Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


15. The Proposal ( Harry to Courtney )

...after the rehearsal harry get to courtney's house but courtney not home.harry worried because it's past nine in the evening courtney still not in the house.courtney see joe by accident.they talk and decide to be friends.courtney didn't notice the time and she forget her phone.she enjoying listening to joe.


Harry's POV

....where is courtney in this late evening.i have something to tell her.i wait for her but i didn't know that i fell asleep.i heard a car that stop at courtney's house.i see courtney going down in the car and a boy but i didn't see the boy.he kiss courtney at the cheeks.i want to go there and hit one touch my girl.i see courtney waving at the boy.when i see her her reaction is shock and didn't expect me to be there."hi baby how are you?" courtney i ask."i'm fine and who's that guy?" i ask." a friend of mine" courtney answer."why he kiss you?" i ask again."it's just a friendly kiss baby don't worry" courtney answer."i've been calling you since i come here but you didn't answer your phone" i said."i'm really sorry babe i forgot my phone" courtney explain.then courtney come to me and hug me."i'm really sorry babe i will make it up to you" courtney said."i will come to you in your concert" courtney add."really?" i ask."yes babe" courtney answer."okay i'm not mad at you anymore" i said."i love you harry styles.i want you to be the father of my kids" courtney said."really baby?" i ask."yes but i need to finish my study first before we go there okay" courtney answer."yeah don't worry i can wait for you my princess" i said."oh harold it's almost one year and i finish my study" courtney said.then we go to her room and lay down on her bed.i see courtney is sleeping maybe she's tired.i wish i know who that guy is.i will follow courtney from now on.i trust her but that guy there's something about him that i don't trust.then i go to the bathroom and wash my face.i didn't know courtney is awake and talking to someone.i listen to them and get close to courtney but i hide my body.


Courtney's POV

...."hello what do you want?" i hear courtney said."the management want to see us and report for tomorrow" joe said."okay don't call me my boyfriend is here" i said."i'm sorry but why did you have to hide it from him?" joe ask."i'm not hiding i don't want him to hear me talking to you" i answer.then suddenly i see harry coming to me."baby how long have you been there?" i ask."long enough to hear your conversation with that who you talking" harry answer."i'm sorry baby but it's work and the management want me to report by tomorrow" i explain."okay i will drop you there tomorrow" harry said."no it's okay baby i can manage myself" i said."okay then lets go to bed now and sleep" harry said."you go ahead i will follow" i said.then harry go upstairs."joe i need to go see you tomorrow" i said and hung up my phone.i don't want to lie to harry but i have no choice hes angry with joe and i will not put hes life into another danger.i can't bear to lose him.i mean what i say to him that i see him in my future.then i decide to go to my room and see harry is sleeping peacfully.i lay down on his side and wrap my arm around hes waist and put my head on  hes chest.i love you harry i said in my mind.i fall asleep in that position and i didn't notice that harry is still awake and not sleeping at all.


....harry is not convince to courtney saying so he would follow courtney tomorrow.he go to sleep and hug courtney too that sleeping peacefully in hes side.harry loves courtney and no one will take courtney away from him.he will kill somebody if they do that.

....the next morning courtney get up early because of her appointment.she wake up harry because she know that he will be rehearsing from their tour.she can't wait to see harry singing in their tour and watch her boyfriend live.


Courtney's POV

..."baby get up you need to go to your rehearsal" i said."one more minute princess" harry answer."but it's almost seven in the morning baby" i said."what?" harry ask.then he get up and make some quick shower and go down."i wait for you down stairs" harry said."okay baby" i answer.then i go to the bathroom and go for shower.after that i don't decide what dress i wear.i wear a simple but looks good to me.

