Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


8. The Plan

...shopia just have the best idea in her mind.she's gonna use harry to get away courtney to his boyfriend.harry is the best weapon to shopia's planning to do.she is always the second to liam's time and priority.she can take it's enough for being nice to courtney and liam.


Shopia's POV

....she call harry and say that have a double date.she dial the number of's ringing."hello who's this?" harry ask."it's me harry shopia" i said.what can i do for you shopia?' harry ask gain."please have a double date with me" i said."okay when?" harry ask."i want a cruise for three days" i suggest."but courtney, me and my mate (liam) have school" harry said."just make any excuse please" i said."beside i miss liam" i add."okay i try" harry said.'thanks but don't tell liam yet okay" i said."okay" harry and said goodbye to me.then i hung up my phone.let the show begin courtney.only two days when harry and shopia has to convince liam and courtney to have a date with them.shopia just call liam to say her plan for the weekend.dial the numbe of liam.but liam doesn't hear his phone because he was listening to courtney is actually singing in her house.liam is just amaze to the voice of courtney.courtney was singing little things.but then liam pay attention to his phone."hey baby" liam said."what took you so long to answer your phone?" i ask."nothing baby i'm in the bathroom that's why" liam said."okay, are your free this weekend?" i ask."yes baby, why?" liam ask too."i'm planning to go cruise please" i said."okay when?" liam ask again."i said this weekend" i said."oh yeah sorry" liam said."it's okay at least your going with me" i said.'okay bye see you around baby" liam said."okay bye" i said.then i hung my phone.then i text harry what is the progress with him and courtney."harry what's up?" i ask."courtney just say yes" harry text back."that's okay, so it's settle then?" i ask."yes shopia" harry text again."then see you around" i said."yes see you around" harry text back.look likes my plan is turning in my side.shopia say in her mind.


....then the day of the cruise is come.shopia is  so excited.harry feel the same.he pick up courtney on her house.liam is so early to pick up shopia.courtney was looking at liam's house but it's close.she's thinking where is liam at this early in the morning.liam is gone early because his gonna pick up shopia.when harry is going in the meeting he receive a text from shopia saying liam and her is going in the meeting place.


Courtney's POV

...harry may i know where we going?" i ask."it's a surprise for you my princess" harry answer."okay, can i sleep for a minute?" i ask again."of course i wake you up when were there" harry said."thanks harry" i said.then i fall asleep and don't know for how long.i just feel an arms that been shaking me.when i open my eyes and rub them i see harry."were here my sleeping beauty" harry said.i'm shock when i see a yacht and i see shopia and liam."surprise my princess?' harry ask."yes thank you harry" i said and hug him."i hope you don't get bored in our cruise" harry said."no harry i love exploring to other side of the ocean" i said."nice to hear that courtney" harry said.then i hear shopia shouting on us."hey guys hurry" shopia said."coming shopia" harry said.then we go to the yacht.harry put his arm around my waist.i did not complain with it.i love that feeling harry just protecting me.but when i see harry in the beach party and the way he handle the situation i feel a admiration with him.everyday it's growing and i don't know's seem that i am only a bestfriend to liam.maybe it's the best because i'm always the bestfriend but not the his girlfriend.he was in love to shopia.i stay focus on harry's love for me."hi mate" liam greet harry at the same time looking at harry's hand in my waist."hello too mate" harry said and never put away his hand around my waist."hi mine" i said."hello mine" liam said and hug me."miss me already mine?" i ask."yes mine" liam said."shall we go?" shopia ask."yes baby" liam answer."are you ready courtney?' shopia ask."yes shopia" i said."can i go to my room" i said."to your room and harry's room or cabin" shopia said."what?" our cabin is the same" i ask and shock at the same time."no shopia i sleep in the deck" harry said."but it's cold in here harry" shopia said."no harry it's okay to me" i said.then we go to our cabin.


