Darcy's Diary (Taylor Swift & Harry Styles) #Bk2

Plot: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were foster parents to a girl they named Darcy for two weeks. When her parents ask for her back and take her away. Determination is what they both have to get her back. When Darcy's parents both die in a car crash. They get full custody of her. They are both happy or so it seems until 72 hours away from Darcy brings them back to their old ways and bad habits. Is Darcy happy in the world they have created? It has always seemed that Darcy brought them together, made them realize they had feelings, but now it seems Darcy is tearing them apart, her presents not, herself. She has been under the impression that they were in love, and one day would get married, and her happy world would get happier. Instead it’s going the opposite direction. In those 72 hours a lot goes wrong, and it will take more then 72 hours to fix it up, if it does ever get fixed up. Previous book was Adopted By Haylor + Bk1. Welcome to book 2.


2. Chapter 1 - Darcy's Scrapbook

Welcome To Darcy's Scrapbook

I am Darcy Styles I am the adopted daughter of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Both my parents were tragically killed in a car crash when I was aged five months and half. I was in Taylor and Harry's care for two weeks before my parents took me back into their care, when the accident killed them I was put back into Taylor and Harry's home, I have been there ever since, I am five years old, I have blonde hair, and bright blue sparking eyes this is my story.

I'm Darcy my scrapbook is pretty bare. Sure Taylor and Harry fill it in a bit. My baby and toddler years are almost empty. I'm five years now. And I'm searching for answers cause I have a lot of questions. I call Taylor Mummy and Harry Daddy. I call our pet dog Tigger. I love my home. I love my life and I'm a very happy girl. I just wonder about my baby and toddler years sometimes not often.

Mummy and Daddy have shown me photos of Mum and Dad many times. They answer all my questions. They hug they tickle me, and they kiss me. Hold me when I cry, or feel bad. Both Mummy and Daddy are singers; Daddy is in a band called One Direction and Mummy is a solo singer her stage name as her real name Taylor Swift. Daddy's band mates are my uncles and their girlfriends are my aunties. My favorite Aunty is EL. I think she's beautiful, I'd like to grow up just like her and I'd like to be a lot like Mummy to. My favorite uncle is well, I don't really have a favorite uncle they are all brilliant. I use to like Danni, which was Uncle Liam's girlfriend, but we don't see her any more, and Perrie who was Uncle Zayn's girlfriend, she was in a band too, called Little Mix. I loved their music. I would dance to there music every time Perrie and Zayn would come around. But Perrie doesn't come around any more, but Zayn does. I often ask him 

"Uncle Zayn" I say "Where is Aunt Perrie?"

"She's away" he would simply say and lift me up to sit on his knee. I would look at the tattoos and laugh. "You drew on yourself," I would say with a giggle.

He would smile and hug me close like I was the most special thing.

I know cause I've been told I am the best thing that happened in all my Aunty and Uncle's lives. Especially my Mummy and Daddy's I've been told I helped make them fall in love again. I'm really proud of that. But Im to young to understand love at jus five aren't I?

I'm no longer in a crib any more now, and I have my very own single bed. Its wonderful and its pink. Mummy will be coming in, any moment to open my butterfly curtains, and get me up with a kiss and a hug. I snuggle into my bed, and wait. And wait. And wait. I look at the clock, 8:15 Mummy is 15 minutes late. I climb out of bed, and I dig under the covers to find Mummy's teddy bear named PickaBoo. I hug her close to me Pickaboo has been my teddy ever since I came into there lives. I make my bed. I open the curtains get dressed in a pretty pink dress with pink tights, pink shoes. I brush my long blonde hair in front of the mirror, and put a pink ribbon in it. My blue eyes sparkle, and I make myself smile. I carry my headband down to the kitchen. I see Mummy making me breakfast.

"Good morning Mummy" I say she turns to me

"Oh Sweet I'm so sorry that I didn't get you up this morning" she smiles, puts down the bowl, and picks me up and cuddles me and kisses me. Daddy appears and he wraps us in a hug. He kisses me on the cheek. And I pull his curls. His brown-green coloured eyes lock on to mine and hold there for a long time.

"Love ya Daddy," I say finally

"Love ya more Sweet" he says and puts me down, he takes the headband from my hand, and fix's it in my hair "Your beautiful" he says and I smile. I watch Daddy kiss Mummy on the cheek.

Daddy and Mummy ain't married yet, or engaged. They are simply like Aunty EL and Uncle Lou there boyfriend and girlfriend. Daddy sleeps in a separate bed in a separate room and that's the same with Mummy. I asked Aunty EL why they do that. And Aunty EL said, because it's a rule, and it must be followed. And I had said don't they love each other; don't people that love each other sleep in the same bed? EL chuckled. When they are married they love each other, and then and only then can they sleep in the same bed. I laughed what about Pickaboo might teddy she sleeps in the same bed as me and I love her and were not married. EL took me in her arm's and said that is not the same. I reckon Mummy and Daddy should get married. Don't you reckon? Because they love each other, and they love me to.

"Am I going to work with you Daddy?" I ask tugging at his selves he smiled and looked down at me, browny green eyes looking softly at me "Not today Sweet" he answered, his played with his brown curls.

"Mummy am I going to work with you today?" I ask she hands me my cereal bowl and spoon "Not today Sweet, you'll be spending three whole days at Auntie EL and Uncle Lou's house, while Daddy and I get things sorted" she told me, I smiled delighted "I love Auntie EL" I say and do a little dance as I make my way to the table to sit down for breakfast.

Harry's POV:

I still flinch whenever Darcy says Daddy. I still flinch whenever Taylor calls me Daddy rather then Harry, or Haz rather then Harry or Harold rather then Harry. We both never regretted taking her back into our homes and hearts. These past years haven't been easy, between Taylor and I. We have struggled to pull through, and while struggling we struggle to keep our struggle a secret. We don't want Darcy thinking for a moment we don't love her cause she is why we are both together cause we both love her. I have feelings for Taylor and I know Taylor has feelings for me. But everything seems really hard. I should pop the engaging question, "Will you marry me?" but I realise if I married Taylor I'd be doing it for Darcy's sake to prove something to her, and not to me. I have feelings for Taylor, but I have feelings for her because of Darcy. And I know that it's much the same with Taylor. Stick it together, pull it through for her sake, she's been through enough hard times and heartache. You got to play it happy, even though deep down inside you're not happy. And the feelings are easy to question and doubt.

Taylors POV:

Three days yes three whole days 72 hours free. After 5 years straight give or take a few months, I am finally getting 72 hours free. Of course those 72 hours are going to be shared with Harry. But maybe not, I can go and be young again well younger then I am feeling now. I can drink and go to a party, hang with girl friends and maybe some guy friends. I know the rules, keep out of trouble, away from cameras and the media, and you can basically do what you want in those 72 hours. I have spent years to many with Harry. I am tired of acting a "Happy Mummy" sure I love Darcy I love her to the ends of the earth, but all my times on her, and my music. Do you see me time in there? No, neither do I. So these 72 hours are going to be the best thing in my life.

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