What It Means To Be A Soldier

When Michael, a US soldier, is tasked with bring back a few spies he gets himself and his squad into more trouble than he bed though.


1. Icana

The loud thumping of the helicopter blades made it hard to think. I was nervous, and from the look on everyone's face, I wasn't the only one.

My mind kept flashing back to my wife and daughter.

"What if I've made a mistake?" I wondered.

The plane slowly descended long enough for us to get off, then quickly flew away. It didn't help my anxiety. A captain was standing there waiting for us.

"Welcome to Icana. The most deadly place in the world." He greeted. "You have been brought here for a search and rescue mission.

As he ended his sentence, a small solar-powered projector whirled to life and began to brief us on the mission.

Squad four was to rescue four spies that were captured. They knew important information that could help win the war. It sounded simple enough.

After the details were explained, the squad headed into the thick forest not knowing what was waiting us.


Author's Note:

This is my first story, so how was it? I'm always open to any ideas about where the story should go. Should it be longer or shorter?

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