Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


25. The Big News

after two days courtney discharge.harry decide that he will bring courtney home.harry's mom is so excited and gemma as well.they clean the harry's room and renovate they put some girly stuffs and paint some shade of purple.harry told them that courtney's favorite color is purple.


Gemma POV's

....when my lil brother told me he will bring Courtney Anderson i'm screaming and can't believe that she will be here and living with we are busy preparing because any minute they will be here."mom where should i put this?" i asked *giggles*."oh!gem excited that much?" mom asked too."yes!" i scream."me too" mom said *giggles*.were screaming when i heard a beep of a car."oh!their here" i said *runs quickly downstairs*."are you sure it's okay with your family if i lived here?" i hear courtney asked to my brother."of course you are welcome my dear" mom answer *hugs her*."mom your squeezing my fiancee" harry said."sorry courtney i'm just so excited" mom explained."it's okay auntie" courtney said.i see mom's reaction."did i said something wrong babe?" courtney whisper to harry."nothing baby but you called her auntie" harry answer."oh!should i call her mom then?" courtney asked."of course my queen you will be soon Mrs. Styles" harry explained *smile*."i'm so---" i cut her sentence and hug her so tight."gemma" harry said."hey stop squeezing my fiancee" harry said."gemma she can't breath" harry murmured."sorry lil bro were just super excited" i explain."so are you excited to see your room lil sis?" i asked."y-yes" i answer."let's go" i said.i grab her hand and we walk inside the house.we didn't wait for harry's approval because he will get their luggage and things.



Anne POV's

...."sorry about that son" i said."it's okay mom i know gem was so excited and want a lil sis" harry said *smile*."lets go inside son, i know your tired" i said and put my arm around his arm. "mom i just checked on courtney" harry said."okay son" i said."please tell gemma to go here and helped to prepare lunch" i said *smile*."i will" harry said.when harry is gone i go to the kitchen i will be cooking "pork broccoli" because harry told me courtney is a vegetarian girl.but courtney's love to eat chicken too.i heard a heavy walk.i see gemma is so frustrated."what with the face gem?" i asked."my brother doesn't want me to bond with courtney" gemma answer.i laugh because to what i see to gemma reaction she's like a child that have tantrums."let them rest you know they have a long trip" i explain."beside later we will be going on a shopping with her" i add."really mom?, like the three of us?" gemma asked in a happy voice."yes but for now helped me to prepare our lunch" i  order her."yes mom" gemma answer.i guess gemma will be excited everyday to go home because of courtney.i see the scenario everyday.i just smile and continue to what i'm doing.


Harry POV's

...after i told gemma to leave us alone.i go to courtney and hug her form the back."like it baby?" i asked.courtney face me and "i just don't like it, i love it you shouldn't do this" courtney said."but mom want it" i said."thank you babe" courtney said."for what?" i asked."for giving me the chance to see and have a family like this" courtney said *tears falling from her eyes*."shh, don't cry please" i beg her.i wipe her tears and kissed her.i can't control myself but to kissed her.our kissed gets deeper.i removed her clothes.fuck!her body is so beautiful.i lay her on our bed.i start kissing her neck and touching her body.i unhooked her bra and sucked her nipples while my other hand is pressing the other.i hear moan that makes me go crazy."ohhhhhhhhh harry" courtney moans."i want when you calling my name in that way" i said.i continued to what am i doing.but i heard courtney begging me to come inside her.i remove my pants and i removed her underwear."i will begin to thrust babe" i said."just take me now" courtney beg.i position and wide her leg.courtney hold me tight when i thrust."fuck!babe why your so tight" i cursed."tell me if i'm hurting you okay" i said."faster baby" courtney said in a weak voice.i thrust faster and faster.courtney continued to moan louder."i'm cumming babe" i said."me too baby" courtney said."ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!" i shout then hug courtney."did i hurt you baby?" i asked *sad face*."no baby your good" courtney answer.then courtney sleep in my chest.we sleep because of tiredness.i heard a scream that wakes me up."oh shit!" i cursed. i forgot to locked the door."harry if i didn't knock, mom wants you two to go down.lunch is ready" gemma explained."shut up gem and be quite courtney is still sleeping" i whisper."i will go down and try to wake up courtney" i add."okay" gemma said and leave the room.stupid of you harry why did you forgot to locked the door.


