this is about a girl named Kayla who sees shadows, and she hears them and sometimes sees them. and while this paranormal activity goes on she also has a little sis named Haley to worry about to.


1. The voice's

                                                                                  Kayla's p.o.v                                                                                          I was in my room that night folding my clothes, when I heard a voice. I looked to my left then my right, I didn't see anything. But I kept looking for the person who said something. Then a couple minutes later i thought maybe i am just hearing things. So I ran down stairs to check on my little sister, Haley. Haley! i yelled, I didn't hear a reply. I got scared, I ran up to her door and slammed it open. She was passed out on the ground. I screamed  on the top of my lungs, I ran up to her trying to wake her up. HALEY HALEY PLEASE WAKE UP! i screamed. I felt a tap on my shoulder i looked behind me and the next thing you knew i passed out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Kathy's p.o.v                                                                                               I was getting out of the car holding a pizza in my hand. As i got to the front porch i reached in my pocket and took the keys out and unlocked the door. When i got in the house i set down the pizza and yelled, Girls i'm home!... Why aren't  they coming down? hmm.. I walked up stairs and opened Kayla's door, she wasn't in there. I ran down stairs and opened Haley's room and i found Kayla and Haley on the floor unconscious. OH MY GOD!!!! I screamed. I ran over to them and saw that they were still breathing. I picked up Haley and Kayla and set them on the bed. I took out my phone after i set them down and  called 911, i told them everything. She then said she would send someone there right away. While i was waiting for the people to get here I sat down praying for them to make it. After a minute or two i saw them run in the house and grab my two daughters in a bed and put them in the ambivalence truck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Haley's p.o.v                                                                                                           I started to open my eyes while my mom was talking to the doctor, I was scared. I looked over at my sister who was still out like a light. Mommy i said. Sweetie my mother says to me while shes running my way. Were am I? I replied with a scared\confused look on my face. Your at the doctors i said'. There very nice people :) They help you get better and the make you feel like your at home i said'. No they be mean and poke needles in you and.. I got interrupted by my mom when she told me this, and those needles save your life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Harry's p.o.v                                                                                           Hello? I said as I walked in through the door. Hi i'm Kayla's and Haley's mother  my name is Kathy how may i help you? Ohh umm well i was going to ask Kayla to prom but i heard the news and i got here as fast as i could. Well she's right over there if you would like to see her she said smiling. Okay thank you Kathy i replied. I sat down on the chair and held Kayla's hand kissing it. I love you, i said under my breath. I set her hand down and got my paper that had a song on it that i wrote for her, And i started to sing it. So my friends been telling me.. you've been sleeping with my sweater and that you cant stop missing me. I bet my friends been telling you i'm doing much better because i'm missing half me  And being here with out you is like waking up to only half a blue sky kinda there but not quite i'm walking around with just one shoe i'm half a heart with out you. When i finish the song i Kissed her for head and I said I don't know what i would with-out you.   

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