Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


6. The Incident (Courtney's Kidnapped by Joe )


....when the boys and courtney finish decorating the house.courtney decide to go shower and make a change her clthos.she want to scroll in the mall.but liam didn't want courtney to go alone.then liam and the boys decide to go wherever courtney is.then liam check on courtney dress.

                                                   this is what courtney's wearing 

Liam's POV

....."hey mine that's your wearing going in the mall?" i ask."yes mine what the problem with my outfit?" i ask too."no but i see every boys will look after you" i said."that's okay because your there to protect me" courtney said."of course i will not allow anyone to harass you" i said."so where not here?" harry ask."no mate your going with us" i answer."okay" harry said.then we go outside and get in to our own car."wait guys your forgetting something" courtney said."what is that courtney?" zayn ask."hello your popular" courtney said."we need disguise" louis said."leave it to me boys" courtney said."oh i hope this will be okay" niall said."and what are you saying mr.horan?" courtney  ask niall."nothing miss anderson" niall reply."lets go" courtney said.then i see courtney getting in the her box.different kind of costume.but we don't want to wear it.but courtney see 5 pieces masked that will covered our nose down to chin.we all agreed to wear it."satisfy boys?" courtney ask."yes courtney it's better" niall said."then lets go" courtney said."courtney can you ride at my car?" harry ask."sorry harry i already said yes to liam" courtney said."next time okay" courtney add."yes next time" harry said."lets go mine" i said."okay mine" courtney said.i thank courtney because he pick me.but i know my mate (harry) his not giving up.


Courtney's POV

....when we get outside and get in the car,liam open the car door for me."thanks mine" i said.i see harry's face it's really disappoint him.but i don't want to disappoint my bestfriend.maybe in our date.if i start dating harry maybe i should get to know him better."mine what are you thinking?" liam ask."nothing mine" i said."no i lie, i'm thinking harry" i said."what about ny mate (harry)?" liam said."maybe i should get to know him" i said.then i hear my phone rung."hello harry" i answer."courtney can i invite you to the party of my friend?" harry ask."sure when?" i said."next month, it's a wedding in the beach" harry said."oh i love to attend harry" i said."thank you courtney" harry said."okay harry see you" i said."okay" harry said.then i hung up my phone."why harry is calling you?" liam ask."his inviting me to the party of his friend is a beach wedding" i answer."okay i will i attend there too and i'm with shopia" liam said.i hide my reaction when i hear shopia's name.i don't like her for liam.i think she's only using liam for her fame."hey are you okay?" liam ask."of course mine" i said.i said it to cover my lies to him."were here"liam said."yes" i said.i'm acting like i'm a little girl."i love it when courtney like this acting like a little girl, i'm amaze with her actions" liam said it at the back of his mind."come on mine" i said."okay but you need to close to me" liam said."okay" i said and hug him at his waist.liam do the same to me.


Harry's POV

....when i see courtney wrap her arms at my mate (liam) waist i get jealous.i wish i'm my mate (liam) the one who holds courtney.wait why liam doing this?how about shopia?then i had a idea in mind."hey mate why did you call shopia?" i said and ask the same time."no harry" courtney said."if liam's calling shopia i go straight to my house" courtney i add.then courtney get away.i see my mate (niall) following her.but niall couldn't find courtney anywhere."what did you say that mate?" liam ask."i'm sorry mate i just thought it's the best idea" i said."hey mate i can't find courtney anywhere" niall said."what?" liam said.i see my mate's (liam) face it's worried."i'm sorry mate i wish i didn't bring that stupid i dea" i said."it's okay" liam said.then liam's phone is rung."hello who's this?" liam ask."liam help me" courtney shouting in the background."who the hell are you?what are you doing this?" liam as angrily."joe please relaese me" courtney said."joe what the hell are you doing?" liam ask."i just want courtney to comes back to me" joe said."find her if you can find her" joe said and hung the phone."who is that mate?" i ask."that is joe.he kidnapped courtney" liam said."i hear courtney's voice begging to help her" liam add.then i see my mate (liam) punching the wall.his hands is bleeding."i swear if joe touch courtney i kill him" liam said while crying."relax mate" louis said."how can i relax if my bestfriend is in danger" liam said.then we decide to go home.we stay at courtney house and wait for the call of joe.i hope courtney is okay.


