A best friend is forever

Violet Rogers and Blake Wellsman are best friends. But no one knows. Violet is a sweet rocker chick who has purple hair. Blake is a star football player with a girlfriend who despises Violet. But they're still best friends until now...


2. Not friends at school

                                                                 (Blake's POV)

   My cheerleader girlfriend jumped into my arms. "Hi Blakie Wakie." She said. Ugh nicknames. "Hi Abby." She kissed me and left a little cherry lipgloss on my lips. "Let me get that..." She said, licking her lips. "Uh uh uh." I tisked. She pouted. I wiped it off.

Then we began to walk down the hallway. Now everyone thinks we're the king and queen of the school. Except Violet Rogers. She didn't stare as we walked. She was to busy applying purple eyeliner. I smirked. Violets outfit today consisted of combat boots, that made her taller, a black and white striped tee shirt,a grey plaid skirt with a bit of tulle spilling out the bottom, a pair of purple ripped up tights, and to finish off the look, a striped tie. Her purple hair was pulled up in to crazy pigtails. I smirked. She glared at us. That was all an act. We had our own "kinds" as some say. But the funny thing is that Violet looks like the popular type, well without the make up. She has sleek black hair under the purple dye. She has beautiful pale skin and blue eyes. The thing is, Violet has terrible eye sight. She wears purple contacts. 

Abby caught me staring. "Blake. Why are you staring at the goth freak?" I shook my head. "I don't know babe she is really ugly." Violet glares. "Well at least I don't look fake!" She screams. "Mr. Ken and Mrs. Barbie." She's lames her locker and grabs her purple messenger bag. She stalks off into the crowd. We knew we both were lying. We finished our walk. Then went our separate ways.


         I would like to give credit to Queen of Darkness because her book

                              My secret best friend, gave me this idea. 

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