Theres a girl named Kylie and she's married to Niall Horan, her best friend is Harry, but there is something different about Kylie she's a wizard. She makes a mistake and has to live with all the one direction boys and the five seconds of summer boys. She falls in love with many of them but there are two that don't like her so much.


1. Niall

Kylie's Pov: 

I've been married to niall for 7 months and i love him so much words can't describe but the only think is that niall would let anyone have sex with me, ok maybe not everyone but he told harry and luke that is fine, i love harry he's been my best friend even before we were born, he's older than me by 3 days, anyway at first when he told me that i had to have sex with harry, i was confused and hurt so i did , after luke's birthday niall thought that luke should be a man and made me have sex with him, ever since me and luke did it I've been liking him a lot. 

 Ok so enough about them now you need to know my story, ok so my name is kylie and I'm a wizard, its weird i know but i just am and theres not that much about that life but in real life I'm just a youtuber, actor, singer and just recently a model.

A few months later ...


A/N :

Hey guys so this is my first fanfic, its a short chapter but i just wanted to put out into the world lol anyway i will try to update every week but sometimes i will be busy but if I'm busy and miss a week i will try to do a long chapter :) 


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