Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


7. The Party

...courtney is doing good.she take all the doctor said to's just like there's nothing happen to her.her beauty is back as the first time liam and harry see her.liam is drooling because of what courtney's wearing.

                                               this is courtney's wearing going in the hospital

they have a appointment in the doctor.courtney need to check up and see that nothing is happen in her body.harry just keeping looking at courtney.liam notice it.then they get in the car.liam and courtney use liam's car.while harry drive in his car alone.when they near at the hospitl they park their car on the parking lot.then when they got down some girls take some picture of them.then one groups of boys see coutrney.they take some picture of courtney too.then they get inside the hospital.they go at the information to ask if the doctor is there.the nurse said the doctor is waiting for them.


Courtney's POV

.....they walk to the clinic of the doctor.when they reach it liam knock on the door.courtney hear the doctor said come in."good morning doctor" i said."good morning miss anderson please have a seat" doctor said."your early to your appointment" doctor add."sorry doctor my bestfriend is excited to see you" i said and looking at liam."i want to make sure your okay and nothing happen inside your body" liam said."thanks mine" i said."well lets go miss anderson" doctor said."can i come doctor?" liam ask."mine can you trust the doctor?" i ask."oh sorry doctor" liam answer."it's okay mr.payne" doctor said."don't worry i respect all my clients" doctor add."sorry again doctor" liam said."apology accepted" doctor said."we just wait for you here courtney" harry said."thanks harry" i said.while the doctor checking on courtney.liam and harry asking the party just happening in less than a two days."you think courtney didn't forget the party?" harry ask."maybe mate" liam said."why did you ask her?" liam ask."yeah later mate" harry answer.then courtney going back at the side of liam and seat there."what the news doc.?" liam ask."courtney is safe to go back in school and any ocassion that she's been attending."harry did you hear that?" i ask."yes courtney, then you didn't forget my invitations to you at the beach party?" harry ask too."of course not harry" i said."beside i put that party on my reminder" i add."thanks courtney i can't wait that the day to come" harry said.then after the doctor said we go and eat somewhere along the way."where do you want to eat mine?" liam ask."anywhere mine" i said.then liam drive to a fancy restaurant."wait mine this is where we eating?" iask."yes why?" liam ask too."mine look at what i'm wearing" i said."oh your beautiful mine don't worry" liam said.then liam go down and open the door for me.


Harry's POV

....while my mate (liam) is happy i'm all alone here driving at my car.what i am here just a display.then i see my mate (liam) park his car on a fancy restaurant.i go down and i see courtney there standing.then suddenly one boy hug him.damn who's that boy?i ask myself and talking to myself."hey harry come over here" courtney call me."i would like to you to introduce to nick jonas" courtney add."harry styles this is nick jonas" courtney introduce me to the boy."nice meeting you lad" i said."same here bro" nick said."so courtney what's new to you?" nick i go again just a display.i said in my mind.then i see my mate (liam).where hes been?"hey mate where have you been?" i ask."i call shopia" liam said."who's that guy courtney's talking?" liam ask."nick jonas" i answer."what?" liam said."come on i don't trust him" liam add."hey courtney mind if you introduce me to him" liam said."yes mine" courtney said.'this nick jonas" courtney said."and i'm liam payne courtney's bestfriend" liam said and introduce his self."mine don't worry nick is a good friend of mine" courtney said while holding nick's arm."i'm sorry for my brother's doing" nick said."forget it nick" courtney said."lets go mine i'm hungry" liam said."yes me too mate" i said."okay, nice seeing you nick" courtney said and kiss nick on the cheeks."yeah nice seeing you too courtney and nice meeting you two" nick said."bye maybe we can exchange number courtney" nick ask."sure nick" courtney and giving her number to nick."just ring me okay" courtney said."okay, bye" nick said.then we go inside the restaurant and seat on the hide place of the restaurant.


Liam's POV

....i can't believe courtney give her number to that nick."hey mine are you okay?" courtney ask."what was that?" i ask."about what mine?" courtney ask again."why did you give your number to that nick?" i ask too."because his my friend" courtney said."okay let say his your friend but still it's your ex boyfriend youngest brother' i said."you know what i leave beside i don't want to argue with you" courtney said.i see courtney standing up and leaving our table."wait mine i'm sorry okay" i said in apology."i didn't mean to fight with you or argue with you" i add."okay your forgiven but next i will not allow it" courtney said."okay mine i promise" i said and hug her."hey don't cry mine i said your forgiven" courtney said."i'm sorry i don't want to lost you mine you know how much i love you and important to me right?" i ask."of course mine" courtney said.then courtney wipe my tears in my face."harry are you okay?" courtney ask my mate."yes courtney" harry answer."can i seat next to you?" courtney ask again."of course" harry answer."now lets eat i'm starving" courtney said.then we eat and after we eat we go to courtney's house and we call the boys and do our rehearsal there.


