Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


4. The Heartbreak

....after liam see the news on twitter he rush at courtney's house and call for courtney.but no one is answering.he bang at the door and go upstairs only to find out that courtney is in the,weak and her face is this really courtney?liam ask his self.liam open the curtain and let the sunlight turns to courtney's face.liam see courtney is crying.courtney don't know what do to anymore in her life.she wish she die because it's really hurt.joe is the first man she loved.what can liam do to make courtney's back to normal?can he really pay attention to courtney now he has sophia in his life.then courtney see liam.


Courtney's POV

..."liam what are you doing here?" i ask."what are you doing in yourself?" liam ask too."just leave me alone" i said."no mine i know your strong enough to face it" liam said."no his my life how can i breath without him?" i ask."courtney get lost.look at you?" liam said."you don't understand because you never love someone like this" i said."i have courtney but she belong to someone else and that's you" i said at the back of my mind."and now look at you you've been crying for that stupid jerk" i said again but only at the back of my mind.i ran at liam arms and cry to his chest."how can he do that to me" i said."he promise me to marry me but now his with somebody else" i add."stop that mine his not deserving for your love" liam said."please mine stay with me and help me get through with this" i said."of course mine i will help you to pass this problem" liam said."thanks mine but how about shopia?" i ask."it's okay with her" liam said."just promise me you forget him" liam said."i try mine,it's been two years tell me how can i forget him?" i ask."you will i promise you that" liam said."now go fix yourself and make a call for him and break her" liam said."what?just do it" liam said again.then i dial joe's number and i hear joe's voice."hello babe how are you?" joe ask and never bother to ask what's been one half  mos.since his not contact me and going in our home.i take a deep breath and hold liam's hand and said "it's over joe" i said."what babe you can't do this to me?that's news is not true listen to me courtney please" joe explain."no joe i have nothing to listen to you" i add."no courtney please i love you" joe said.i press the end button and cry again to liam's chest.


Liam's POV

...damn i hate to see courtney like will pay for this joe i swear.all the hurt you cause to my bestfriend.then i hear my phone is ringing."hello baby how are you?" i said."where are you are you forgetting something?" shopia ask."oh no just give me a minutes baby i will be there" i said.then i see courtney's still crying.then i came to idea i call harry."hello mate can you get here in courtney's place?" i ask harry."yes what is the problem?" harry ask too."just get here and i explain" i said."okay i'll be there at ten minutes" harry said."courtney can i cook for you, anything you want" i ask her."no just go to shopia she's waiting for you" courtney said."no i can't leave you like this, i wait for harry and make sure your okay before i go" i said."thanks mine can you lay here with me so i can sleep?" courtney ask."of course mine" i said.then i lay down on the bed beside courtney's place.when i see courtney's sleeping i text shopia."baby just give me twenty minutes" i text shopia."okay" shopia reply.and then i text harry."where are you mate shopia is waiting for me?" i text and ask harry."almost there mate" harry reply.then i hear harry's car his beeping.i go down because courtney's sleeping i don't want her to be awake."mate stop that you get courtney's awake she's been sleeping right now, promise me don't go anywhere just stay here, i'll be back later" i said."yes mate i will" harry said."thanks mate" i said."need to go" i add."okay see you later" harry said.then i get to my car and drive to where shopia.when i'm getting down on my car shopia get to me and get inside the car."where have you been baby?" shopia i ask."i just finish something important matter" i said."okay where we go now?" shopia ask."your hungry baby?" i ask too."yes baby" shopia answer."okay we eat then i get to your house, it's that okay with you baby?" i ask."okay baby" shopia said.i start driving and at the same time thinking courtney.later i text my mate (harry) to ask if courtney's awake.i park my car to restaurant  were shopia and me is eating."order our food need to use the restroom" i said."okay"shopia said.when i get to the rest roomi immediately text my mate (harry)."hey mate how's mine?" i ask."who's mine?" harry ask too."oh i forget how's courtney?" i ask."she's awake and she want to go to the park" harry said."yes mate please bring her there" i said."okay" harry said."thanks mate" i said."your welcome.oh there you are you courtney, ready?" i heard harry ask courtney."hey mate can i speak to her in a minute" i ask." my mate (liam) wants to talk to you" harry said."hello mine, how are you feeling?" i ask."i'm fine mine are you going here later?" courtney ask."yes mine i'm going wait for me, now get along bring jacket with you" i said."bye mine" courtney said.then i hung up my phone and get to oue table were shopia is waiting for me.


....while harry and courtney going in the park.harry see courtney struggling on something.maybe courtney remember this place because of joe.harry need to erase that memory and replace it with happy thoughts.then harry throw a snow on courtney.courtney do the same at least for just one moment she can forget the pain that she been feeling.harry has a huge crush on courtney but no one didn't know it.he keep it his self because courtney is happy to joe back when they together.but now joe and courtbey is over harry can finally court courtney but not now.when courtney' heart is ready for another relationship.courtney lay down on the snow and make an angel figure to the snow.harry do the same.they were enjoying the time at the park.then courtney wants to eat some ice cream.she call harry and tell him that she want some ice cream but harry said it's cold.courtney decide to tell harry instead of ice cream she want coffee.harry and courtney go to the starbucks.


