Racing For Your Heart

Katie loves to race. She also happens to be the best Race Car Driver in Canada. What happens when a sertan Niall Horan shows up at the races, and a Cat Gets Curious? (Temporary Cover If I Cant Get A Better One)


7. This Girl Is On Fire


I felt dizzy. I couldn't see. Everything was dark. All of a sudden It was starting to become light. I looked up, and there was Louis Tomlinson staring back down. "She's OK guys!" He yelled. "Are you ok Katie?" I couldn't talk. This boy saved my life. But, his voice didn't sound the same as the one I herd right after the crash. "You, you saved my life!" I stretched my arms out the best I could and hugged him. "Katie I-" I cute him off by kissing his cheek. "I um ya I saved you. Uh, your welcome?" He was shocked. "Thank you." I smiled. I only kissed his cheek because I wanted to know I wasn't dead. I hope he didn't take it the wrong way


She kissed my cheek. Holy crap. And she thinks I saved her. I knew now, that I will dump Eleanor, and ask Katie to be my girlfriend. I know I only just met her, but she kissed my cheek. That means something.


"Is Katie OK?" I herd Niall ask. "Yes. I mean, my everything hurts but besides that, I think Im fine." Niall's eyes went wide. "Then how come your leg is twisted backwards?" I looked down and screamed. "Its ok don't worry the doctors can fix it." Niall took my from Louis' arms. "I promise." He bent down and kissed my cheek. "It was you wasn't it?" I said. "You are the one who saved me. Not Louis." He looked at me with no emotions. "Yes." I smiled. "Thank you." And I lightly kissed his lips. He looked at me shocked. "The ambulance is here guys!" Louis yelled. "OK. Come one Katie, lets get you all fixed up." I smiled and then I passed out.


Niall kissed Katie! That jerk is gunna pay. Katie is mine! Not his.


She kissed me. I didn't really notice the feelings I had for her until now.

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