?" She hisses and I stay silent for a minute.

"One Direction stories."

"That stupid boyband? Juliette, and I think you'd be smarter than that-"

"What's that supposed to mean?!" I angrily shout, tears fillings my eyes.

She laughs, "You're too intelligent for that silly band."

I give her a disgusted look. "Silly? Well, remember that "silly" band helped me when no one cared." I glare at her before walking out and slamming the door.


"Why'd you do that?" Gabby, my roommate asks me.

"Well, me being a diehard One Direction fangirl, I flipped out." I sigh as Gabby nods, biting her nails.

"Ew, don't do that." I say, pointing to her as she looks down at her fingers.

"It's a bad habit." She shrugs as I lightly hit her arm. I laugh as she gasps.

"I'm gonna go walk. I need fresh air after that incident-"

"You can't. They made a new rule, no going out after 6:00 p.m."

I look at the time. Crap, 5:56. I sigh and I think.

"I'll tell them that it's a emergency. They'll have to let me out. I'll say my mom hurt herself or something." I say and Gabby shrugs.

"Could work. Good luck." She says and I nod.

"Thanks, I'll need it."


I can't believe they actually believed it. Wow, they're idiots.

I continue to walk down the beautiful London streets. And to think I moved here from America only 2 years ago.

I bumped into someone, me being the clumsy person I am, make the person fall on their butt.

"I'm so sorry, Miss." I say after helping her off the ground.

She re-adjusts her skirt and brushes off the dust on her butt. She smiles at me.

"It's ok." She says, staring at me.

"What? It's my hair, isn't it? I knew I should've brushed it out-"

"No," the lady starts off, laughing, "it's just.. You're perfect." I blush.

"I'm not perfect, far from it." I say and she laughs again.

"I mean something for my job. Ah, you're pretty funny." She chuckles and I silently laugh at my stupidity.

"Wanna help out? It won't cost you anything." She says and I nod slowly.

"Sure, but I've gotta head back to the college I'm working at-"

"I'll cover for you." She says, smiling sweetly. She's awfully pretty, long wavy brown hair, beaming green eyes, glowing skin, and very skinny.

She practically drags me from my wrist.

What the hell?


This place is pretty fancy. Never knew a place like this existed in London.

We walk over to a man. As she talks to him, I look up at the sign, "Modest!". That name sounds pretty familiar..

"Who's this you've brought to me?" The man asks as I clear my throat.

"I'm Juliette Birkin. Age 19, currently in school working to be a vet." I say proudly as he chuckles.

"She's perfect for the plan." He says and I give him a confused look.

"Plan? What pl-"

"Very perfect, Mr. Collins." The lady says, smiling at me. Ok then..?


Mr. Collins dragged me to a room to have the lady explain the plan.

"So, first things first, I'm Kaylee." The lady says, holding her hand out.

"Juliette.." I say, clasping my hand around hers as we shake hands.

"So, the plan, we need a pretty girl, aka you, to date a hot guy to bring his reputation up." She starts off as I nod.

I sigh, "I'm getting paid, right?"

She chuckles before flipping her hair, nodding. "Yes," she says as I take a sip of my water, "5 grand a month."

I spit my water in a different direction from her. She laughs, "Ah, you're too perfect, Juliette."

"So, who's the "hot guy"? Is he a celebrity?" I ask and she nods.

"Ok, lemme guess... Justin Timberlake?" I ask and she giggles.

"Nope." She smiles a toothy smile.


There's a knock on the door before I even finish.

"Come in!" Kaylee shouts and my eyes grow wide at who it is.

"Harry Styles?!"

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