Racing For Your Heart

Katie loves to race. She also happens to be the best Race Car Driver in Canada. What happens when a sertan Niall Horan shows up at the races, and a Cat Gets Curious? (Temporary Cover If I Cant Get A Better One)


2. Louis Is Crazy


Paul wants us to go to the races. Something about this girl who has never lost a race. But Im not that fond of races. Louis and Zayn are super excited. Liam seems in the middle about it, and I haven't seen Harry for an hour, so Im guessing he doesn't know yet. We have to fly to New York to watch the race. All the top racers from every country are coming to race. Woopy-Doo. The racer that has never lost a race is a girl, and apparently this is her 1000th race. I herd everyone is better she will win, even people from other countries think so. What is the point of racing anyways? All you do is drive around in a circle passing other drivers, and what do they get when they win? Trophies. I bet that girl only does it for the trophies, and I bet she cheats. No one is good enough to win 999 races in a row. Not that I know of. "Guys its time to go. We have a long flight ahead of us." I herd Paul yell. I grunted. "Ok almost ready! I want to impress Katie!" Louis yelled. "Louis you have a girlfriend, and who is Katie?" All the boys even Liam stared at me. "The girl from Canada that has won every race she has ever been in!" Louis and Zayn yelled. "And I know I have a girlfriend, but I want to be Katie's friend, and maybe get her autograph!" Louis yelled and jumped like a little kid. "Louis, why would you want her autograph! Your in a famous boy band, remember!" I glared at Lou. "So?" He laughed and I rolled my eyes. I saw Harry walking out of the hall way, looking very nervous. 'Whats up with him?' I thought. I shrugged it off and walked to the car.

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