Harry's POV

....when i park my car i see familiar face.oh no joe is here and his knew girlfriend."courtney can i order coffee and drink in your house?" i ask."sure harry beside maybe mine is there waiting for me" courtney said."wait why MINE is my mate (liam) calling you?" i ask."that's are code to our frienship" coutrney said."okay that's weird" i said."wait for me here don't go down in the car okay" i said."yes boss" courtney said while laughing."hey i'm serious here" i said."okay i'm sorry harry, i promise i will not go down until your here" courtney said."that's my girl" i said.then i go to the counter and order coffee for us but i forget to ask courtney so i call her." hey courtney what coffee do you like?" i ask."mocha latte harry" courtney answer."okay wait for me there" i said."yes harry" courtney said.then i see joe is looking at me.oh no maybe he hear me talking to courtney.just hurry my order please."but you need to wait sir" the cashier told me."okay for how many minutes?" i ask."ten to twenty sir" cashier said."okay i just seat here" i said.oh just hurry i don't want courtney see joe is here."hey mate guess who is here in the starbucks?" i text liam."who and where's courtney?" liam reply."she here with me and joe is here" i said."what?how's courtney?" liam ask."she's in the car right now" i said."okay wait for me there i just finish get shopia to her house" liam said."okay mate will wait for you here" i said."just don't let joe come near to courtney understand" liam said."yes mate" i said.then i hung up my phone.i order another coffee for liam.


Courtney's POV

...why harry is not here?what he took so long to order?i'm bored so i decide to walk because there a beach in front of the starbucks.i'm sorry i know i promise but i love the beach.i go down and walk while waiting for harry.while walking i heard a familiar voice in my back."hey babe how are you?" joe ask.i face him and said "were over joe i'm not your babe anymore" i said."don't be like that courtney i know you love me" joe said and coming into me."don't come any closer joe i shout i swear" i said.then joe grab me and pull him closer to him and force me to kiss him."joe let me go" i said."hey courtney said let her go, are you deaf? liam said."mine your here" i said."yes and thank god i'm just in time" liam said."so are you too is in a relationship?" joe ask while mocking."is my ex is good at the bed liam?" joe ask.then i just saw liam hit the face of joe.i see joe lips is bleeding."give her respect she's not that kind of girl" liam said."you insult her again i will punch you again" liam add."she don't deserve a kind of man like you in her life" liam said."liam that's enough" i said."and you i don't want to see your face anymore" i said to joe.i go to him and slap his face.then i see harry coming."what happen here?" harry ask."i said to you don't let this jerk let go closer to courtney" liam said."i'm sorry mate my order is so long" harry explain."okay courtney lets go" liam said."mate you go home i get courtney to her house.thanks for taking care of her" liam said."okay here's your coffee courtney and mate i order you coffee too" harry said."thanks harry" i said.then i go to liam's car and get to the front seat."i'm sorry mine" i said."it's okay mine you know i won't let anyone do that to you" liam said."did it hurt?" i ask.joe hit liam too on the face."it's okay" liam said."no when we get home we put some ice on your face" i said."what shopia say to me if she see that tomorrow?" i ask."don't worry i make some alibe" liam said."just don't lie to her you know i hate lying" i said."yes mine i know" liam said.then we get to my house and liam park his car to garage."come inside mine and i put some ice on your face" i said."just relax and seat there" i add."okay mine" liam said.when i'm in the kitchen liam see anyone in front of my house."mine are you expecting someone?" liam ask."no mine, why did you ask?" i ask too."nothing i'm staying here okay and maybe we find some other house you can stay" liam said."but mine" i said."no buts were finding another house yoiur staying your not safe here anymore" liam said."why are you there i said seat down" i said."come over here, see that boy looking at your house" liam ask."yes what about it?" i ask.'i think that's joe" liam said."yes i know it's him but why his here" i ask."his planning on something but he can't do it because i will protect you mine" liam said."thanks a lot mine" i said."i'm lucky to have you" i add."i'm lucky too mine" liam said.when i'm done putiing cream on liam face were joe hit him we decide to watch movie.while watching movie i fall asleep.liam lay me on the couch and check all my door if it lock.when he see all my door is secure is turn off the tv and carry me to my bed.he lay me down on my bed and he lay down on the couch that has been in my room.i know tomorrow is a long day.


......courtney and liam has to find a new house for her.liam had an idea they go to liam's palce and ask if the next house that miles away from liam is selling them.the owner said least liam can see courtney every second and every minute.liam call his lads for and say he need help for packing all the things of courtney that she be needing on her new house.then one direction start to pack all the things that courtney needs.courtney will move tomorrow morning.liam and courtney sleep one more night in courtney's old house.then almost done but it's only half of the things courtney they pack.courtney said they must rest for tonight and eat somewhere.niall suggested to eat in NANDO'S .all of the rest member agree.we just finish packing tomorrow.we all have a wonderful day tonight. courtney finally move on.....can she love another guy?can she trust another guy like the way he trust joe?and liam what he is planning to do?just find out in my next chapter....thanks for all my giving me inspiration to write everyday....godbless us all


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