The magic within

Ok so before this Nicky and Dan had special powers the teacher gave them for this project dan not knowing Nicky's already powerful giving up there powers at the end of the year but dan wants revenge for something Nicky did to him at the end of the year, he gets back his powers not knowing Nicky has hers��


1. back to school

Nicky pov

The first day of 7th grade, ugh not in any of my friends classes and I'm lucky I'm not with dan! I thought to myself.

The bell rang and we got in our first class, mrs squires. I sit at an end of a table with Tyler, kyler and Justin.

After that class it was time for band but we did nothing just went over some papers like EVERY CLASS!

Then it was time for health, and I don't know anyone who's going to be in that class but Damien and spencer. When I get into the class there was signs of where we are going to sit at, I only looked for me not anyone around me.

When I got to my seat I realized I sit next to spencer! We talked for a little then some one say next to me... It was dan.

He sat down then realized I was there. "Oh hey, nicole" he said In a slow voice. I stared at him with open eyes, remembering me leaving with the Xmen but first me forcefully taking out Dans power, him screaming in pain.

"Come on raven," storm said. Dan angered me to much about abusing his power. "I'm sorry dan" I whisper as I float up, putting my hand upwards. Dan falls on the floor holding his throat. I use a lot of my power to take out his, "owwww" he screams in pain. He falls, its all over. But when I turn around dan uses the last of his power to take out the power the teacher has given me. It hurt but because of my real one, not so much. I turn around and turn into my blue self (raven from Xmen) turn back around to Charles and walks out of the school.

I brain washes everyone but I guess just a little power stayed in him and he didn't forget, but I really don't know I hope he forgot, he could get back the power and get revenge! Don't think of that tho, I've been getting better at my mutant skills with the xmen. Even if my name was raven (mystique) I use Nicky as my "stage name" but I think dan knows know.

"Hey" I say very awkward. "What did you do during track out?" He said, sounding like he know. "Nothing" "oh" he said.

Dan pov

She knows what she did, but I found some of my other power, planning my revenge on Nicky or raven. I've heard of the Xmen, never thinking that they were real found out that they are. There were storm, a girl with white hair and a gray dress, power of storms duh! And Charles, I don't know his power but I think him and Nicky had been best friends for a LONG time. Then raven, aka Nicky, who was blue all blue with short red hair, she could turn into anyone.

Raven looks so pretty in her blue form, but since I mostly see her in school she never changes. I might even start calling her raven, I even found out that her real name is mystique.

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