                                                       this is courtney's wearing going in her appoinment

then i go down but i didn't wear my jacket because i'm inside the house and i'm eating my breakfast."your like that my sweetheart?" harry ask."no baby i have a jacket" i answer."your sexy sweetheart" harry said."can i come to you?" harry ask."baby don't worry no one will catch my attention only you okay" i answer."okay" harry said.then we eat cereal and put some milk."i go ahead baby i'm gonna late for my meeting" i said."okay i wait for you later" harry said."wait your phone?" harry ask."it's in my bag already baby" i answer."bye baby" i said and kiss him on the lips."be careful on your driving" harry said."yes i will for you baby" i said."i pack my things fro your tour tomorrow night" i add."your ready and excited i see" harry said and laughing."of course it's my first time to see my boyfriend singing live" i said."bye see you later" i add."okay i love you sweetheart" harry said."i love you too baby" i answer.then i go to my car and drove in my destination.

.....then harry finish hes eating and follow courtney.he see courtney going down on her car and he see familiar face that opening the door of courtney's car and kiss courtney on the cheeks.he want to go there and punch joe.yes joe jonas courtney's ex-boyfriend.courtney didn't know the trouble when she gets home.harry drive and go to their rehearsal but hes not focusing on his song and rehearsing.he was thinking the scene that he just see earlier.he was pissed off when niall do i stupid thing on hes food.he go outside and drive home.hes lads didn't know what happen to him.


Harry's POV

...i don't really believe me that courtney will lie to me.but no matter what happen  i will propose to her and that bitch joe will never talk to my girl again and that project i will not allow courtney do it. i will make sure joe will not touch just a nails of my princess.then i see courtney's car is coming and she's parking it on the garage."hey baby how's rehearsal?" courtney ask."not kay" i answer."why is there any problem with you?" courtney ask again."nothing i go upstairs and rest" i answer."okay" courtney said.i didn't notice that courtney is crying.i need to go away from her because if i don't we will only fight.after 20 minutes i decide to go down stairs.i see courtney sleeping in the couch and her eyes is wet.damn i make her cry again.what it's up to you's not your girlfriend fault if she seeing's her job to do.i wipe her tears and kiss her on the forehead."i'm sorry my princess it will not happen again" i said while she's sleeping and i hope she hear it.i go to the kitchen and cook for her.she's still sleeping.i didn't know courtney is sick.i go to the flower shop and buy some flowers for her.when i get back i see courtney laying on the floor and i see blood."courtney wake up don't do this to me" i said and tears start forming in my eyes.i carry her and bring her in my car and bring her to the hospital.hold on my princess.while i'm driving i call my mate (liam)."
hello mate why are your not in our rehearsal?" liam ask."help me i'm bringing courtney to the hospital" i answer."what happen to her?" liam ask again."i don't know when i get home i see her lying in the floor and there's a blood in her head" i answer."where have you been?" liam ask."damn mate don't ask to many question just get to the hospital when i know the address" i said."okay sorry" laim answer."bye were almost to the hospital" i said and hung up.after i lay courtney on the bed i text my mate (liam) where we are.then the doctor call me."mr.styles i see your wife is stressed and she abuse her body that's why she passed out and the blood on her head cause of something hard hit her" doctor explain."but she's out of danger don't worry" doctor add."one more thing if she wake up it's up to you if your going home but i advise she rest for a long day okay" doctor explain."yes doctor thanks" i said.then i see my mate (liam) going on our room."hey can you watch her" i ask."yes mate" liam answer.then i go outside to pay the bills.


