noun: homewrecker; plural noun: homewreckers; noun: home-wrecker; plural noun: home-wreckers

one who is blamed for the breakup of a marriage or family, such as an adulterous partner.


1. Bad habits // Ch. 1

"Jacob?! What the HELL?!" I see a slightly tall, brunette haired girl scream. I was currently pushed up against a bedroom wall, half naked pretending to be shocked and horrified.

"Jake who the fuck is THAT?" I said, pretending like I had no clue that that happens to be his girl.. well now ex-girlfriend. Being me, you had to know and play the game right. Good acting skills, looks, and ways with words and being a sneaky 'lil fuck leads to success in it.

"I WAS his girlfriend!" She yelled, her face becoming a infuriated red. Jake pushed himself off of me and walked up to her, placing one hand on her shoulder which she automatically smacked off of her.

"Juliet.. baby.. we can work through this! I promise!" Jake pleaded.

"No, you're a cheating asshole. Way to play me and her both, dickhead." She said, storming off.

"Fuck!" He shouted. I grabbed my t-shirt, slipping it over my head and arms.
"We shouldn't see each other anymore, Jake." I said firmly.

Babe... no! Don't leave me!" Jake begged. I waved goodbye, giving him one slight kiss to leave him broken.
"Goodbye.." I whispered in his ear. I walked out, head up high, pretending like I was hurt but trying not to show. I heard him sobbing, banging his fists on the walls. I smiled before exiting his apartment building. I pull out my iPhone, calling up Valerie, my best friend.

She does what I do, its actually how we met. We were playing the same guy, started talking and found out we both get pleasure out of ruining boys.

"Hey Val! Score on any boys lately?" I asked playfully.

"Of course, got 3 numbers in 1 hour. It's a new record. I broke it off with Rob today. I took his phone, texted Anna asking for her to come over. Walked right in on us fucking." She informed me proudly.

"Impressive. I was about to be fucked up against a wall but Jake's girlfriend walked in and caught us, me not even completely naked yet. I broke it off with him though. He cried and banged his hands on the wall! So immature, like a small child." I said, rolling my eyes at how pathetic he truly was.

"Wow Arielle! I think we need to get out the "Broken-Heart Book" and put in our latest victims." She said slyly.
"For sure, come over tonight and we'll do that." I said. I hung up after saying goodbye.

I'm assuming you're wondering what I am.

I'm a heartbreak, whether it be your 1st or 50th.

I'm the own with the gun, and you're my target.

I'll break you down emotionally for my own happiness, pleasure, and joy.

I'm a homewrecker.

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