Courtney POV's

...."baby" i called for harry.but he didn't i decide to wear his shirt and go downstairs."my princess is awake" harry said *kiss me*."i'm sorry i change my clothes wait" i said *blushing*."nah your fine babe" harry said *winks*."yes you are courtney" gemma agreed."okay" i said.but when were going to the dining i heard the tv because harry's mom is watching a news.the reporter said connor just got to a accident and the guitarist is badly injured."mom turn off the tv now" harry ordered."but son i'm watching" anne said."now!" harry shout."okay don't shout" anne said."are you okay?" anne asked."o-of course" harry answer *nervous*."i remember that day" i whisper and look to harry."courtney just eat later we will go to shopping later because harry will be attending his rehearsal" gemma said and pull me to my chair whose beside harry.i sit and harry put some rice and broccoli in my plate.but i'm not in the mood to eat because of what i saw.i need to go to connor."hey why your not eating?" harry asked."don't you like the food?" harry asked again."no baby i'm okay" i answer.then i start swallowing my food."i need to prepare babe" harry said."okay" i said.then i see harry go upstairs."gem can you do me a little favor?" i asked."sure lil sis, what it is?" gemma asked too."i will explained it to you later" i answer."okay then" gemma said *smile*.i hope harry would nothing to do with connor accident.i just can't accept it.i go upstairs and checked on harry."what time you will go home?" i asked."*laugh* babe i will be here when you get home don't worry" harry answer *smile*."okay baby" i said *sad face*."hey what with your face?" harry asked."nothing" i answer *hugs him*."okay lets go down i need to go now" harry said.then we go downstairs and go his car.he start the engine but before he leave he kissed me.i wave my goodbye to him even he's gone.tears start falling in face.i hope and pray harry you didn't do that on propose.


       We get ready because gemma is so excited.she want to tell to the people surround her that i'm her sister-in-law."put your seatbelt coutrney" gemma said."be careful gem" anne said."of course mom because i'm with the two important person in my life" gemma said."mom can we go to the hospital?i need to checked on my friend?" i asked."sure but did harry know about this?" anne asked too."no, can you keep it to him?" i beg."of course lil sis" gemma answer.then i look at mom anne."you can count on me my dear" anne said *smile*."thanks to the both you" i asnwer  *hold gemma hand*.after twenty minutes to thirty minutes we arrived at the hospital.i see james mcvey on the information desk."james how's connor?" i aksed.james hug me and i hear his crying."shh everything will be okay" i said *pats his shoulder*."how long did connor staying here?" i asked again."three days i think" bradley answer *sad face*."what is the cause of his accident?" i asked to many questions.---------------------------------long paused and silent-------------------------------.i was praying that harry will not involve in this accident."he's drunk that was the police said to us" tristan answer.i'm relief and hug gemma."hey are you okay?" gemma asked."yes i am now" i answer proud."i just go and checked him" i add.tristan bring me to connor.


Connor POV's

....i hear courtney's voice outside.she's here, she visited me.i heard someone knocks and i said "come in"."connor someone wants to see you" tristan said."okay thank you" i said."hi" courtney greet me *smile*.oh!i miss that's been two weeks since that incident happen."how are you?" courtney asked."as you see i'm injured" i nods."why did you drive if you get drunk?" courtney asked again."i missed you badly, i want to see you but harry confront me and threat me that if i go closer to you i'm i decide to control myself but i can't.i even visited you on the hospital but harry give me a dead look."i explain."sorry for that" courtney said *sad face*."please don't be sad it's not your fault" i said *hold her face*.i cupped her face and bring her closer to me.i can't control it anymore i kissed her once again.she pushed me away and i see her crying."i'm sorry" i said *look down*."i need to go my sister-in-law and mother-in-law are waiting for me" courtney bid her goodbye."can i see you again?" i asked."i don't know connor, maybe it's for us not to see each other" courtney answer *wipe her tears*."okay" i agreed.when she's gone tears streaming fall in my face.i will not promised it that our path will not crossed again drive me crazy and i can't take you out of my mind.i will do everything to make you mine.



seems connor don't give up on courtney.what will happen now?i update two chapters because i'm gone for god be the glory.godbless

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