My name is Niall Horan. My family, they are wealthy. My life, it's not as easy as it seems. I am in love. But I don't always get what I want. That is until I take it into my own hands. I want her. I will get her. I watch every move she makes. You could say I'm a stalker. Or you could say I would do anything for love.


3. 2 4 6 8 Darcy Adams is so great!


 We got in the car and decided to watch from there. We parked in the lot near the back of the gym. As I connected the computer to the system, my heart started beating a mile a minute. I really do like this girl. Everyone thinks I would only look at her on a dare. Truth is, you don't have to have money to be loved or to love yourself. I watched as she walked into the gym, her ponytail swinging behind her. All of the cheerleaders gathered in a circle and did various stretches. I never thought Darcy would be very flexible, but I guess I was wrong. After they did all of the stretches, they stood up and spread out. Then they started doing jumps. Darcy's looked the best by far. She is so much more than people think she is. Nobody ever sees this side of her. I think she's having fun with this side. Next, they did tumbling passes across the big blue spring floor. Darcy did a perfect round-off into a layout and stuck the landing! After that they did stunts. I really thought Darcy would be the one going up in the air, but she wasn't. Though she looks so small and frail, she was a main base for the best stunts. She is so strong! I never even knew a girl could lift like that! When they started their halftime dance practice, we turned on the audio. They began with a short, but very loud, cheer.  Then they all got in a huddle around Brittany Spriggs. She must be the captain of the squad. They had their backs facing her and she was crouching down as small as possible. The music started and they all crouched down like Brittany did. When all of the girls had crouched down together Brittany popped up and threw her poms in the air. After the striking entry to the dance, they all did a series of jumps, stunts and tumbling. They also did various dance movements, obviously. The guys were talking, but I couldn't hear them. I was focusing on Darcy. I quickly got out of the car when I saw them leaving. "Hey Darcy." I said. "Uh hey? Aren't your friends going to laugh at you for talking to me?" She said. "No I would punch them for making fun of you." I said.  She looked at me and giggled and smiled. "You wanna go get some coffee sometime?" I asked her. I really hope she says yes. Oh god say yes. "Sure how about Wednesday?" She asked. "That's perfect! I'll see you then?" I said. "Okay. Later." She said waving. "Later" I said, doing the same. YES!

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