Zaria Tourmaline

Zaria Tourmaline is joined by the children of the famous Harry Potter characters on her journey at Hogwarts. Please feel free to create a character which I will try to add into the story somehow.


2. Birthday Quidditch

‘We will go to Diagon Alley to get your supplies tomorrow, but for now you’ve got a Quidditch game to play’ she said calmly as the doorbell rang. I sprinted to the door to find Hermione, Ron and their two children Hugo and Rose. ‘Zaree!’ cried Rose as she bounced up and down on the doorstep.

‘Come in, come in!’ my mother exclaimed as they walked into the hallway.

‘Wow cool cake Zaria’ Ron laughed. Hermione put her hand in her pocket and brought out a small box wrapped in tissue paper and handed it to me. Inside the box was a beautiful silver necklace with an amethyst on it. I smiled,  it was beautiful.

‘We thought it would go with your hair’ commented Hermione. I laughed, well that part was true.

After about 10 minutes the other guests arrived. Harry, Ginny and their kids James, Albus and Lily. Next Luna and her husband Rolf Scamander as well as their two sons Lorcan and Lysander arrived.

Once everyone had arrived we walked to a nearby Quidditch pitch and rented some brooms.

The teams were: Zaria (me), Albus, Rose, Lysander and Ron VS James, Hugo, Lily, Lorcan and Rolf

All the parents apart from Ginny, Rolf and Ron just chatted whilst we played. But Ginny was the referee and point counter.

Me and Lysander were chasers, Albus was seeker, Rose was beater and Ron was keeper whereas on the other team Hugo and James as chasers, Lorcan as beater, Lily as seeker and Rolf as keeper. My sister Arabella didn’t play and instead of playing Quidditch she played Monopoly with Hermione and Harry.

The game ended when Lily caught the snitch but even so we still won because it turned out Rolf wasn’t a very good keeper at all. Nevertheless we laughed all the way through.

By time we got back to my house it was 6o’clock in the evening and it was time for dinner. My mother served us Spaghetti Carbonara my favourite meal, and it was as delicious as normal if not better. Then we had the gigantic cake to eat. That wasn’t hard to finish because first of all there were so many of us and second of all it was so tasty!

Everyone apart from Luna’s family stayed over night because Luna said she was taking her family abroad the next day so she needed to go home. The adults slept in tents in the garden, the boys slept in a spare room, and the girls slept in my room. Me, Rose and Lily discussed which houses we wanted to be in. Rose and Lily both said Gryfinndor. And I said I didn’t really mind.

‘So…you wouldn’t mind being in Slytherin?’ asked Lily.

‘Nope’ I replied. They looked confused but we soon fell asleep.

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