Racing For Your Heart

Katie loves to race. She also happens to be the best Race Car Driver in Canada. What happens when a sertan Niall Horan shows up at the races, and a Cat Gets Curious? (Temporary Cover If I Cant Get A Better One)


5. Start Your Heart!



This is it. Today is the day. The day I see if my mom was right. I have no clue, but I hope she was. This is the day my mom will be looking down at me, and I will make her proud. I have to. I walked out of the plain. "Katie baby good to see ya!" I herd someone yell. I turned around and there was my manager and best friend, Molly. "Hey Molly! I didn't think you were going to be here on time!" I laughed. She just rolled her eyes. "So Katie, listen, I herd rumors that One Direction are gunna be at the races!" She started Fan-Girling. Me on the other hand, stood blank as a memory I had been trying to hide came flooding back.


*Flash Back 8 years ago*


I was crying. "Why did she have to go! I was just getting good at driving! It's not fair!" I cried even harder. "Im so sorry. But, we do have some good news." the doctor was talking to my dad not me. "And what is it?" My dad was sad, but he wasn't crying like me. "Well, we know who caused the crash. We are not aloud to say her first name, but we are aloud to say her last, if you wish." "Yes!" I shouted without thinking. "My daughter has the answer. So?" The doctor took a deep breath. "Her last name was Styles. She also died, bu she died on impact." I was shocked. "Oh. Did she have any children." The doctor huffed. "Yes, she has a son named Harry Styles and a daughter named Gemma Styles." My father stood in shock. "Hey daddy, don't I have a sister named Gema Styles?" I asked. Before my mother and father got together, he was married to another woman. They had one child together, then that girl left my father. Gemma once saw me, but she wasn't aloud to is what I was told. "Yes sweetie." I smiled. "Does that mean Harry is my brother too?" He looked back at me. "No." I looked down sad. "Oh. Can I see Gemma? Please?" My father thought for a moment. "No. She is probably grieving her lose. As are we." I looked down once again. "Ok dad." I was a little disappointed. "Can I go to the bathroom please?" "Yes of course honey. Its just down the hall." I smiled. I had lied to my dad, I wasn't going to the bathroom, I was going to find Gemma. When I was far enough away, I started yelling. "Gemma! Gemma were are you! Its Katie!" I yelled. "Gemma Styles, its your sister! Katie Waters!" I herd feet, and then I felt myself being lifted up. "AAAHHH!" I screamed. "Shut up!" I herd a muffled voice of a boy, around 12 was mt guess. "Put me down!" I yelled and I fell to the floor. "Why did you take me here!" I looked around. I was in the boys bathroom. "Ewwww! Get meout of here!" I ran to the door but the boy stopped me, "Your Katie Waters. Did your mom just die in a car crash?"He asked me. "Uh ya, how did you know that?" I asked shocked. "Well, so did my mom. In the same crash. Im Harry Styles." I was shocked. "Oh im so sorry for your lose." He snorted. "Oh shut up! Dont pull that crap on me!" I was shocked. "Your mom was trying to get back at my mom, so she killed her, and in the process killed herself." I looked at him funny. "Now, I want my revenge on her, and since she is dead." he smiled. "I am going to kill you. Now, Im not going to kill you now, I am going to wait, until you dont expect it. And trust me. It will hurt. If you tell anyone, it will hurt even more. Now get lost!" He yelled and I ran out of the bathroom. "DADDY!"


*Flash Back End*


I was now at the hotel waiting. I knew the race would start soon. I also know Harry was going to try and kill me. No, he wouldn't kill me! He was just a very sad and angry young kid. I will be fine, I hope. "Katie! It's time to go!" Sam yelled. Sam was my body-guard. He was just hired today. "Ok coming!" I grabbed my helmet and ran out the door.




I watched as Louis walked up to Katie. "Hi! I'm Louis Tomlinson. I am your biggist fan!" He shook her hand. "Hi Louis! I'm Katie Waters, and i just met my biggist fan! and he is in a famous boy band!" They both smiled. "Can I uh, maybe get your autograph?" She laughed. "Only if you give me yours!" they smiled. "Deal." "Hey Niall!" Liam called. "Yes mate?" He chuckled. "You should go ask out Katie, before Louis does." I laughed. "Liam, Louis has a girlfriend. Plus, I dont know her or anything about her!" He laughed. "Thats what DATES are for!" We both laughed. "Races, to your marks!" i herd the announcer yell. "Good luck Katie!" Louis yelled. "Thanks!" I chuckled. "Oi, Niall! Have you seen Harry?" Zayn Hollered. "Uhm, no. i haven't." He frowned. "To bad, cause he is gunna miss an AWESOME race!" Iaughed.




I had the Cat ready. When the timing was right, I would release it from its box onto the road. Katie would see it, swerve, and crash. If that didn't work, I would kill her in her sleep at her hotel.  Hopefully my first plan would work




"3 2 1 GO!" And we were off. All the top racers of the world, and I was one of them. I got to start in last place. There was only 18 of us, because that's all the racers that came. I was slowly but surely making my way up to 1st. I was now in 7th place. "11 Places in only 14 laps! Amazing, Katie Waters number 15." I just kept going. I was in 2nd. "2nd place! How does she do it? Katie waters, number 15. will this be her 1000th win? Or will she lose the race and her tittle? Or will her tittle bump up to Worlds Best Racer instead of Canada's Best Racer? 10 laps to go.' I  was read to win. Only for my mom. I started going faster. I was gaining more and more speed. "Amazing! Katie Waters is now in the lead!" I was in 1st. This was different then all the other times. It was real. This was the day I made my mother proud. I looked at the ground and swerved. "AAAAHHHHHH!" it went black



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