Breaking The Walls Then Fixing Them Again

Breaking The Walls Then Fixing Them Again:

The walls are crumbing and the hills are shaking. Everything's going wrong.

The simplest things are a mountain and the hardest things are a feather. And it's so easy sometimes to just let go of that feather, give up. Five boys. Five boys who are just about ready to let go of their feathers, but they can't. And they won't. Because sometimes in life, you might find that, that feather was the only thing that kept you alive, that feather was the only thing that helped you to cope. That feather is worth more than you give it credit for. And in the end you need that feather because without it.

You're nothing.


2. Chapter two

Zayn sighed also, pulling out his phone and finding his beautiful fiancée number.

He had missed her terribly and need to hear her voice but once hear voice mail once again, he felt lost. He didn't know what to do, he was torn between the hardest decision of all.

The choice of, making millions of fans that love him to pieces happy or making one very special girl that he loved happy.

And of course he loved his fans and his job but he wasn't a kid anymore, he couldn't live the easy way in life, he had to start making choices, 'big boy' choices.

"We're hear" Paul declares looking to each of the lifeless boys, "come on a bit of enthusiasm" he begs seeing their dull faces and tinted eyes.

Zayn stands and follows him out of the bus, dragging his feet as he walked into the arena.

They had a concert tonight but Zayn wasn't feeling half the energetic and enthusiasm he usual had when it came to concerts.

But he needed to suck it up. His fans were out there, each and every individual out there had paid to come and see them.

He knew that with some of them this was probably their life's savings just to see them.

Which caused a horrid feeling to haunt his stomach, he wished he could do more that just sing for them.

He wished if he could, that he would say hello and have a full blown conversation with every individual out there.

But the sad part was... He couldn't.

And it truly upset him.

Time was a powerful thing. Even if he was too speak to each and every fan there ever was, it could be to late. That one person that sat counting on his word to come, could be waiting for a while. And that one person, could give up.

After all, there's never a enough time to do quite everything.

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