The Death of Jade

when Julie's sister goes missing strange and spooky things start happening to her like the way she keeps having accidents like injuring herself in gymnastics. what will happen to her if this keeps happening? will she eventually have an accident so bad she dies?


2. The Answer

During school the next day Julie could hardly wait for her answer, when school was over she hurried out the door only to remember that she was supposed to walk Jade home. Julie despised Jade and having to walk her home every Tuesday and Wednesdays was like murder, when Jade didn't have piano practice. Julie started home with Jade when she had a brilliant thought. She remembered how had always complained about having someone to walk her home since she was ten she thought she was old enough to walk home herself. So Julie then turned to Jade and said " can i trust you not to tell if i let you walk home by yourself?" Jade replied, " of course i thought i would never get to walk home by myself!" So as Julie and Jade went their separate ways Julie had a bad feeling but brushed it off because she was so tense wanting to know what the answer was. As she got closer and closer to the old mans house the farther and farther she got away from Jade the worse she felt. When Julie got to the old mans house she was so tense she almost didn't knock on the door. but she did and again she heard a frail voice saying "come in" so she turned the knob and went inside. As she entered she again saw the old man with blood dripping down is face from the non-existent hole in his head. He said, "The shadows have spoken, they will only grant you one wish, but i am warning you girl wishes can go bad" Julie ignored his warning because she was too thrilled that she was getting a wish! she asked the man when she could get her wish and he said tonight, come her  at precisely midnight tonight and you shall get your wish. so Julie grabbed her bad an ran out the door. 

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