Always the bestfriend but never The Girlfriend

this is a story about two classmate became bestfriend in school.the one is strong and the one always bullied in school because of being nerd.what will happen if they meet.


18. Finding ( Courtney )

....harry's plane is landed in vegas.he just check in on a hotel and find courtney tomorrow.he wants courtney now in hes arms.he wish he find courtney really soon.he will do anything to bring courtney in London back.he do disguise for not recognizing him.he don't want trouble and don't want any girls who's screaming and asking for hes autograph.hes not in the mood right now.


Harry's POV

..."one room please" i said to the information desk."name please" the girl ask.damn i would know that she ask for my name."it's harold millward" i answer."okay sir here's your key to your room enjoy your staying" the girl said.that's was close.then i go to my room and lay down in my bed i was so tired.but then i heard a scream outside.i come close to my door and listen to their converstaion."did you know that courtney anderson is here" the girl said."yes what she's doing here?" the other girl ask."maybe she do a photoshoot here" the girl answer.damn i wear my disguise and come to them and ask where's courtney anderson."excuse me is that true courtney is here?" i ask."yes she's in the lobby right now" the first girl answer."thanks" i said.i run and go to the elevator.then when it's open i see courtney is waiting for there's been three days since the last i saw her.she's so beautiful in her clothes.

                                                  this courtney's wearing while waiting for her mother

.....wait why she doing here.then when i see her walking toward the door i shout for her name."COURTNEY ANDERSON" i shout.she stop maybe she recognize my voice."baby who is that?" the girl that in mid-40 age."i know that voice" courtney said."HARRY STYLES is that you?" courtney ask.i come to her and take off my disguise."what are you doing here?" courtney ask."to find my heart" i answer.then i see courtney is crying."please don't cry my princess" i said.then she hug me."i'm sorry if i left you" courtney said."it's okay baby" i said."ehem" the girl said."sorry mom i would you like to meet your future son in law" courtney said."this harry styles mom the guy i told you" courtney introduce me to her mom."baby this my mom jennifer anderson" courtney add."finally nice meeting you harry" aunt jhenny said."same here mrs.anderson" i said and shake her hand."don't be so formal harry soon enough you will marry my daughter" aunt jhenny said."yes mom" i said and i feel my face is blushing."lets go babe you can go in our house" courtney said."it is okay with aunt jhenny?" i ask."of course harry" aunt jhenny said."okay i just check out baby" i said."mom you go ahead the driver is waiting for us" courtney said."we just ride a taxi"courtney add."no baby i rent a car here" i said."okay then i see you two in the house" aunt jhenny said."excuse me mom can i date courtney?" i ask."because i really miss my princess" i add."of course harry" aunt jhenny said."thanks" i said."see you later alligator" aunt jhenny said."baby wait me here need to pack my things" i said."okay baby" courtney said.then i ride the elevator and go to my room and get my bag.i rush go to the elevator because i want to see again courtney.when the elevator open i see courtney talking to a guy.i just go to the front desk and check out.


Courtney's POV

...i didn't notice that harry is there checking out i'm busy talking to my friend Nick Jonas."hey babe i'm ready" harry said."oh baby i would you to meet nick jonas a good friend of mine" i said."jonas" harry ask."yes nick is joe's brother" i answer."okay can we go now?" harry ask again."yes baby" i answer and look to nick and ask him."i'm sorry nick if you don't mind can we go?" i ask."yes of course and nice meeting you harry" nick said."same here mate" harry said and shake nick's hand.then i see harry grab and hold my hand."someone is jealous here" i said."i'm not jealous" harry said."then why you acting weird babe?" i ask."okay i admit it i'm jealous" harry answer."you don't have to do that babe because for me your the only one for me now and till the end" i said."really?" harry ask."yes because I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU AND ALL YOUR LITTLE THINGS" i answer."and you are the LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE" harry said.then we kiss.i miss that kiss that harry could only give me.his a sweet and good kisser.then we go to the car he rent."so where do we go now babe?" harry ask."i want to go to the beach babe" i answer."okay we go there" harry said."thanks babe" i said.then harry drove to the beach.i wish this time nothing gonna happen wrong with us.i love harry so much.i can't live without him. that harry and courtney back together how can we sure they have their happy ending?it's just the start of their problem.if they get back in london there's a problem waiting for them.just wait until in my next chapter....thanks for always reading my you all guys....godbless us all

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