Harry's POV

...what are you planning to do shopia?"courtney i'm okay on the deck" i said." no harry i don't want you to get sick" courtney said."are you sure it is okay with you?" i ask."yes harry" courtney said.then we fix our luggage to the side of the bed."harry i go to sleep because i wake up early" courtney said."okay princess" i said.then i see courtney lay down in the bed.after 10 minutes courtney is sleeping.i walk closer to her and look at her while sleeping.oh god help me to control myself not to touch her because i respect her.then i hear someone is knocking on the door.when i open it it's shopia."yes anything shopia?" i ask."i would like you to know that were stop in the beach for two days and sleep there for about two nights" shopia said."okay i tell courtney thanks" i said.then i close it and sleep in the couch in the room.i feel an arm waking me."hey harry why did you sleep there?" courtney ask while i rub my eyes."sorry i don't want to disturb you" i answer."okay but i don't want you to sleep there lets go liam just knock now we eat dinner" courtney said."okay just wait i use the bathroom" i said."okay" courtney said."wait harry before we go i want to say something on you" courtney said."what it is courtney?" i ask."it is alright to you i wear swimsuit in the beach?" courtney ask too."of course my princess but i don't want too revealing" i said."that's the problem harry i didn't bring any clothes to put in my swimsuit" courtney said."what?" harry ask."yes" courtney said at the same time blushing."oh don't mind that now,i go to the bathroom and then  go outside and  eat our dinner" i said."okay thanks harry" courtney said.then we go to the table were our dinner is ready.


Liam's POV

..."how are you mine?" i ask."i'm good mine" courtney said."how about you?" courtney ask."i'm okay were almost in the beach" i said."okay lets eat before the food gets cold" courtney said.then i see courtney putting some foods in my mate (harry)."thanks my princess" harry said."welcome my prince" courtney said."here's your mine don't get jealous okay" courtney said to me and looking at me."i'm not jealous mine" i said."i have my baby here to get me food right baby" i said and looking at shopia."i'm hurt the way liam looks at shopia it's full of love" courtney saying in her mind."courtney are you okay?" harry ask."of course" courtney answer."then why did you eat?" harry ask again."oh i'm just thinking i might forget something" courtney said."okay and what is that?" shopia ask."don't mind it lets eat" courtney said."okay" shopia said.then after dinner we seat in the deck.i see my mate (harry) putting a jacket to courtney."thanks harry" courtney said."your welcome my princess" harry said.then i see courtney putting her arms around my mate (harry's) arms."i'm freezing harry can you hug me" courtney ask harry."of course" harry said."where's shopia mate?" harry ask."i don't know" i said."lets drink guys" shopia said."here's one for you harry and courtney and for you baby" shopia said while giving the glass of wine to us."just drink it and enjoy" shopia said and smile.then we drink the wine.we didn't know that shopia just put something in harry's and courtney's wine.


Shopia's POV

.....let see if liam is doing anything if she see you sleeping naked at his mate side."bottoms up" i said."one more courtney?" i ask."yes please" courtney said."hey your not a drinker" liam said."just one more mine don't worry okay" courtney said.then i see courtney is sleepy."hey i should go first i think i need to go to sleep" courtney said."but you sleep when we get to our room" harry said.i don't know i feel dizzy" courtney said."okay i get to you in our room" harry said."no it's okay harry i can manage myself" courtney said."okay" harry said.then after 20 minutes i see harry is standing."i need to go to sleep too, bye guys" harry said."baby we need to go to sleep too" liam said."okay go ahead i need to get this in the kitchen" i said."okay" liam said.then i follow harry in their room.i undressed them both and cover them a blanket.then i go to our room and plan is going right just right."lets go to bed baby" i said."okay baby" liam said.then first thing in the morning liam is not at my side anymore.i hear two people yelling at each other.i go outside to find out.then i see harry and liam is fighting and see courtney is crying."what happen here?" i ask."unfortunately my mate (harry) here enjoy the night last night" liam answer."what did you do harry?" i ask."i'm not doing wrong to courtney i swear" harry explain."courtney listen to me if anything happen to us i'm ready to face it" harry said."don't cry courtney" i said."i'm okay shopia" courtney said."i think harry and me need to talk about this, harry can we talk?" courtney ask harry."yes where?" harry ask too."in our room" courtney said.then we see the two go to their room.i see liam is angry to harry.good job shopia.


