Put On A Show || H.S.

Juliette Birkin, a normal college student, randomly bumped into a employee from Modest!, but little did she know that they would want her to hook up with the worlds hottest guy, Harry Styles, just for the fame and attention. They end up doing things, but not just for the camera. What if they hook up for real? Would Juliette get fired? Does Harry convince her to drop out of college to run away from Modest! with him?


So, I'm back with a epic tale! Hope you enjoy.


2. "For The Cameras"

Harry stared at me. My heart wouldn't stop racing. He smiled at me as I looked at Kaylee.

"He's real, right?" I ask her and she laughs, looking at Harry.

"See Harry? Told you she's funny." She continues chuckling as I blush, looking at the ground.

"I see. But you haven't mentioned she was pretty." He mumbles as my eyes grow wide.

"Nice try, lover boy. But this is only for the cameras. Nothing more." She says seriously as my heart sinks.

"Now, all we need you to do, Juliette, is look all lovey-dovey around Harry. No matter what, do NOT develop feelings for each other." Kaylee explains and I stare sadly at Harry.

He says nothing, which makes me frown even more.

"Become best friends with the boys, but get a favorite. Example, let's say you and Liam become the closest, hang out with him all the time, with Harry around." Kaylee continues.

"Remember, cameras are all around, kiss, hold hands, hug, do anything possible to make this relationship look real." I nod.

"What's the point for this again?" I ask out of nowhere.

"Harry's always stated for a womanizer or flirt, we need you two together for a year, at least, so those rumors die down. No one will fall for a boy who's claimed they get on too well with ladies." She states and clears her throat.

"Anymore questions?" She asks and Harry raises his hand.

I laugh, "We're not in school, Curly." He chuckles before my expression changes quick.

I raise my hand and everyone cracks up.

"Harry first." Kaylee gestures in Harry's direction for him to go.

"Will we have any preparations? For example, moving in?" He winks and I roll my eyes playfully.

"Yes, but that's later on. We'll notify you on that. Juliette?"

"Yeah, I'm in college." I say and she nods, biting her lip, thinking.

"Well, he'll have to visit you a lot. And, we'll notify the college also. Is that it?" She asks one last time and we both shake our heads.

"Ok, now tomorrow, Harry'll pick you up at 4:00 p.m. For your first date. Exchange numbers." She demands as I give Harry my phone and he gives me his.

We hand them back, whispering "thank you" to each other.

"Great! Talk about your strategies tonight, and have a fun "first date". She says, emphasizing the last two words.

I wave to Harry as I walk out. God, how can I fake my feelings for him if I really do have feelings for him? Ah well, no girl ever gets this opportunity, right?


"I'm not lying!" I tell at Gabby, and she laughs.

"Nice try, Juliette, but it's gonna take a lot for you to prove this." She shakes her head and I hear a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" Gabby jumps up, getting there before I could.

I laugh and sit on the couch, scrolling through my Twitter. Yeah, it's a fan account. Don't judge.

"Why is Harry Styles standing at our door asking for you?" Gabby asks me and I laugh.

"Because we're together, like I said." Her jaw hung low as I hugged Harry.

"Make it realistic, lover boy." I whisper in his ear and he squeezes my waist, letting me know he got the message.

"Come on in." I say as he takes a look around.

"Shall I give you a grand tour of my wild kingdom? Here, we have the rare black-haired monkey," I say, pointing to Gabby who started to get offended.

"-no offense." I finish as Harry chuckles.

"Here's my habitat, which I don't share for free." I say and Gabby nods, saying it's true.

"She makes me a sandwich, aka hunts good for me, she gets to sleep in the bed." Harry starts to full on crack up there,

"You really are funny. I'm surprised you haven't had a boyfriend before." Harry sighs, and my lips go in a straight line.

"D-did I upset you..?" He asks and I shake my head.

"No." I flatly say, before the speakers randomly turn on, and a old Selena Gomez song came on.

"When you're ready come and get it! Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na." Gabby sings.

"When you're re-ee-ee-ee-ee-EE-EE-EE!" I sing before laughing hard and Harry starts to awkwardly dance.

Gabby bursts out laughing as I fall on the floor, laughing at him. He laughs at himself as I sigh, smiling to myself.

"That was fun!" Harry shouts as I agree.

"Oh, right, the reason I'm here." He rambles on. I nod.

"Our date tomorrow is at the Park, as every first date should be." He says and I smile.

"C'mon, you two are boring. Kiss or something!" Gabby complains and me and Harry chuckle nervously.

"Um.. Only if Juliette is comfortable-"

"I'm comfortable, only if you are.." I blush, as I turn to see his face only centimeters away from mine.

His breath hits my face before crashing his lips into mine.

My eyes went wide. Not only because, yeah, Harry Styles kissed me,

But Harry Styles was my first kiss..


Harry's P.O.V

I hesitated at first, but went straight for it. I hope I'm not her first kiss.. I don't wanna crush her later down the road.

Yeah, she's fun, beautiful, intelligent, but I know nothing about her. Plus, she probably thinks I'm a stickup pretty rich boy, and also probably wants money.

We pull away and she stares at me in awe.

"I hope I wasn't your first.." I mumble and she looks away from my gaze.

"I wanted your first to be with someone special." I lie. Well, it wasn't sort of a lie, but her first should be with someone she truly loves.

"So, having Harry Styles being your first kiss isn't special?" Her friend, Gabby, interrupts. I shrug.

"To most girls, no, some just honestly wouldn't care." I whisper and Juliette frowns.

"Well, to be honest, I'm glad you were my first." Juliette gushes. I fake smile. It's all an act, it's all an act...

Ugh, I think I'm falling for the show a bit myself.


Juliette's P.O.V

"Well, to be honest, I'm glad you were my first." I gush and he smiles, it appears to be fake.

Unless he truly means is, he's a great actor.

"Awww!" Gabby smiles at us and we both smile at her.

"It'd be best I go before I get too comfortable. I'll call you tomorrow Juli-Boo." Harry winks as I laugh and wave to him.

He walks out the door and I squeal.

"Juliette, Harry freakin' Edward Styles was your first kiss!" Gabby exclaims and I nod.

"I love him.. I dunno if he feels the same, though." I say, getting into the covers. Gabby hops in but I stop her.

"Where's my sandwich?" I joke and she laughs and hops in.

"Goodnight, "Juli-Boo"." Gabby mocks Harry as I laugh and drift off to sleep.


GAHH CAN THEY GET MARRIED ALREADY? I wish. Lol but it's too earlyyy! I'll update maybe tomorrow morning or.. Just sometime tomorrow. Lol I hope you enjoyed.

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