Rewind ➸ Luke Hemmings

"You do not know how much I want to rewind and change all the mistakes I made."


1. One.

I sat on the park bench sobbing to myself in the pouring rain because I just got dumped. The tears mixed with the raindrops as the water fell down my cheeks. I took out my phone that was in a plastic bag  and I tried to call my mom so she could pick me up. When she didn't answer I sighed and threw my phone back into my bag. I stood up and put my bag over my shoulder before walking away from the park. Before crossing the road I looked for cars but there were none to be seen. After a few more minutes I looked around my surroundings  and noticed someone following me. My heart started to beat rapidly and I walked a bit faster. 
"Her girl, where are you going?" The guy slurred.
I ignored him and slipped into a dark alleyway. I thought that I was going to be safe but I thought wrong. Someone behind me grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards them.
"Hello there." Another guy whispered in my ear.
"Help someone." I screamed.
More tears started to roll down my face. This is not how I wanted today to go. 
"No one is out here at this time of the night." The same guy spoke again. 
I tried to get out of his reach but there was no use. Suddenly the guy that was recently following me entered the alleyway and I started to cry even more.
"Please let me go." I pleaded letting the tears fall down my face.
The guys both laughed. 
"Now why would we let a pretty one go." The guy that followed me said.
"Help someone please." I screamed again.
"No one can hear you sweetheart." 
The guy that was holding me started to feel up my legs while the other one held me in place. I cried for help again hoping someone was there. When I gave up I closed my eyes not wanting to watch anything.
"Get off her." I heard someone different shout.
The guys stopped what they were doing and turned to face the guy standing at the alleyway entrance.
"Or what." The guy that was holding me said.
After a couple minutes of silence the guy that was holding me picked me up and started to run. I screamed for help once again. I heard people fighting in the distance. After a few moments my kidnapper turned around to see if we were being followed. I took this as a chance to get away. As soon as the guy stopped I pushed myself out of his hands but instead of landing on my feet like in movies I fell over and I landed on a rock. I groaned in pain as the guy stood over me.
"Stupid idea." The guy said looking over at me. I yelped in pain.
As he leaned down to grab me the guy that was helping me ran over to us and punched the guy in the face making him tumble to the ground clutching his face.
"Leave her alone." The guy that was helping me growled. 
I laid on the ground not being able to move. Suddenly I was lifted up again and the guy that had a hold of me ran the other way. My body was aching from the contact I had with the floor. After a few more minutes of the guy running I heard a car door open and I was put on a comfy seat. I slowly opened my eyes to see a blonde figure walking around the car to the driver seat. As he got in I looked at him and he sighed.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yeah I guess." I lied.
The guy didn't say anything he just started the car and started to drive.
"Where are you taking me?" I asked.
"Well I can't really let you go home looking like that."
I pulled down the sun shield hoping that there was a mirror on it and there was. My mascara was halfway down my face and my eyes were all puffy. My nose was red and I had a little cut on my forehead. I groaned and put the shield back in it's original place.
"So where are you taking me exactly?"
"My house."
"Great." I muttered.
"If you don't want my help I can take you back to yours." the guy snapped.
I looked at him and sighed. "Sorry."
He continued to look at the road ahead of him as the rain hit the window. After a few moments the guy pulled into a long driveway and started to drive up it. Suddenly the car stopped and my head hit the dash board.
"Ouch." I whined.
I rolled my eyes as the guy got out of the car. I opened my door and stepped out. As I took one step I groaned in pain. 
"Whoa are you okay?" the guy asked.
I shook my head and looked at the ground. He muttered something to himself before he picked me up bridal style. 
"Why did you park all the way down here?" I asked.
"Because I don't know if my parents are here or not."
I nodded not wanting to say another word. As the house came in near the guy let out a relived sigh.
"Aren't you're parents here?" Looking at the car thats parked in the driveway.
The guy shook his head. "That's my mates car."
"Oh." was all I managed to say. 
As we entered his house I started to think. Why did I let him take me here? For all I know he could be just as bad as the guys that attacked me earlier. The thought made me freak out. 
"Put me down." I screeched.
I wiggled out of his reach and fell to the floor.
"What the hell?" he asked.
I sat on the grind and ignored him. 
"Avery what are you -" the guy started before finishing.
I looked at him shocked.
"How do you know my name?" I asked.
"I- uh." He started before his friend came down the stairs.
"You're finally back. I thought something happened." His friend said happily. 
The guy cleared his throat which made his friend look at us.
"And who is this?" 
"Uh. Avery." He stuttered.
The guy smiled at me. "The names Calum. What happened to you? It looks like that you were in a fight." 
"You could say that." I muttered.
"What does she mean?" Calum asked.
"Nothing. I just need to get her cleaned up then i'm taking her home." 
"I'm fine really. Can you just take me home." I asked.
"But you-" 
"Please just take me home." I spoke a bit louder.
Calum and the guy looked at each other before I was picked up again. Without any goodbyes the guy carried me outside and shut the door behind him.
"What's you're problem?" He snapped.
"You're the problem. I don't even know who you are." I spoke.
"Of course you don't." He muttered quietly. I think he was hoping that I didn't hear that so I let it slide.
"You even know my name which is creepy." 
The guy rolled his eyes and put me in his car. He ran to the drivers side and hopped in. The whole car ride was silent besides me telling him the way to my house. When my house came into view I checked the time and gasped.
"I'm so dead." I whined.
"The time. It's 10 till midnight. I also have school tomorrow and my mom is just going to kill me."
"After everything that happened tonight you're worried about you're mom killing you?" The guy laughed. "You shouldn't even go to school tomorrow."
I stayed silent after his remark. He pulled into my driveway and I groaned.
"Do you want me to carry you?" The guy asked.
"No i'm fine." I lied. 
The guy scoffed as I grabbed my bag. As I took a step the pain came back. I cursed under my breathe before taking another step.
"You're seriously hurt." The guy said.
I rolled my eyes but ignored him. It took me under a minute to get to the front door but the guy was still there watching me.
"You can go now." I said.
"So no thank you for saving me?" 
"Thank you for saving me…" I said searching for his name.
He just smirked at me and got in his car.
"You could at least give me you're name." I spoke.
I saw him laugh before he backed out of my driveway and left. I rolled my eyes and slowly made my way inside.
"Where have you been all night?" My mom snapped as I walked through the door.
"Uh. I was at Jason's." I half lied.
"Do you know what time it is?" 
I nodded.
"You have school tomorrow and you think staying up this late is okay." She shouted.
I ignored her and looked at the ground. 
"Get to you're room. We'll discuss this tomorrow." 
I sighed and started to walk up the stairs. Luckily for me it was dark so my mom couldn't see the cuts and bruises. When I finally got to my room I collapsed on my bed and took out my phone. After a couple of scrolls through my Facebook feed I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up. My body was aching and I was hoping after my sleep tonight everything will be okay tomorrow...


Heeeellllllooooo so I am thinking on writing this story! :) Please tell me what you think. It will get better don't worry. There will be more to the story than just this :) Okay well I hope you like and please tell me what you think! xx
- ImpulsiveIrwin xx

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