Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


17. The True condition of Courtney

....after they know wher the room of courtney harry run fast and get there.he wants to see courtney.if he know that will happen this he will not ask courtney to go with him.he didn't liten to the doctor that courtney need a long rest because of the stressed in work.


Harry's POV

....courtney wait for me my princess i'm here.i'm sorry this all my fault.if anything bad happen to you i will not forgive myself.then i knock on the door.i open and see paul is look serious.while i see courtney is sleeping."what happen paul?" i ask."we talk and i said to her if she's okay alone" paul answer."and she answer me yes" paul add."but i decide to come back and i thank god because i see her struggling and feel dizzy" paul explain."because if i'm not there maybe she fall on the floor and her head hit the hard thing" paul said."the doctor said she's okay but need to rest for at least one to two months" paul add."why paul?" i ask."maybe you ask the doctor" paul said.then i see the doctor."mr.styles i want to talk to you" doctor said."i see miss anderson was had a miscarraige and she didn't know it" doctor explain."wait she's pregnant?" i ask."i think but miss courtney didn't know it" doctor said.i look at courtney and hold her hand."so she just assume she had a period but she lost the baby then that's why she passed out  everytime she get tired and feel dizzy" doctor continue explain courtney's condition."so i suggest she rest at least two months and take some vitamins" doctor said."and by the way we need to clean her tummy for her safe" doctor add."okay doctor just do what you have to do and thanks" i said."okay i need to schedule her cleansing to her tummy" doctor said."okay doc.thanks" i said.then the doctor  walk out into the room."thanks paul" i said."it's okay and i'm sorry for the lost of your baby" paul said."yeah i didn't know that she's pregnant because were too busy working" i said."how can i tell her we lost our baby?" i ask."just calm down and talk to her with gentle" paul answer."thanks paul" i said.then paul walk out the room and go to my lads.he will explain what happen to courtney.i look at courtney she's pale and almost can i back her beauty?.this all my fault were having a baby and i didn't know it.if we only knew it i probably stop her from working.i go outside because tears are forming in eyes.


Courtney's POV

...i open my eyes to unfamiliar room.were am i?.how did i get here?.there are so many question inside my head.then i see the door open.i see my fiancee harry is coming to me."how you my princess?" harry ask."i'm okay but still dizzy" i answer."babe we lost our baby" harry said.i'm shock when i hear that news to harry."no that's not true" i said."baby come down you didn't know your pregnant the doctor explain it to me" harry said."i can't believe i lose my baby" i said."i'm sorry baby i don't know that i'm pregnant" i said while crying."shh it's not your fault baby,'its okay" harry said.but i continue to cry."please leave me alone harry" i said."no baby i won't leave you" harry said and crying too."we can have a baby if we want my princess" harry explain.i hug harry and feel him."i love you baby" i said."i love you more baby" harry said.but i need a space harry."baby i'm okay you can let me go now" i said."oh yes i'm sorry" harry said."you can go back to your concert i'm okay here" i said."are you sure" harry ask."yes baby i'm sure and always remember i love you" i  answer."i know baby" harry said."i need to go" harry said "okay baby take care" i said."i will for you my princess" harry said and kiss me on the lips.then i see harry leaving my room.when i sure that hes gone i stand up and call the nurse to get rid of my dextrose and prepare my bills but she said the hospital bills is already paid by harry.then i said okay.i change my clothes and ask for piece of paper.then the nurse give some.this my letter for harry.


my dear harry

        "i want to be alone and find myself along the way.don't try to find me.i will be back in your arms when i'm ready and back my confident in myself.always take care of yourself will be in my heart baby.always remember I LOVE YOU HARRY STYLES MY FUTURE HUSBAND.i promise i will be BACK.  


                                                                                                                                                 your loving fiancee,


i give it to the nurse and said give it to harry styles if he ask me where i am.the nurse said okay and i go and ride some  taxi.i will go to my mom harry will never find me there.then i get my taxi and get inside.i need to go to my house and get some clothes. courtney decide to left harry for a while.she didn't know what's waiting for her.she get her ticket and wait for her plane to call.then her plane call.she look one more time outside.she will gonna miss the place and will probably come back.when she completely back her trust in her self.

....while in the other hand the concert of the lads are done.harry is getting back at the hospital with hes lads.when they reach the hospital harry quickly go down because he misses courtney so much.he can't concentrate to hes singing because he think courtney's condition.but he stop because the nurse called him and giving him a piece of paper.harry looks confused when he hold the piece of paper.he sit down on the couch and open the paper.


Harry's POV

...reading the letter of courtney make me can she do this to me?why she didn't tell me and ask me if it is okay with me?.tears continue flow in my face.then my mate (liam) come to me and see me cry?."hey mate are you okay?" liam ask.i give him the letter of courtney."cheer up she said she come back" liam said."no mate without her my life is nothing and you know it" i said."how can i find her?" i ask liam."do you know any places that she can be?" i ask again.:no mate i'm sorry" liam answer.then i punch the wall i don't care if my hand is bleeding."hey atop it mate" liam said and try to stop me.then my mate (liam) called the nurse and tell her to put some medicine in my hand and bandage as well."excuse me are you looking for miss courtney?" the nurse add."yes can you tell me where she is?" i ask too."mate stop it courtney said don't try to find her" liam said."i don't care i want her now" i said."yes from Las Vegas her mother lives there" nurse said."oh thank you" i said."if you want our autograph i'll come back her to bring it to you" i said."i like the picture of you and miss courtney" nurse said.'okay when i come back" i said."thanks" nurse said.then i stand up and get to my car.i see my mate (liam) following me."hey where are you going?" liam ask."gonna by tickets to fly in vega tonight" i answer."okay goodluck mate" liam said."thanks mate" i said.then i continue to get to my car and drive home and then go to the airport to buy some ticket. harry will fly to vegas to look for courtney.he didn't want to lose courtney in hes life.he will do everything to make her back in hes arms.


....what will happen to harry in vegas?how can he find courtney?just find out in my next chapter....thanks a lot guys for reading my you all...godbless us all



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