Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


20. My Love My Hero they stay at the beach for one night and go back to work after they spend a lot time together.harry looking at courtney with all his love for her.this time he would never let courtney go anywhere.he will do everything to make courtney's happy.


Harry's POV

....i see courtney is lying in the ground and feeling relax.i come to her and lay beside her."hey relax?" i ask."yes babe" courtney answer."good my princess because that's what i want you to do" i explain."babe you need to relax too because when we come back there's a lot of work will face" courtney said."yeah i know babe" i answer."good now lay beside me and hold my hand" courtney said.then i lay at courtney's side and look at the's good to be back at courtney's arms.i love being with her everytime.then suddenly courtney stand up and said "babe i need to swim" courtney said."okay babe be careful" i answer."you don't want to come?" courtney ask."no babe i stay here so i can watch you" i answer."okay" courtney said.i see courtney happily swimming, i mean she's enjoying until i can't see her.where is she?oh no i'm worried it's been 30 minutes."courtney don't play with me" i said.but i didn't hear a answer to her."courtney this is not funny" i said."courtney" i shout her name."help someone need a help" the girl said."please help the girl she's drowning' the girl repeat.oh no maybe that's courtney.i look at the water and there is courtney fight not to drown.i swim quick as fast as i can to reach courtney.i grab her but i'm late because she's already passed out and drown in the water.i get to the ground and give her CPR so she can release the water that she taking while drowning earlier.oh god thank she's awake.i hug her while there's a tears in my can i let you swim alone courtney.


Courtney's POV

...i see there are so many people around us."babe what happened?" i ask."babe i'm sorry if i let you swim alone?" harry answer.i'm confused what was just happened?."babe answer me what happened?" i ask again."you drown a while ago babe" harry answer."oh i'm sorry if i make you worried babe" i said."no it's okay it's not your fault babe" harry answer."thanks my hero and my lover" i said.i see harry's face when i said that."babe you don't need to say that because if that happen to other i would do the same to them" harry explain."but your still my hero and my lover" i said."okay i don't argue with you babe" harry answer."thanks babe" i said (kiss him at the same time).harry kiss me back even do there are so many people around us.i feel so happy this day because many things has least if i get back on work tomorrow i'm i'm strong enough to face any kind of problem with harry by my side.sooner or later harry and i need to prepare for our wedding.i'm happy that harry follow me on Vegas, now i know how much he love me.i will do anything to bring that back and not anyone ruined our relationship.i will make harry the most happiest man in this world because of my love.i could not give harry to hate me i will make him to love more everyday.


what if courtney's ex-boyfriend comes back (Joe Jonas) and do everything to ruined her relationship to harry?can courtney assure to harry that joe is not a matter to her anymore?lets find out in my next chapter....oh problem has always in courtney 's life....thanks guys for continue  reading my go be the glory

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