.....liam decide to call his lads for their rehearsal.liam don't want to leave courtney alone.his afraid leaving courtney alone maybe joe was around and kidnapped courtney again.then they finish and make all said goodbye to courtney but liam is staying.then the day is come the party that courtney and harry's attending.courtney is busy preparing for her dress and put some light make up.

                                                        this is courtney's wearing in the beach party


Harry's POV

....i'm excited to see courtney.then suddenly i dial her's ringing."hello Mr.Styles!how may i help you?" courtney ask."i just wanna check on you Miss Anderson" i answer."okay harry i drive my car okay and drive in your house" courtney said."no i pick you up" i said."no i insist okay i know your tired from tour, just wait me there" courtney said."okay i never win to you" i said."i'll be there in 20 minutes' courtney said."i'm ready" i said.then i hung up my phone and wait for my date.when someone id park the car in my front gate i didn't pay attention because i'm busy talking to my mate (niall).then when i see someone is going down in the car my eyes is focus on that girl i didn't recognize it courtney.damn she's so beautiful in her dress."hey mate what are you loo----?" niall ask but didn't complete his sentence because like harry his eyes is focus on the girl who's going down in the car."hey boys what's happening here?" courtney said.then i hear courtney clear her throat because we didn't answer her question."sorry for that courtney" niall said."it's okay niall, i see harry is still in shock?" courtney ask." yes i see" niall answer."hey courtney your here" i said."finally mr.styles is in his self" courtney said and they laugh at the same time."shall we princess?" i ask."of course my prince" courtney answer."wait how about your car?" i ask again."can i park it in your house?' courtney ask too."yes princess" i answer."thanks" courtney.then we go in my car and drove at the party.


Courtney's POV

....when we were getting in the party i'm nervous because i know harry just invited me there."hey courtney are you okay?" harry ask."yes harry but are you sure it's okay to your friend that you invited me?" i ask too."of course my princess" harry answer."okay" i said and harry holding my hand."don't worry i will never leave you my princess" harry said."okay harry, thanks" i said.then harry park his car and niall open the door for me.then many boys look at our way when i go down."hey back off this is my girl" harry said."harry stop that" i said."i'm sorry i just don't want the way he look at you" harry said."i know i don't want any trouble" i said."i promise courtney" harry said."good, now lets go" i said.then were enetering the party all of the eyes is in our way.niall is already in the party because harry need to get his gift to the newlyweds."harry why are they looking at us?" i ask."relax princess" harry answer."just be yourself" harry add.then we start walking in the newlyweds to greet them.then i see liam and shopia.i see liam was looking at me and not taking his eyes off me."congratulation joanna and troy" harry greeted the newlyweds."thanks harry" said joanna."who is this lucky girl?" troy ask."oh yes this is Courtney Anderson" harry said."nice meeting you Joanna And troy , congratulation too" i said."your beautiful courtney i hope your the one who's harry looking for" joanna said."joanna don't be like that, i' m just starting courting her" harry said."what i thought his your girlfriend" troy add."soon to be troy if harry is worth to be my boyfriend right harry?" i ask and looking at harry's direction."of course my princess" harry answer."excuse us guys" harry said.i hear the newlyweds saying "they perfect fit together darling don't you think?" joanna ask troy."yes joanna" troy answer.i just smile and harry too.harry and i get to the table of the boys."hi shopia" greeting shopia."hello courtney" shopia said."hi mine can we dance?" liam ask."of course mine" i said.then liam took my hand and we dance."your so beautiful mine" liam said."thanks mine" i said."damn my mate (liam) is so past" harry said in his mind.'harry can i talk to you?" shopia ask."yes shopia how about?" harry ask too."about them" shopia said and pointing at us."how about them?" harry ask again."don't you get jealous the way they held others and they need each others?' shopia ask."no they bestfriend right" harry answer.then we go back at our the table.after liam, miall ask me to dance and then zayn and louis.i wait to harry to ask me but instead harry offer me a food and drinks."i get you food your not eating since we arrive here" harry said."okay harry i go with you" i said."okay" harry said and wrap his arm around my waist.i feel the heat in my body when harry do that.


