Our Biggest Laughs

Showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.

There has never been a more mischievous girl at Hogwarts. She learns magic, and she's best friends with the other trouble-makers of Hogwarts. Fred and George Weasley. Follow them in their unforgettable journey of jokes, pranks, and friends.


3. Year 1: Acquiring the Map

Two weeks after we arrived at Hogwarts, the twins had figured out what they loved most- causing trouble.

"Alana! Alana!" They screamed, running towards me.

Sadly, I too had found fun in causing trouble.

"What do you have planned now?" I asked, rolling my eyes.

"We're going to set off a dung-bomb in a corridor. Come with us?" Said George.

"Of course!" I said jumping up. Together we quietly walked down to the 7th floor corridor.

"Ready?" Said Fred. I nodded, and he set it off. Instantly, the smell flew through the air. I plugged my nose and we ran the other way. Standing there was Filch.

"You're in trouble. To my office!" Filch ordered. When we were in, I noticed a drawer marked 'Confiscated and Highly Dangerous'. I poked George and pointed at it, and he whispered to Fred. Fred dropped another dung-bomb, while George searched the drawer. He pulled out an unusual looking parchment and ran.

When we got back to the common room, back in the boys dormitory, we laid out the parchment.

"It's a map!" I squealed.

"Look at it! It's not just any map!" George pointed out.

I looked more carefully, seeing that parts of it were moving. There were pictures of feet with a name under.

"Are those....?"

"People. Yeah, everybody at Hogwarts shows up on it. See, there's Snape, Mcgonagal.....Blimey! You can see Dumbledore!" Fred shouted.

Sure enough, there was a marker with the name 'Albus Dumbledore' underneath.

"Brilliant." I said, sounding impressed.

"We could cause so much mayhem with this." Fred said, with a wicked smile.

"I reckon we will." Added George.

"There shortcuts on here too!" I pointed.

"Oh boy." Said Fred, laughing.

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