Breaking The Walls Then Fixing Them Again

Breaking The Walls Then Fixing Them Again:

The walls are crumbing and the hills are shaking. Everything's going wrong.

The simplest things are a mountain and the hardest things are a feather. And it's so easy sometimes to just let go of that feather, give up. Five boys. Five boys who are just about ready to let go of their feathers, but they can't. And they won't. Because sometimes in life, you might find that, that feather was the only thing that kept you alive, that feather was the only thing that helped you to cope. That feather is worth more than you give it credit for. And in the end you need that feather because without it.

You're nothing.


3. Chapter three

Now it was Louis turn to sigh as he entered the bubble of thoughts. He had almost just given up completely.

Fans hated him; at least that's what ran through his head. He had too much hate that his mind has simply accepted it and chose to ignore all the love and praise he also received.

He was extremely self-confident, Louis was. He believed no one when they told him how much he meant to them or how great of a singer he was, but he needed to learn to accept it. That he is in fact part of 'one direction' and without him it would never be complete. Every single member of one direction are included. They need every member.

The walk to the arena seamed like a timeless black hole to Louis, lasting hours which were only minutes which were only seconds which became hours once again.

But it wasn't the walk that seamed like that, it was more of Louis. His mind and thoughts, they built a black hole up inside of him that sucked up every seconds of hate making it feel like forever.

It made him weak by the knees and teary by the eyes, ripping out the very last of his confidence.

He needed saving but by who was the question.

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