Courtney's POV

...."i don't want an arrange marriage harry" i said."i want if we get marriage you love me and i love you not this type of arrangement can you understand me?" i ask."yes courtney" harry answer."now your courting me lets continue it and get know each other" i said."it's okay with you?" i add."yes" harry said.then i come close to harry and try to kiss him."don't courtney" harry said."but why?" i ask."you rape me remember" i add."i didn't know that because i'm drunk" harry said."okay lets go outside maybe liam is worried about us" i said.then i see liam busy driving and focus on the sea."so courtney what happen?" shopia ask."were okay don't worry" i said."okay" shopia said."were here" liam said."yes i love to explore in the side of the beach harry" i said."okay my princess" harry said.then liam put our yacht in the side of the shore.then harry and me go down first.harry hold my hand and our luggage.liam do the same to shopia.then i see all the thing in my sight is turning in dark.the last thing i hear is harry's voice.when i open my eyes i'm in the room and i see harry's face looks worried."what happen harry?" i ask."you passed out" harry answer."what?why?" i ask again."i don't know" harry said."okay maybe i'm just tired last night because i don't get my sleep right" i said."this is all my fault" harry said."no harry don't blame yourself okay" i said."promise me we will enjoy this weekend" i said."i promise" harry said."now lets go swimming i need it" i said."wait what will your wear?" harry ask."wait i show you" i said.

                                             this is courtney's wearing in the swimming

"are you ready harry?" i ask."yes my princess" harry answer.but i'm undecided to go outside.i'm shy to what i'm wearing."hey courtney are you okay?" harry ask."yeah" i answer."but why are you not go in here?" harry ask."wait give me a second" i said.then i come out to the bathroom.the moment i come out harry is shock.

                                          this harry's reaction when he see courtney

"harry are you okay?" i ask."oh yes sorry for that" harry answer."now tell me it is okay with you?" i ask."yes courtney but i don't like in the top it's too revealing" harry said."so what should i wear to cover it?" i ask."just find in your clothes" harry said."it's enough harry" i said."no it's not, do you want me to see fight to all the boys will look at you?" harry ask."of course not" i answer."now i order you to wear some in your top" harry said."yes my prince" i said.then i see perfect for my top."how about this?" i ask."yes that's good" harry agree."thanks" i said."now can we go?" i ask."yes my princess" harry said.then we go outside and go to the beach.even if i wear my top all the boys still looking at me."hey any problem?" harry ask to the one boy."hey stop that" i said."nothing i'm just wondering what's her name?" the boy ask."hi i'm Courtney Anderson" i said."try to grab her hand and touch her you regret it" harry said."oh sorry, i go ahead" the boy said."harry why did you do that?" i ask.then harry suddenly pull me close to him."your mine now courtney no one will take you away from me and i'm a jealous type" harry said then kiss me."so sweet couple" shopia said and then i push harry away from me."congrats harry" shopia add."no were not official" i said."but harry kiss you and you want it" shopia said."yes we are official" harry said."harry stop that" i said."don't be shy baby it's okay" harry said."it is true mine?" liam ask."hey mate don't call courtney that she's mine now" harry said."okay, sorry for that mate" liam said."harry can we talk" i said.then we go away in sight of shopia and liam."what was that?" i ask."courtney i will never lose you, i love you" harry said.i'm shock to harry's confession."but ha-----" i'm cut with harry's kiss.then i kiss him back beside i want harry's kiss it's so sweet."you kiss me back" harry said."yes and i love you too harry" i said.harry is speechless when i said those words.