Liam's POV

...damn why am i feeling this way when my mate (harry) put his arm around courtney's waist."are you okay baby?' shopia ask."yes baby" i answer."can we dance" shopia ask."maybe later baby" i said."okay" shopia said.then after 10 minutes courtney and my mate comes back at our table."here mine your favorite" courtney giving me the food she took in the buffet."thanks mine' i said.then i see courtney giving harry a food direct in his mouth."harry say ahhhh" courtney said."what?okay" harry said."it's delicious right?" courtney ask harry."yes my princess" harry answer."thanks" courtney said.i can't satnd it courtney is so sweet in my mate (harry).then some few boys just racing to go in our table and ask courtney to dance with them."hey i told you back off because she's my girl right" harry said.then the boys disappointed and walk away."looks like your the queen of the night courtney" niall said."yeah every boys here want a dance with you but sorry for them because your guard is too istrict" zayn an looking at harry."your right there zayn" courtney said and we laugh together.suddenly my mate (harry) satnding and ask courtney to dance."may i have the honor Miss Courtney Anderson to dance with me?" harry ask."
of course i'll be honor Mr.Harry Styles" courtney answer.then i see courtney and my mate (harry) going in the dance floor.everyone is looking to the two.i hear them telling that they perfect each other.then we hear the host that is time to the bride to throw the bouquet and the groom to take it off the garter in the legs of the bride and throw it at the same time.


....the host calling all the single ladies that available in the party.courtney and shopia join the catching the bouquet of the bride.the bouquet goes to courtney's arms.liam wish that he catch the garter.but when the all the single boy's to catch the garter harry is the one who catch it.the host call the lady and the boy who catch the bouquet and the garter.the host ask thier names and they said It's courtney and his harry.okay harry and courtney said the host your doing what troy and joanna will be doing.then they both said yes and agreed.shopia is smiling and said this is a good show saying only on her mind.then the host is saying and asking where is the other garter.then suddenly one boy giving it to said the host to the party.troy bring the garter to joanna's legs.harry looking to courtney for her approval.then courtney said yes and looking at harry.then the audience said heard the crowd said the host.


Harry's POV

....when our time i'm nervous."are you sure courtney?" i ask."yes harry" courtney said."now harry it's your turn to do it to courtney" host said."are you ready courtney?' host ask."yes" courtney said."okay one two three, go harry" host said.then i bring the garter to courtney using my mouth.damn courtney's legs is so firm.i heard the crowd said higher.then i put higher.then i see courtney is tickling."that's enough' i said."okay thanks harry" host said."were not done yet guys there's more" host said."troy now kissed joanna" host said.troy kiss joanna  in most passionate way."what wait?" i ask."i will not do it to courtney" i said."it's okay harry" courtney whisper to me."it's only were just having fun" courtney add."beside your not a kill joy right?' courtney ask."of course i'm not like that" i answer."okay then do it" courtney tease me."are you sure it is okay with you?" i ask.'yes harry, try me" courtney dare me."now harry kiss courtney the way troy did it to joanna" host said.then i kiss courtney like troy kiss my friend joanna and i see courtney kiss me back.this is our first kiss.after we kiss all the people clapping.then courtney whisper to me."your a quiet kisser Mr.Styles" courtney said."thanks and your a good kisser too" i said.then i see courtney's face turn to red.i'm amaze seeing her like that.then we go to our table and seat there.i whisper to courtney " i hope it won't be our last kiss" i said."definitely not" courtney sad too.then courtney kiss me on the lips but only a quick kiss."what is for that?' i ask."for being gentlemen there" courtney answer."because your like a diamond to be taking care of and your delicate flower for me" i said."oh your sweet harry" courtney said.then we finish the mate (liam) gets mates (louis and zayn) take my mate (liam) home.while shopia go with my mate (niall).of course me and courtney go together.we get to where my car is park.i open the door for courtney and close it.then i get inside and drove home.


....then harry get to there house and it's late.he said that courtney must stay to his house and sleep there.courtney said yes and leave first thing in the morning.harry agreed.he get a pajama and loose t-shirts for courtney to make her comfortable.then harry say to courtney that his be preparing the room for her.courtney say yes to harry and then harry go upstairs and put some new bedsheet in the matress and in the pillow too.when the room is ready he call courtney but courtney is not answering.he decide to go down and see what courtney is up to.harry see courtney is sleeping.harry say she's tired all night.then he carry courtney to the room and kiss her forehead.then he go to his bed and make some sleep.he sleep with the smile on his lips.



what will happen to courtney and liam now that harry is in the scene?what shopia is up to?is she planning bad to courtney and liam's relationship to each other?just find out.....

......thanks for reading my story.i really appreciate god be the glory.godbless us all



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