I See Things Nobody Else Sees

Calums going insane and none of the boys seem to notice until Calum stops _________ and ___________ at one of their concerts.


1. Death is a promise, But this life is a lie


Maybe one day. One day I will be normal. Normal. Who actually is normal, normal is scary. Like me, just because I hear things in my head or see things no one else does, doesnt make me scary. Maybe i am the most normal person out there. Maybe the air we breathe is a drug that changes things to the way they want to be but actual drugs make us see the world the way its supposed to be, thats why they're illegal. MAYBE. MAYBE. MAYBE. Yes, I'm crazy, and i accept that. 



My name is Calum and this is basically the story of my fucked up life i live inside my head.

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