Harry's POV

...what was courtney say to me?i can't believe she say i love you too to me."what was that again courtney?" i ask."i said i love you too" courtney said.then i hug her and lift her from the air."harry put me down" courtney said."i love you courtney anderson" harry said."i promise i will not hurt you" i said."shh don't promise me, just do it" courtney said."okay baby i will do it and prove that i'm worth it for you" harry said."okay baby" courtney said."lets go swimming" courtney said."okay baby lets go" i said.then i see this boy looking at my girl.the way he look at my girl is improper."hey why are you looking at my girl like that?" harry ask the boy."baby don't mind him" courtney said."i want your girl next to my bed" the boy said.then i hit the boy.i don't want the way he talk to courtney.i respect courtney and he must do that too.we continue fighting until one of the mate of the boy kick me."stop that please, someone help my boyfriend" i hear courtney shouting."liam where are you?harry needs you" courtney add.then i see my mate liam."hey why do you face me" liam said.then we hit the two boys and they run away."oh my god harry your lips is bleeding we need to go to our room and get the first aid kit there and put some medicine in your lips" courtney said while crying."hey why are you crying?" i ask."because i said don't mind them" courtney said."now look at you" courtney add."i don't want any of the boys will not respect, i respect so they must respect you too" harry explain."are you okay baby?" i hear shopia ask liam."yes baby" liam answer."thanks mate" i said."welcome mate" liam said."excuse us guys need to take care of my boyfriend" courtney said."boyfriend?" shopia ask."yes shopia were now official" courtney answer."oh i'm happy for you courtney" shopia."thanks shopia" courtney said."congrats mate" liam said and handshaking to me."congrats courtney" liam said to courtney."thanks best" courtney said."best?" harry ask."yes you don't want mine so i replace it to best" courtney answer."okay i like it better than mine" i said."because your only mine now courtney" i add."i know it's fast but now that you and me is official i will do to make you love me along the way" i said while were going in our room."your not hard to love harry i will learn to love you in no time" courtney said."thanks courtney i love you" i said."i love you too harry" courtney.then we reach our room.courtney seat me in the bed and say don't move.she get the first aid kit and clen my wounds and put some medicine.


Liam's POV

....i can't believe it my mate (harry) and courtney are now boyfriend and girlfriend."what are you thinking baby?" shopia ask."nothing baby" i answer."now let me see your face" shopia said."okay" i said.then shopia get an ice bag and put on my face."can't you believe it it's harry and courtney" shopia said."they perfect for each other" shopia add."yeah they are' i agree to shopia.then i hear my phone beep.i see the screen it's my mate (harry) who test me."hey mate you need to low down to see my girlfriend now, now that courtney and me together i don't want you to be so close to her can you understand me?" harry text me.i reply " okay i understand mate" i text back."thanks mate" harry text again."anytime mate" i text back again.then late that night i text courtney i think we need to talk."hey best you have a minutes?need to talk to something" i text her.then i hear my phone beep."of course best, where?" she ask and text back."in the beach right now" i text her again."okay wait for me there" she text back.then i check on shopia if she's sleeping.thank god she's now peacefully sleeping.then i go outside and go to the beach.



......courtney check on harry if he's sleeping.harry is sleeping.then she go outside and make her way to the beach.she didn't bother to change.she see liam along the beach.liam playing in the water.she walk beside liam and play in the water too....courtney didn't notice harry is awake and follow her outside.harry see courtney and his mate (liam) playing in the beach and laughing all the time.harry is angry to his mate (liam) he text it earlier to stay away from his they look happy together playing splashing water in the beach.


.....what will happen next?.what will harry do?he can hit his mate (liam)? or prtend that he didn't see that scene.find out guys on my next chapter....thanks for reading my story.catch my new story about Zayn Malik....very soon  

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