Liam's POV

....what happen to you courtney?why did you do this?is my mate doing wrong with you?i wish i have the courage to say what i really feel about you.but i don't want to hurt shopia and my mate.then i see my mate (harry) going close to courtney."you know what i'm planning to propose to her" harry said."but why did this happen?" harry ask."she will be okay mate" i said."i wish and the soon she wake up i will take care of her" harry said."you want me to help you to propose to her mate?" i ask."yes all of you and our mates" harry answer."okay you plan it tonight i will take care of courtney here" i said."it's that's okay with you?" harry ask."yes" i answer even it's hurt me."thanks mate and i text you if were done okay" harry said."now go ahead and prepare for your the best moment in your life" i said.then i see my mate (harry) going out and call our mates.i'm happy for you but how can i forget you courtney.i wish i go back when i met you in school and became close because of joe.but i guess were just bestfriend and you will never be my girlfriend.then i see courtney is opening her eyes."good evening sleeping beauty" i greet her."liam what happen to me?" courtney ask."you passed and the your head hit something hard" i answer."and harry did he know it?" courtney ask again."no" i answer.this is our plan.then i see courtney's face is so sad."don't be sad courtney maybe harry is busy" i said."i think so" courtney said."the doctor said if your awake your free to go home" i add."i need to tell the nurse your awake and were going home okay" i said."okay" courtney said.i want to laugh but i control it maybe i spoil the surprise to courtney after all.we get in my car and go to the mall."hey what are we doing here?" courtney ask."we need to buy you some clothes and after this we fix your face and hair" i answer."wait liam are you trying to date me?" courtney ask again."no i don't want to fight with my mate okay" i answer again."then why we do all this?" courtney ask."just relax okay and see it later" i answer."okay" courtney said.then we go inside the mall and find some dress for courtney.

                                                this is courtney looks and outfit for harry's proposal

i think courtney is ready for tonight.i call my mate (harry) if their's ringing "hello mate were almost done" harry said."what courtney is ready and asking too many question" i said."just give us 20 minutes more then i text you please" harry said."okay" i said."thanks mate" harry said.then i hung up.i go back to courtney who was sitting in the chair.damn she's so beautiful in her mate (harry) is so lucky to have you courtney.


Courtney's POV

....i see liam was looking at me.i feel shy being watched at my feelings for you is gone i think i love you still.but our fate is to become friends not your girlfriend.then i see liam looking at his phone because it's beep."hey courtney we should go" liam said."go where?" i ask."in your house" liam answer."in my house like this?" i ask."yes just wait and see okay" liam said."okay" i said.then we get to liam's car and drove in our house.when we reach our house it's so dark and liam need to blind my eyes and guide me entering in our house."liam what this is all about?" i ask."just see and were almost there" liam answer.i just flow to liam wants to do.when we stop he untangled my blindfold and i see all hes lads,even eleanor and shopia are there.but i don't see harry at all.then a music is on and i see harry wearing a suit.and when he see me this is hes reaction.

                                                                 this is harry after seeing courtney

"your so beautiful princess" harry said."and your handsome my prince" i said.then hes lads sing "HALF A HEART" one of their song.he join hes lads and in the middle of the song harry get something in hes pocket and get close to me.he was saying something and talking about us and our relatuonship.then suddenly he knelt in the ground and ask me "COURTNEY ANDERSON WILL YOU MARRY ME?" harry ask.i'm crying and at the same time shock."OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU HARRY STYLES" i answer.then i see harry was crying too."oh courtney i love you baby" harry said."i love you too baby" i said."i promise i will do everything for you my princess" harry said.then i see hes lads are clapping and happy for us.but i see liam i know hes smiling but hurt deep inside.

                                                  this courtney engagement ring that harry give her

then i raise my hand and say "i'm engaged girls" i said.i hear them say congratulations."but baby we need to pack our things and clothes because were leaving for our tour" harry said."yeah i go ahead and pack them you join them" i said."okay but please quick my princess" harry said."yes my prince" i answer.then i go upstairs and i pinch my face if this is really happening.but it's true because i'm hurt the way i pinch my face and i laugh.i just go to my room and pack all we need.


.....after the party the boys go to their bus and go in their concert.courtney and eleanor are there.courtney is so excited because she will see harry singing live for the first time.but she's so tired so she decide to go to sleep in harry's lap.then harry carry her to hes bunk.he let courtney sleep beside the doctor said she need a long no one will touch courtney because she's engaged to harry.harry will not allow it.


.....guys catch their tour scene in my next chapter.....thanks a lot i do appreciate of what are you doing.i'm overwhelmed because you read my you all guys.....godbless us all


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