Joe's POV

...."miss me babe?" i ask."no joe" courtney said.then i grab her and pull her close to me.i kiss him but she's fighting at me."don't try to fight my princess i will do anything to you" joe said."did you really i let you go like that" joe add."i love you still courtney" joe said."i hate you" courtney said.then i hit her face."and who do you love that liam" joe ask."yes and what do you do to me?" courtney said.then i hit again in her face.i see courtney's lips is bleeding."liam is right your not worth it for my love" courtney said.then my surrounding turns black.i hit courtney in her stomach.i see cpurtney struggling in pain.i didn't mean to do it to her but when i hear that and liam's name my blood is boiling.i continue beating courtney.then i grab her and get to my room and lock her there.then i took a picture of her and send it to liam.i wait to liam's reactions."damn you joe why you doing it to courtney" liam text me."do you know why because of you" i text him back."were not doing anything wrong to you" liam text again."i know you love her liam.don't try to deny it because i beat courtney again" i text him."please joe stop that" liam text."no until courtney said yes to me and we back together" i text him."convince her liam" i text."okay call me and i talk to her" liam text.then i dial liam's phone number."hello where's courtney?" liam ask."wait i give her the phone" i said."hello mine how are you?" liam ask courtney."mine please help me" courtney said."shh don't cry mine, just keep talking to me were tracking were are you" liam said."okay mine" courtney said."just pretend were talking to joe and your coming back to him okay" liam said."but i don't love him mine" courtney said."no don't say that he beat you if you say that" liam said."we got the address wait for me mine" liam said."that's enough courtney" i said."now liam did you convince her?" i ask."no joe i'm sorry but please don't hurt her" liam said."i can't promise you that liam" i said, then turn off my phone.then i come in the kitchen and cook over dinner.


Liam's POV

.....i call a police and report what happen.then the police came.i search for courtney's picture that joe send me.i'm crying everytime i see it.courtney face is bleeding and there so many mark in her arms because joe beating him.i kill you joe if i see you.i pray for you please guide my bestfriend."lets go mr.payne" police said."yes sir" i said."were going too mate" harry said."okay but please don't do anything for the safe of the victim" police said."yes officer" louis said.then we get in our car and drove to where courtney is.i wish were not late.hold on mine were coming.i'm crying i didn't notice."mate relax" niall said."mate did you see courtney?" i ask."no what joe do to her?" harry said.then i get my phone and find the pictures of courtney that joe send me.when my mate (harry) see it he punch the back of the car."damn you joe i kill you for beating courtney" harry said."i swear i kill him" harry continue saying while crying too."what kind of man is joe? zayn ask."yes mate your right no one will do like that" louis said."just drive fast louis" harry said.were almost there.when the police stop in the place of joe.we have to be far from the place so joe will not suspect.the police man sign that they go to the place.i came close to the house and see if courtney is there.i'm shock when joe is hitting courtney everywhere of her body.damn you joe ."what are you doing officer?can you see his beating the victims" i ask."relax where estimating the suspect" policeman said.i feel hopeless to my i call my lads and decide to enter the house.the policeman won't stop us.then we succeed to enter the house.i see courtney is not moving."mine were here" i call her.she's not answering."courtney don't do this to me" i said.but still courtney not answering.i see my mate (harry) beating joe.when i see him i grab him and i beat him everywhere."hey stop that" policeman say."no don't stop me.look what you did?" i said."mate lets take her to the hospital" harry said."i didn't hear here heart" harry add."what?no courtney please hold on" i said.then i carry courtney and get to our car.louis drove to the hospital.then when they get to the hospital.they don't care who see them.what important courtney's life.they calling the doctor but no one is answering.then liam is shouting for help."what happen to the patient?" nurse i ask."is that obvious" i said."i'm sorry miss" louis said."she was abuse" louis said.then the doctor check her and they bring courtney on ICU."wait doctor why in the ICU?" i ask and tears in my eyes start to fall."the patient body is not responding and her heart is so low in beating.i'm sorry.but don't worry i will so everything to survive her" doctor said."yes doctor please i don't care to the money i will pay everything" i said."what is your relation in the patient?" doctor ask."i'm her bestfriend doc" i said."don't worry i will do everything i can" doctor said."thanks doc" i said.then the doctor go inside.i watch him reviving courtney's body."please mine fight for me" i said while watching outside.then the doctor do it again.then i see finally courtney's heart is stable.


