Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


21. Getting paranoid

.....after a long vacation with his fiancee.she go back in work and ready for work.harry do the same.hes back in rehearsal with his mate.they we're both happy but didn't know what joe is up to.joe really wants courtney's back in his life.he will do everything to make his plan work.he will plan for setting harry to another girl so courtney will hate harry.


Courtney's POV

...i'm preparing for my press-con with tyra to answer some question about me and they stop the allegations that we're break up.i'm so annoyed with some paparazzi and some people asking me if i'm still with harry.i hear my phone rung.i check who is calling and i see harry's name on my screen.i answer it quickly."hello baby" i said."are you ready babe?" harry ask *sighs*."baby it's for the best" i answer.*long paused*."baby are you still there?" i ask."yes babe, it's just how they can do this to us?" harry ask back."baby i told you i can fix this beside you need to focus on your rehearsal" i explain."okay babe, if you need help just give me a call okay" harry said."yes baby i will" i said *laugh*.then i hung up my phone and go to my car.i drove away where my press-con will be held.i really hate paparazzi.i park my car and go down and go inside.i don't want anyone take some picture of me.i see tyra \was talking to one of the staff."tyra lets start so i can start shooting with the band named "The Vamps" i said."okay i tell to the press to settle down" tyra answer."okay" i said *smirk*.then i go to conference room where i answer all the false news about us.


Harry's POV

...i'm so worried about courtney.i'm not focus on my singing.i wish i could be there and be on her side.answer all the question that will be ask to's our problems so meaning i should be just a second i said my goodbye to my mates and explain to them later.but now i really need to go there as soon as i can.i hope i'm not late for doing this. i almost there when i see a familiar face outside the building where courtney held his press-con.i'm sure i see joe.her ex-boyfriend, what's hes doing here?.why i'm so feeling strange when i see him?i smell trouble whenever i see him *long sighs*.i park my car and go down quickly.i use the back door because there are so many people in the main door absolutely  waiting for courtney to come out.i ask the front desk if the press-con is already done and she answer i run so i help my princess in this situation.when i go there one of the interviewer see me but i run to courtney's side."hey princess why are you crying?" i ask *dead look at the press*."we're still together and actually we're engaged" i said in angry tone.i see all the paparazzi are shock.*shock face * (tyra)."babe" coutrney said *shock face*."i'm sorry babe i know it's not official but i want them to know it" i explain *glared at the paparazzi*."are you happy now and satisfy?" i ask the paparazzi."lets go babe" i add."and please enough is enough" i said.then i pull courtney and go to my car."babe are you okay?" i ask."*kiss him* thank you baby" courtney said."*smile* i will do anything for you my princess" i said."i'm so lucky to have you baby" courtney said."but i'm the luckiest babe" i said *smile*."i go back because i have a photoshoot remember" courtney said."oh yeah sorry" i said."i bring you there" i add."okay baby" courtney said.


Courtney's POV

...when harry open the door i see joe on the other side of the car.what he's doing here?.no i'm so traumatized to what he did to me.i decide to look at harry and pull him inside."baby can you stay at me until i finish my photoshoot today?" i ask."oh sure babe" harry answered."thanks baby" i said *smile*."anything for you my princess" harry said *smile back*.i will make sure joe will not come close to me and i will be extra careful.we reach the place where my photoshoot held.the boys our waiting for me."i'm sorry for the delay boys" i said."by the way this my fiancee Harry Styles" i add.harry shake hands to the four boys that here."so shall we start?" i ask *smile*."sure" photographer answered."good" i said *smile*.we start as group picture and then by two.i sense connor has a crush on me.the way he look at me oh my god please don't do it my fiancee is here.i'm doing naturally but why can i resist connor.courtney focus and beside harry is here don't you think it good you're flirting while you're fiancee is here.


guys what do you think connor character on the story?would it be a threat to courtney and harry's relationship?find out next.thanks for reading my story guys.sorry for the late update...i'm so go be the glory


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