.....the doctor do everything and courtney's body finally responding.when the doctor is going outside.liam asking him what the patient is condition?the doctor said the patient is out of the danger but still need to observe.the doctor add the patient will stay at the ICU for further observation.liam thanking the god and the doctor as well.then he said to the his lads that it's okay to leave his the one who watch courtney until she transfer to another room.the boys agreed beside there all tired from what that day.then liam fall asleep.the nurse waking him up because courtney will transfer in private room.when the nurse getting courtney and will transfer i hold her hand.liam is still crying.he see all the mark of beating in courtney's body.then we reach the room.liam leaving a message if his lads asking the room of courtney tell thenm the number.the nurse said yes.then nurse getting out in the room.


Liam's POV

....i thought i lost you courtney.then my phone is's shopia."yes hello baby" i said."what happen to courtney?" shopia ask."she's been kidnapped by joe and make courtney suffer" i said."what?what joe do to courtney?" shopia ask again."he beat courtney all over her body" i said."what kind of man is that?" shopia said."yes i swear i will make him suffer" i said and looking to courtney."when my work is done i will go there" shopia said."thanks baby" i said."bye see you later" shopia said."okay bye" i said and hung up my phone.i thank god for giving a understanding girlfriend.i promise when courtney is recover i will make it up to shopia.but for now i only thinking courtney.i wish she's awake.i miss the way she smile at me every morning and her laugh i really miss that.then after 10-30 minutes i hear someone knocking on the door.when i open it, it was shopia who's been there."come in baby" i said and kiss her on his lips."i miss you baby" i said too."miss you too baby" shopia."how's courtney" shopia ask."it's been an hour when she transfer here and she's still asleep" i said."okay" shopia said."are you hungry?" i ask."yes baby" shopia answer."can i buy you something" i ask again."anything baby" shopia said."okay wait for me and call a doctor when courtney is awake" i said."yes baby i will" shopia said.then i walk through the door and close it.


Shopia's POV

....your lucky to have my boyfriend always in your's look like that he forget about can i break you apart?i don't want second to liam i want first to him.your her bestfriend but my friends think your like his more than his girlfriend.i'm jealous the way he took care of you.i was in a big stupid idea that came in my mind but what liam think of me if i do that.i'm SHOPIA SMITH a professional model and make myself low because of you.your nothing compare to me courtney.i will not allow you to ruin my relationship with liam.i swear i'm gonna do something to break you apart."hey shopia what are you doing to courtney?" harry ask.oh no i didn't notice that harry come in the room."nothing harry i just checking on her" i said."okay, where's my mate (liam)?" harry ask."his outside buying some foods" i said."okay" harry said."'it's seem you like her?" i ask."yes shopia i like her very much" harry answer."then why don't you court her?" i ask."i'm on that shopia" harry said."okay' i said.then i see liam is coming into the room."mate  your here" liam said."yes i want to see courtney" harry said."how's courtney?any different from her condition since she transfer here?" i ask."no mate" liam answer."the doctor said just wait for the patient to awake and beside courtney is out of the danger" liam add."okay i hope she's awake so i can court her and show her how much i love her' harry said."baby here" liam said while giving the food he buy."want some mate?" liam ask harry."no i'm still full" harry said.then we eat.liam is looking at his mate (harry)."baby is that sweet" i said."what?" liam ask.'harry's doing to courtney is that so sweet" i said."oh yes" liam said.we see harry singing to courtney while his tears is falling down on his cheeks.then suddenly courtney's hand is moving."baby i see courtney's hand is moving" i said.then we see courtney is opening her eyes."mine your awake" liam said."i thought i lost you" liamadd."harry thank you for singing" courtney said."mine come here" courtney said and hug liam.i'm shock to the moves of courtney."shopia your here, thanks for dropping by" courtney said."welcome courtney"  i said.then i see liam kissing courtney on the cheeks."hey stop that maybe shopia gets jealous of what you doing to me" courtney said."no it's okay courtney" i said.but deep in my heart i feel jealous."harry can you give me a hug" courtney said."of course my princess" harry said."i remember you inviting me at the party of your friend?" courtney ask."yes princess but first you need to rest and makes all your marks fade away" harry said."of course harry" courtney said.then liam come to me and hug me and at same time crying."hey baby why are you crying?" i ask."i'm just happy that courtney is awake" liam answer."okay" i said."i should go need to prepare for my photoshoot" i said."okay baby i drive you home" liam said."no i'm okay i have my car" i said."okay i just get you in your car" liam said."okay" i said."bye courtney see you at the party and get well soon" i said."thanks shopia" courtney."mate i just get shopia on her car" liam said."okay mate" harry said.then we go outside and get to my car were it's park.i say goodbye to liam and drive.


Courtney's POV

...."harry how long i've been lying here?" i ask."since joe kidnapped you and bring you here" harry answer."okay" i said.then i see liam is coming into us and holding a rose.

                                     liam while holding the rose and give it to courtney

"thanks mine" i said."your most welcome mine" liam said."where did you get it?"
i ask."i see outside the hospital and remember that you love flowers" liam answer."i'm okay mine you can go home and get back later' i said.'i see you didn't get enough sleep" i add."i'm okay mine as long your okay" liam said."but i insist you get some sleep now" i said.'okay i'm sleeping but here with you" liam said."okay i never win in you" i said."mate can you watch courtney until i wake up?" liam ask harry."of course mate" harry said."thanks" liam said."now for you my princess you should rest" i hear my mate (harry) saying to courtney."okay my prince" i said."what did you call me?" harry ask."my prince" i said."okay" harry said.then i see liam iis sleeping."harry can you give it to liam and cover his body?" i ask harry."sure" harry answer."thanks" i said.when harry is get back in front of me i said to him if he can sing for me.he ask me what song do i like.i said it's LITTLE THINGS."okay i sing it for you" harry said.when harry is singing i feel like an angel singing to me.i fall asleep and didn't know know for how long.when i wake the face of liam is i see."my mate (harry) is left" liam said."oh no he was singing to me and i fall asleep" i said."he said it's okay with him as long you want that song" liam add."okay" i said."i'm hungry mine" i said."what do you want?" liam ask."i want to go outside and eat there" i said."but mine your to weak to stand up mine" liam said."please mine" i said and make my face like an eyes of a cat."okay but i get wheel chair for you" liam said."okay thanks mine" i said.then we get outside and liam buy some foods for us we eat.


...then courtney got home and the doctor give her some vitamins and medicine to her past recovery.liam is always there to take care for her.courtney feel guilty because liam forgetting his girlfriend shopia for her.courtney want to say liam to go and make some date to his girlfriend.but liam insisted that he love what his doing for courtney.can courtney and liam break apart of shopia is planning to do?


....thanks for reading guys i really really do i appreciate it.comment if you have any suggestion.i love to hear it from god be the glory.godbless us all 


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